Neko X Boku S.S: Chapter 1

Meeting Myself

Summary: Tsumetai though he was alone. With the unintentional murder of both his parents at his hands at a very young, due to the inability to control the mixed youkai (demon) blood inside of him, he was force to flee from his rich family, and live as a lone homeless boy, who keeps himself apart from the rest of the world by behaving in a conceited manner. He seemed to have lost all ambition and hope, but keep his head up to figure out the arcane puzzle that a mysterious fortune teller had bestowed him, telling him of the two great fortune and two great disasters he will experience throughout his young years. In this story, Tsumetai Hitori fights though the sever pain that has ingested him, and learn the power to control the power of family youkai blood, and in the fine home of the Ayakashi-Kan, gain the ability to hone the ability of friendship with his secret service agent, Hazukashigariya Kinben.

Tsumetai Hitori



"Ahh! What are you doing!"

"He's too young to know. He shouldn't know!"

"He's just a boy, and he's your son too!"

"I DON'T CARE! He's a threat to us all if he cannot control the youkai blood inside him! Do you know how much I've sacrificed to keep this a secret?"


"Time has passed! We don't need to recall those times! Not now that we're finally moving this family along!"

(Please stop...)

"You're right. You were right, but this boy...this creature... will destroyed it all if I don't do something."

"Don't you DARE talk about our son that way!"s(Please stop fighting...I'm not a creature...)

"There are too many chances to take. I won't let everything I've created fall apart!"

"Gekido! You've said enough! Now calm yourself!"

"Get your hands off me!"

"AHH!" *THUD!*

(Mother!...Have to get...away.)


"I knew we should have at least TRIED to planted the Tengu's power into his older brother. He's more stable and mature, but my father HAD to insist on putting the power into this boy! Saying that HE was the only one to control the ability of Tengu. Now I'm going to erase that mistake."

(No...mistake...I can't.)

"I'm sorry, my son, but it's better this way." *PULLS OUT DAGGER*

(Father, please stop...)


"Shikina! Release me! NOW!"


"You've lost you're mind, Gekido! Stop this before he...!"








That dream again. How many times will it play through my head before it realizes I get the picture?

It had been a year since I lived in that "dream". I did everything an eleven-year old boy could possibly do to wipe an unnecessary memory from his counsel, but that isn't exact easy when I'm the one who caused it. I didn't even know it at the time. It was like my entire childhood was a dream that I desperately wanted to wake up from. Both before and after the incident. After that, I spent my days exploring my town with only the clothes on my back, plus my school uniforms, and a blanket for night-time rest. I still went to school, though. Had to keep myself educated and they provided luches, but it's not something I care to explain.

"Hey, look guys." Some kids at my school said. "The homeless kid here again. Didn't we tell you to beat it yesterday? This spot is for kids with families with money! You know that word? M-O-N-E-Y."

The kids at school would bully me because I didn't have a family to take care of me. I didn't want to this continue. I couldn't take the pain.

That's why I...

"Heh...You really want to play that kind of ballgame with me? Because I'll be happy to play."


"Spoiled rich kids shouldn't claiming property as their own, seeing that it they could get theselves into loads of trouble. Think of it as a life lesson for you lot." *SMALL COCKY SMILE*

"Why you..."

"What? I'm just giving some advice. That's all."

"Forget it, man. Lets go. We'll go to my father's bakery to hang out."



...I put up an imaginary barrier around me. A barrier that consisted of me being a total "know-it-all air-head". That way, nobody could harm me, but I would be doing the harming. And, of course, I didn't like it, but it was the only method of defense I had, and stuck with me.

Like a bad cigarette addiction you couldn't control.

Even so, I always wanted to see someone with similar problems as me. Not because I would enjoy the suffering of another. I just wanted to know that I'm not the only one that was going through this. It would have been so reassuring.

And it was, but I'll get to that later on.

The night before the end of my time in elementary school, a typical Friday night. As you probably figured out, I was in 6th grade, and this was my last year before Junior High, but it was no picnic for me. I wasn't looking forward to three more years of what I had already gone through.

As I walked through that warm night in my usual school uniform, I noticed something strange. Many kids and teens were gathering around a corner of a convenience store, and all of them seemed excited as heck. So, of course, I headed there as well, and the air got more and more extreme with each step.

"Greetings all! Watch as I, the amazing bunny man, amaze your wonderful eyes with unimaginable illusions!"

As I finally made it to the crowd, I caught a glimpse of the man in question.

