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Kate heaved a sigh she had just arrived at Joan Hunt's home. She got out of her car, and so did the rest of the team. They followed the clicking of her heels to the doorway of the home. Kate hesitated, her hand stopping midway of the door, she thought for a second, her mind pondering whether or not this was a good idea. Ethan saw her hesitation, and rang the doorbell instead. This had been hard on Kate, it had been hard for everyone. And everyone was leaning on each other for support. At time of crisis the team always came together for each other's sake.

"Thanks Ethan," Kate said quickly. Ethan nodded and then Joan answered the door.

"Hi! You must be Dr. Murphy," Joan said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. And despite the circumstances she managed a weak smile, that was one of Megan's strong suits. She could pretend things were okay when they obviously weren't Megan had took that trait from her mother.

"Please, call me Kate." Kate answered sweetly.

"Okay, Kate, all of you guys, please come in." Joan said and stepped to the side of the door to let the rest of the group inside of her home. Once they were in the team looked around. The house was spacious and beautifully decorated, the Hunt's were obviously upper class.

"Would you guys like something to drink?" Joan asked.

"No thanks," Kate replied.

"Okay, come over here," Joan said and the rest of the team followed as Joan escorted them into her living room.

"I was cleaning up the attic the other day, and found this." Joan said and picked up a box full of books, picture albums, tapes, diaries memories of the past. Memories the team had to dig up to find the murderer of David Hunt and the shooter of Megan Hunt.

"I'm sure Megan won't mind you guys reading her diaries, if it helps find out who killed her father. Then she'll be all for it." Joan said sadly and stared at the coffee table.

"Okay, let's get to work!" Kate said eagerly trying to lighten the mood. It had been couple hours since Megan had got shot, the team was planning to see her today after they finished looking through the box Joan had given them.

"Let's watch the tapes first," Peter suggested.

"Okay," Kate said and put the tape inside the player. It showed Megan as a 1 year old eating cake, it was all over her face and a David and Joan Hunt laughing hysterically.

"Wait, that's Megan?" Ethan asked and started laughing.

"Yep, I can still remember the day." Joan Hunt smiled. The team started watching the tapes, and reading the diaries while flipping through old photo albums, looking for the slightest clue on her shooter.

"Guys come look at this!" Sam exclaimed. The team shuffled over surrounding Sam and her discovery.

"Do you know who that is?" Sam asked Joan and pointed her finger towards a shady figure dressed in black.

"Let me take a closer look," Joan said and moved the photo album a bit closer, and saw Megan, smiling proudly on her fist day of grade school. But then saw someone in the background, the person Sam saw looking angrily at Megan.

"That's our old neighbor!" Joan exclaimed.

"They moved from here about 20 years ago, we tried to be friendly to them, but they always hated us for some reason." Joan said and came to the realization that they had something to do with her husband's murder, and her daughter's shooting.

"I think we got out lead, we should go see Megan now. Can we take the picture?" Curtis asked and stood up, along with the rest of the team.

"Of course," Joan said and then she escorted them to the door.

"Wait Ms. Hunt don't you want to see Megan too? I could give you a ride." Peter offered.

"It's okay, I already saw her but thank you for the offer," Joan said sweetly.

"No problem," Peter said and walked out the door.

"I'm presuming you all are here for Dr. Hunt," the doctor guessed.

"Yes, we are, is she going to be okay?" Lacey asked her chocolate brown eyes filled with innocence and tears.

"Th truth is," the doctor paused looking into the Lacey's eyes once again.

"We don't know, she's in a coma, the bullet in in her heart. There's not that much of a chance, I'm sorry." the doctor said and left to give them some privacy to mourn their chances of a loss.

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