A/n: Okay so I was inspired by some readers on this board to write my own Beatles story. I've been a fan of them since my best friend got me into them and she's a big fan also and we've both been to Beatles convention years ago so yeah….hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: Eloise was just walking home one night from her sister's place when suddenly she's in Liverpool in 1964. While she's trying to figure out how she got into this mess and go home, she also happens to catch the eye of a certain bass player.

Pairing: Paul/OC

Disclaimer: I only own Eloise and her family. Any events are simply referenced in this story. That is all.

Chapter 1

April 14th 2010

Eloise POV

"Eloise, can you hold still for just a second?"

"I've been doing that for the past hour, when is this going to end?" I complained.

"It'll be over soon, sweetie I just want it to look perfect," Lily replied.

"It's only because Mom wants it to be perfect for the ceremony," I mumbled.

"Why are you so against it?"

"I'm not against her getting remarried or Tony for that matter I think he's a god guy but I think Mom is rushing into this a bit too soon," I said.

"I know sweetie and trust me as much as this is affecting us, I don't want to mention it to Mom because you know how she gets," Lily said.

"Yeah, yeah," I mumbled as I got out of my bridesmaid dress.

Before we go further, why don't I give you a head's up?

My name is Eloise Armstrong. I'm only eighteen years old with light brown hair and green eyes. I stand at 5'4 inches tall and I guess you could say my life is somewhat complicated. You can thank my parents' recent divorce for that. They decided that after seventeen years of marriage they didn't want anything to do with one another anymore. It's still shocking to me and my sister.

As I was tossing my clothes back on; which consisted of a dark blue shorts, a black and white shirt and my sneakers, I couldn't help but wonder why my mom even bothered getting remarried in the first place since the divorce. Maybe I'll never understand.

Who knows anymore?

"What time are you heading over to the rehearsal tomorrow?"

"Probably before 7:30," I replied. "It doesn't even start until then."

"True, but just meet up here so we can ride to the hall together," she said.

"Mhmm, see you then," I said as I left.

As I was leaving my sister's place, I took out my IPOD and put it on shuffle. While walking through the streets, I was scrolling through the songs until I found one of my favorite Beatles song; 'Across the Universe.'

The Beatles have been my favorite band ever since my parents got me into them before they got divorced. I rarely see my Dad but I think it's because he's too busy settling into his new life or some crap I don't even know.

I got into town and kept on walking. I stopped as the bus came to a stop and I hopped on depositing the change needed to ride. I walked slowly down the aisle and sat in the last seat available in the back. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be in the Beatles era. I would imagine how that would turn out.

But knowing that would actually happen is such a slim chance. Beatle mania died out when the seventies came around. There are still some people that listen to their music and not to mention John and George sadly passed on leaving Ringo and Paul left in the group.

I could only dream and wish that I would be in the world of the Beatles but I know that it's not going to happen.

"Nothing's going to change my world," I sang softly to myself. "Nothing's going to change my world.

I found out I was so wrong when I tripped over my two feet after I got off the bus and I didn't stop falling and then my world went black.

I groaned as I moved around. I saw that I was in the alley. I didn't think anything of it but when I touched my forehead, I saw tiny blood drops coming from there.

Great, I just had to smack my head on the ground.

I sat up slowly and something felt off. Way off. I didn't know what it was though. I stood up and walked back in the direction I came. I saw that this alley was far different from the one I was just in. I also noticed my bag and my IPOD simply vanished.

What the freak just happened?

I came to the mouth of the alleyway and I saw that there were people walking around the town. What's totally different is that the people around me were wearing old clothes. I'm not talking about the ones that haven't been worn in years and never fit anymore. I'm talking about the clothes that you've seen back in the sixties.

Could it be? Nah, no way that's so impossible.

I walked down the street as I was trying to take in my surroundings. I haven't seen something like this ever. It feels like I wanted to laugh at the situation but I couldn't. I started to walk down the street for awhile, trying to see if anything would stick out or something.

I stopped shot when I saw a huge poster plastered up on the window of some store.


SATURDAY MAY 16th, 1964 7PM.

I stopped short at the date.

May 16th, 1964.


Hold up, if this was 1964, then I'm not home.

What. The. Hell?

I stepped back but I didn't see where I was going until someone smashed into me and I was snapped out of my daydream. The next thing I knew, I started running. I didn't know where I was going or how it happened but I just kept running.

I felt the blood trickling down my face as I ran I kept wiping it away from my face as I ran through the streets. I may have knocked into people and I probably gotten lost to god knows where and I wounded up outside another building only in another alleyway.

My legs started to shake as I fell to my knees. This wasn't happening. There was absolutely no way that I traveled almost forty years backwards. I wasn't even born yet! How the hell is this even possible?

My head started getting dizzy when I turned to see someone approaching me. I tried to get away but I fell again and my world went black.

"Do you think she'll be awake?"

"She has to; I mean she was breathing when Ringo found her."

I woke up to voices later on. I found myself lying on a bed and it was dark outside. I sat up slowly and got up from my spot. I heard voices but I tried to figure out who they were.

Oh my god, what if I got kidnapped?

I pushed the door slightly open and I saw were a flight of stairs not far from where I was standing. I got to the top of the stairs but I became hesitant. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got down there. Maybe this was all a weird minding freaked up dream that I could wake up from anytime starting now possibly.

Knowing that I wouldn't get any answers from just standing there, I took my first step and the step creaked. I also heard that it grew quiet downstairs. I wonder if they're trying to plan something. I held on to the banister tightly with my one hand and the wall with the other. The steps made creaking sounds as I walked down the stairs. These stairs were so old I wasn't sure if it was even safe.

By the time I got downstairs, my legs were jello and I still leaned on the wall for support. I saw the living room furniture with the lime green couches; an old dark brown coffee table and some magazines were sprawled around on the table. I saw three guitars and a pair of drumsticks lying around as well.

This isn't my living room or my house.

Where the hell am I?

"Well, well the bird has finally woken up," a British accent said behind me.

I turned around slowly and there they were. Standing right in front of me was the one and only the fab four themselves.

Holy. Hell.

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