To this day, I really hoped it was just a coincidence.

The man had a black suit, black gloves, red hair with part of in a ponytail, and a wide smile on his face that looked like it would never come off.

Oh. Did I forget to mention the bunny ears? Because he had those too.

Explains the title 'Amazing Bunny Man'.

I squeezed my way towards the crowd to the front "Now for my next trick!" He then proclaimed. "The girl in the front!" Then he pulled cards and showed them right in front of the girl beside me, who seemed to be at least three years younger than me, meaning that the woman she was holding hands with was her mother.

She browsed the selection, and chose a card from the far right. "This one!"

"Excellent! Now look at the card, and study it carefully." The girl did just that, and nodded.

"It's the five of diamonds." Her mother said out load.

"Now then," the bunny eared man said "put the card back in the pile, please."

The girl nodded, and placed the card back were she originally picked it. The bunny eared man shuffled the cards back into a single pile, placed them in his pocket, and then put his hands together as if he was waiting for something. "Now then, mother, it's your turn."

"E-excuse me?"


"Cough?"She had no idea at first, but soon made sense of it, and started to fake cough. Suddenly, she put her hand to her mouth, and seem to start really cough. Choking maybe!

She finally stopped after it sounded like she coughed up something rather disgusting. She open her hands, and widened her eyes, showing the object lodged in her throat was a single structure of paper and/or plastic.

"Didn't realize she ate playing cards for lunch." I said out loud.

"Now then, mother, if you would please." The bunny man said, hoping his hand. The woman then placed the card in his hand, then showed it to the girl.

"Is this your card?"

The girls widened as well her eyes as well, followed an excited smile. "YES! Yes, that is the card! Mommy! Mommy! Look!"

I looked at the card at hand, and there it was. The five of diamonds, just like the woman had said.

"Amazing!" The woman proclaimed. "How did you do that?"

The bunny man had the same smile he had when the whole started. "A great magician never relieves his secrets."

I had to admit, I was amazed too. Never before had I seen something anything that amazing before.

"That's so cool!" The girl keep saying, then started tugging on my shirt, then said said to me "Isn't that amazing!"

"Heh, well I've..."

"I've seen better."

"Huh?" I turned my head to see who interrupted me, thinking I would him or her a piece of my mind.

That's when I meet her.

To my side, there was another girl, who was about my age, who I must admit was really cute for her age. She had dark violet hair, a light skin color, violet narrow eyes, and a small stature, meaning she was kind of short.

"Excuse me," I said to her, bring out my bad habit "but it's pretty rude to interrupt other peoples sentences, in cause you didn't know. Wouldn't want a pretty girl like yourself to go bad, do we?" *SMALL COCKY SMILE*

I couldn't believe what happened next.

"Heh. So sorry. I didn't notice someone who finds trivial card tricks interesting."

She answered back, and she answered...

like I would.

"Heh. Seems this rose as thorns. *TURN TOWARDS HER* How would you know whether or not I was interested?"

"Your eyes gave you away."

"Really? I could say the same about you. When I saw the other people and their expressions, you had that *HANDS ON CHEEKS* 'Holy God! That's so incredible! How did he do it? I want to find out!' expression."

"Worst impression of me ever."

"I do what I can."

"And for your information, unlike you, I don't find this type of stuff interesting. It's all just simple card tricks."

"But it opens creativity and the imagination, meaning you have none at all. So sad."

"Heh. What happened to 'Not wanting a pretty girl like myself to go bad'?

"Heh. Touché."

We both noticed something. The audience around us was surprising quiet, and we didn't know why. Until we saw that they were looking straight at us. Why?

Because 'the amazing Bunny man' was looking at us too, with the same goofy smile.

"Ohh! This is so exciting!"

"What is?" I asked. "Watching two people having a conversation?"

"Not just that. The future that I have foreseen for you two."

"Future!" The girl from before said out loud. "You can see into the future?"

"Interesting." I spoke. "Then lets hear it."

The bunny man stood up from the chair he was sitting on, and came and crouched in front of the dark violet-haired girl and myself. That smile of his had turned from goofy to mischievous.

"Lets start with you." He said, pointing towards me. "Throughout your entire lifespan, I see...*CLOSES EYES AND OPENS THEM AGAIN*...that you have will receive two great fortunes and/or two great disasters."

"Wha...What the heck is that suppose to mean?"

"It means" the dark-violet girl said "that you're really lucky and really unlucky at the same time."

