While at home Chuck resumed his patrols and fights with Ellie whenever she could break away. Unknown to Chuck Ellie decided to bug him with a tracer and pin hole cameras in his fraternity room inside the stuff Chuck took back with him. It was a gift of a picture of Ellie, Chuck, Mom and Dad. It was one of Ellie's prized possessions. She handed it to him when he resumed classes. It was important to see if the person who contacted him would do it again. Ellie set up the surveillance and on her off time would watch the antics of her Brother and his roommate Bryce. Ellie's suspicions were correct there was another attempt of contact. This time Ellie had the information needed to track down the responder. She was in the old house and in her father's lab using the special terminal. It confirmed her suspicions. It was not Dad at all but the CIA.

Ellie reviewing the tapes discovered Bryce was recruited. That message Chuck intercepted was for him. I need to alert Chuck he is in a trap. On the next day Chuck called Ellie at work. They chatted about old times and how that old white van was something in the neighborhood. Chuck instinctively knew what Ellie was saying. There was no way for Chuck to leave school was just too important. Ellie understood but from now on Chuck monitored Bryce.

2 years had passed and the communications between Bryce and his handler increased. Chuck acting still like the lovable nerd that he is carefully monitored all of Bryce's activities. Chuck was careful not to let on he knew all about his Roommate. He even enlisted Jill to sleep with Bryce making him not suspect anything. Chuck knew Bryce was still in contact with his handler. Chuck found out that Bryce and the handler were going to meet at the electronics lab of Professor Harris where both Chuck and Bryce were TA's Chuck followed to the secret lab. Bryce being sloppy in his spycraft opened the door too wide so that when it closed Chuck was able to slip in without being logged.

Chuck climbed to the top of the rafters and carefully followed Bryce to the room where Professor Harris was waiting and another man who was wearing a cloak.

Chuck thought so typical of a spy a spy cloak. Bryce was in an argument with the handler and the Professor. Chuck decided to risk it and got closer. The Man in the Cloak turned so that Chuck could see the handler himself. Chuck was shocked to see his Father standing there! What was more amazing was watching his Father fade out like the holograms on Starwars. His Father was like the Emperor Palpatine. So that must make me Luke! Chuck thought. And Ellie is Leia! Chuck's mind was spinning so he did not notice Bryce had left the room. Quietly Chuck crept out of the rafters in a different lab and let himself out. Chuck wondered what they were arguing about. Chuck knew he could not interrogate Bryce. So he had to wait to whatever plot was going to happen.

Chuck was in his visual context class by Professor Fleming. He was tested with all the other people in his class for subliminal retention. Chuck's Intersect was now given data. So his recall was 98% Chuck intentionally chose to answer a few questions wrong to throw off the curve. Chuck's monitoring of Bryce made him learn that Professor Fleming works for the CIA and is a feeder to the CIA for potential recruits. Chuck was one of the most promising recruit that he had ever seen. Chuck knowing about the CIA and Langstrom Graham followed Bryce as he saw Bryce force Dr. Fleming to hand over the test answers. So this is the reason for the argument. Bryce looked very conflicted but still completed by placing the file under the mattress of Chuck's bed. This was a set up but why? Chuck knew he had to get to the bottom of this conspiracy so he tapped Dr. Fleming's phone. He learned that Bryce did not want the CIA to recruit him. So Bryce is making sure Chuck did not graduate so the CIA would leave him alone. Chuck was amazed at the loyalty of his friend. So informed he played the part beautifully and even got angry at Jill for jilting him. Bryce had freed him from CIA consideration or did he?

Langstrom Graham learning of the scandal was livid. He needed Bartowski. There is something different about him. From the careful observations he had commissioned he has learned nothing. His father the creator of so many great toys has been missing. He was sure he would contact his son.

Chuck now disgraced was sent back to Burbank. Chuck was secretly smiling how his father was involved in his life and what was that cloak he was wearing? Chuck back in Burbank was now broke and needed a job. Morgan being nerd herd Sup was a terrible fit for him. As soon as he learned his old friend needs a job. He went to Big Mike

"Chuck was back and needs a job. I did not like being Nerd sup anyway I rather be a green shirt."

So big Mike wanted Chuck back and welcomed him with open arms.

"Welcome home Son, Now get those misfits to work."

Chuck now took over the job he left 4 years prior. Langstrom Graham was not finished yet with Charles Bartowski.

5 years has passed and that idea of his father's cloak intrigued him. So he spent the last 5 year perfecting the cloak He saw his father wear. It was finally ready it was 2 o clock in the morning. I know I will use it to scare Morgan.

So donning the cloak he appeared like Emperor Palpatine himself and shimmered into Morgan's bedroom. Morgan was fast asleep but not much longer. Chuck face was hidden by the cloak and so he starts reciting the Emperor's lines to Luke to take over for his father.

"Good I can feel the Hate rising in you."

Morgan now said in his sleep

"I will Never Join you."

Yes You Must Kill Him!

I will Not was Morgan's reply.

"Take your place beside me and together we can rule the galaxy."

Morgan now awoke to see Emperor Palpatine Floating in his room. Morgan screamed and ran right through the cloak disrupting it.

Chuck at home deemed The Cloak's first attempt a success.

Soon Morgan was at the Morgan door pleading to get in.

Chuck opens the Morgan door and lets in his frightened friend.

"Morgan it is two in the Morning what are you doing here?"

"Emperor Palpatine was was in my room!"

Chuck looked at him with some concern.

"What do you mean the Emperor was in your room?"

"I mean his hologram was standing in my room as close as me as to you!"

"Are you sure you were not dreaming? Starwars is one of your favorite themes."

"Can you dream while you are wide awake? I saw and ran right through him!

Chuck begins to laugh.

'That is such a funny dream Morgan but there is no Real life Emperor Palpatine. Did you happen to watch the return of the Jedi?"

"Of course you know Chuck. You watched it with me."

"So case is solved you watched the movie and you dreamt up this scenario."

"So what I saw was only something I dreamt?"

"Yeah seems so little buddy. It seems so.'

"Can I stay with you tonight? I am scared to go home."

"Ok Morgan you know where the bed roll is."

Morgan quickly got it out and was sound asleep in minutes.

Chuck chuckled to himself over Morgan's reactions to the cloak. Chuck got up and closed the Morgan Door. Looking out he saw the White Van was back. Something was up!

During the time the Morgan Door was open the White Van was parked across the street captured the conversation between the small bearded man and the target. It was send to Langley for analysis.