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Chapter 1

Halt sighed as he closed his pack. "And we are doing this why?" He asked his wife as she came into their bedroom.

"Because our king sent us a letter asking us to come. I don't want to be banished but then again, you have some experience with that," she said hiding a smile.

Halt growled. "I did get back my pupil you know."

"I know, and I think that is one of the main reasons the king let you come back … early." She said. Halt smiled.

"Are you two done packing?" Alyss asked politely. She was also received a letter asking to come to the castle immediately. After they had come back from Ni-hon Ja, they stayed at Castle Araluen for the wedding of Horace and Cassandra. When they came back, Alyss decided that she wanted to stay with Halt and Pauline. She offered to do the house work, but they took her in happily without her having to do anything.

Halt hissed her forehead. "Yes, you eager to go because you are going to see Will aren't you?

"No! What makes you think that?" She said a little too quickly, although there was a slight blush on her cheeks.

They saddled their packs on the horses. Halt spoke softly to his horse in Gallic and gave him an apple. Alyss got on her horse Coco and Pauline got on Sugar.

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