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Blanche came in from the front door.

"Oh what a day... what a horrible day," she whined, "I just got into a fight with my fiancee because he is being a complete and utter jerk. I confronted him about something he did and he said "oh for GOD sake that was a long time ago. Let it go!' I had never brought it up before and it was bothering me."

"Well I had a bad day too," Dorothy said, "Oh by the way my check is going to be late this month. My car is in the shop. It needs to be fixed."

"Oh for Pete sake," Blanche grumbled.

"You think you had a bad day," Sophia said, "I thought I was going to fart and ended up crapping my pants."

"MA! That's disgusting" Dorothy said

"You're tellin' me," Sophia remarked

"YOU KNOW WHAT GIRLS," Rose said, "I have to say something. GET OVER IT. Okay you had a bad day. Okay you're hurting a little bit and you're upset and you have inconveniences but guess what. I am a volunteer at the hospital and you know something. Today I saw a mother sitting by the bedside of her 12 year old girl while the child was throwing up from chemotherapy. Blanche I know you know what it's like to watch your daughter throw up from chemotherapy. You put your daughter in the ground. I saw a woman who had 3rd degree burns all over her body just barely make it out alive. She's in for so many painful surgeries to go before she can even get moved out of the ICU. Oh and I had a newborn baby die in my arms today. She was 10 days old. You have no idea the hell that I have seen... and faced and here you are boo-woo-wooing about the fact that you had a fight with a man who obviously loves you. So what? He'll apologize. You'll make up. Yes your life has changed and I'm sorry that it's hard to deal with but do you have any idea how blessed you are to have your fiancee in your life. Okay Dorothy so your car is in the shop. You can take mine or borrow one of Blanche's. She has two of them. Your car will be fixed. You know what. Maybe you should take a dang good hard look at your life because you have no idea what you're getting upset at. It doesn't matter."

Rose then stormed away leaving Dorothy and Blanche and Sophia to stare silently at each other.

"Did she have to be so harsh," Blanche whined.

"Yes. Yes she did. You know Blanche she's right. Okay so we had bad days. Okay so we're not the happiest we could be. I agree with Rose and I'll take it a step further. We should each find some way to give back to people who have less then we do. Maybe we can donate our time to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen or something"

"Dorothy that's a great idea," Sophia said.

"I love that"

With that the 3 girls stopped being depressed about their day and started being excited about doing something for people that could benefit from them.