"Did I ask for your opinion?"

"Oh! Great tension!" Went the great bunny man. "It makes it the future more probable now :D."

"I don't get any of your gibberish. More to the point, how would you know about my future anyway?"

" don't have any imagination, do you?"

"Huh." the dark-violet girl said. "Irony comes in all shapes and forms today."

"Shut it."

"Come on now." The bunny man said again. "Think it through, and you may be able to see it. You know, don't you?"

"Know what?"

"Well *MOVE CLOSER TO FACE*...that you've already experienced one great disaster, haven't you?"

"Huh? Already experienced one...




H-h-he knows. How.

How does he know?

He can't.

He shouldn't!

"What's wrong with you?" the dark-violet girl said. "Your face is so pale."

"I-I-I-it's nothing. It not like it means anything."

"Really? Maybe that little 'disaster' is how you are now?"


Now how does she know? Will people stop looking in my mind!

" I remember."

"You remember what?"

"You. I remember seeing you around the city. Scouting around trash cans for a desperate meal, and moving around the city with dirt and smudge on your face. You're even in the same clothes every time then and now. Now I get it. You would't want someone marking you for your that little depression I keep seeing in your eyes. Maybe that's why you ended up like this. It must be really difficult making friends when you have almost nothing - oh sorry - entirely nothing to offer, does it?"


"Oops. Did I go too far? *SMALL COCKY SMILE*"

I was too antagonized to speak. I couldn't believe that she would say those kind of things. I never meet her before, yet she read me like a book.

I told myself I needed something against her, so as she talked, I looked into her eyes. Beyond her eyes. There had to be something in that loudmouth expression of hers.

That's when I saw it.


Right then, I heard a screech on the street like a cat. In it's place was a large limo, about 120 inches in estimate.

And who's was it? Of course, the dark-violet haired girl.

"Now if you will excuse me," she said as she walked outwards the limo "I must take my leave."

What I did next was totally stupid of me.

"And what about you?"

When I turned around, she had stopped, right in front of the passenger door.

"...What about me?"

"I see it in you, like you see it in me. You and I...

we have the same eyes."


"I must say that that's a pretty impressive limo your family has there. Must mean that you've got a nice pocket of green, but is that not how it works, is it? The life of glimmer and glory isn't like what we see in the movies. There has to be a couple of flaws here and there. I guess for you, the number of flaws could fill both sides of a 8 by 10 inch piece of paper. I think that the pressure of people standing up to your family status was so unbearable, you needed a stand of your own. That's why I see it. That's why you're someone of my stature: verbally abusing people so that you would make the first strike before they did. *WALKS TOWARDS GIRL* I may not have anything to offer in the literal sentence, but I guess you have nothing to call of your own either.

*HALTS BEHIND HER* That's it. You're just another stuck-up rich girl, huh shorty?"


"Oops. Did I go too far? *SMALL COCKY SMILE*"

AHH! Why the heck am I saying these things? That's not what I want to say at all! This stupid mouth of mine! I need to have it removed!


"You know, at this moment..."


*PULLS HEAD UP* "...I want to slice your head off."


That last line wasn't mockery, or common supercilious talking.

It was just cold.

So cold.

She finally entered the limo, sat down, and proceeded to close the door when I put my hand on the side to keep it open.

I had to fix this, in any way.

"Let's make a bet, you and I. If we happen to meet again in the future, we'll try things again. As if we became two new brand new people in the process of each of our lifes. * RAISES HAND TO SHAKE* How about it?"

The girl didn't reply for a moment. I felt like the damage I had done was permanent.

Then I felt something on the hand I had raised.

It was the girl's hand.


"...Alright then."

Thank God!

I stepped back and proceeded to close the door when the girl asked one last thing.

"What's your name?"

The question stunned me for a moments notice, but I answered.

"Tsumetai Hitori. And you?"

"...Ririchiyo Shirakiin."

I nodded, and closed the door. I then watched as the limo that was just in front of me disappear into the sunset afternoon.

Leaving me with a body full of regret.

"Such a same." Went the amazing bunny man, who I had forgot was there. "She didn't even stay to hear my fortune."

I think your fortune is the last thing on her mind right now.

As I walked away from the place where I had my first encounter with Ririchiyo-san, I made a vow. This false personality of mine had gotten way out of control. I needed to change so the next time that if I meet her again...

No, the next time when I meet her again, I could tell her...

"I'm sorry."