Neko X Boku S.S: Chapter 5

The Warm Welcome

Hazukashigariya Kinben

Apparently, what the people that talked with Nana didn't inform him of is the fact that he would be receiving a Secret Service Agent. Someone to carter to all his wishes, and serve to his whim.

Even protect him from dangerous harassers if necessary. The thought of that seemed to make the me queasy, even though I tried to hide it. and now I would have to deal with that on a regular basis.

The movers had just finished moving all the necessary things into the vans, and had already moved to the mansion to put all the things into my new Master's new room. Before we left, we put the last of Tsumetai-sama's luggage into the manor car.

"That's all." Nana said as I closed the truck of the car.

"Finally." Tsumetai-sama said. "Can we get a move on now?"

As I walked towards the back car door to open for Tsumetai-sama, I went besides Nana to ask her a question.

"Nana, how did you know that I would be Mr. Tsumetai's new agent? You haven't even concidered about the other man I was with."

"*CHUCKLES* You mean the bunny-earied man man? I knew it wasn't him because it was I that had put you up for consideration. The simple fact that you are standing here must mean that you're here to serve him."

"R-really? I didn't know, a-and I'm very grateful that you did, but you believe in me that much? I had just became a Secret Service Agent only a week ago, you know."

"I know, *PLACES HAND ON HAZUKASHIGARIYA'S HEAD* but I still have faith in you." She then walked away from me towards Tsumetai-sama.

"I must admit, I will miss you. I forgot how lonely it is without someones company."

"...Heh. If your maid heard that, I bet she would cry."

"Well, if you ever like to stop by for a visit, you know where I live."

"Hmm. What makes you think I'll do such a thing? It's not like I'll have time for such a trivial thing."

"Well, it just a thought."

An awkward silence suddenly filled the air. I think it was because Tsumetai-sama had a very uncertain face he was making. I decided that maybe I could break the silence by trying to move the ball forward.

"Umm...Well, I think we're going to be late to see your new room, Master, *PROCEEDS TO OPEN CAR DOOR* so we should..."


Huh? What was that?

As I turned my head to the other side, I saw something that bewildered me.

Tsumetai-sama was hugging Nana, and he had a bright glimmer in his eyes.

"D-Don't take this the wrong way!...

...but...t-t-t-t-thank y-y-you."

"...*CHUCKLES AND PACES HAND ON SHOULDER* You're very welcome."

The sight of the two of them couldn't help but make me smile. I felt my fear and agitation slip away each and every moment I looked at them.

There it is. The thing that Nana was talking about. Mr. Tsumetai's real personality! It's as if a little cocoon is starting to burst, showing of the butterfly's real nature.

"Oh!" Mr. Natsume said with his head through the driver seat door. "What a cute scene!"

"AH! *LETS GO AND CLEARS THROAT* W-well, we better get going then!"

"Before you do, Tsumetai," Nana said. "I have something for you."

Nana dug into the hand bag she was carrying, and she took out several sheets of paper, which seemed to be stapled together.

"What's this?" Tsumetai-sama asked.

"The night I found you, this stack of paper was lying beside you. I had thought that you had written this, but it seems to be addressed towards you. *GIVES STACK OF PAPER TO TSUMETAI* It looks like it is an apology letter because every page has the phrase "I'm sorry." written on it."

*LOOKS AT PAGES* "Hmm. Who gave you permission to look at my mail?

...Tech. I'll look at it later. *MOVES PAPERS TOWARDS HAZUKASHIGARIYA* Please put this in a safe place."



"Come on, then, kiddes!" Mr. Natsume called. "We better get going! The others will be waiting for us!"

"Hmm. Well then, Ms. Kinben," Tsumetai-sama said. "It was nice meeting your acquaintance." Then he turned around, and headed towards the passenger door.

I quickly walked over to the passenger door before he did and opened it for him. "Let me get that for you, Master." I said with a smile on my face."

"Heh. You don't have to give me the royal treatment."

"Don't worry. It's no problem at all."

He then walked inside the car, and sat, giving me the cue to close the door, and make my way to the passenger door in the front. My Nana gave me a small "Goodbye" wave, and a "Good Luck" smile. I waved back, and gave the best "Thanks. I'll need it" smile I could give.

Tsumetai Hitori

We finally stopped right in front of the mansion the agents called "The Ayakashi Kan", and I admit, I was really impressed. Up close, the building was absolutely massive from my point of view, with a nice garden walk-thorough to the side when you walked through the front gate. Though I should have been paying attention to the guards that where guarding the front gate. Guess it was you would expect in a high-security mansion, made specifically for protecting Activists, like myself.

The moving van had already arrived, and movers were moving in and out of the place, putting in all of the necessary thing into the mansion, up to my new room. I didn't take anything really big or important from Ms. Kinben's house. It was just suitcases of clothing, a desk, boxes of supplies, etc.

*WALKS OUT OF CAR* "Pretty nice place." I exclaimed.

"Thank you." the female agent said. "The Ayakashi Kan is suppose to be one of the best mansions known to this city, but that's only known to us. Because of the 'certain people' that reside in this mansion, not much information is leaked out to the general public. All they know is that people from rich families come to live in this one place."

"That fact that can keep that type of cover of over a long period of time means that you people sure know how to keep people in the dark."

"Well, that's a specialty of our, Master." *SMILES*

"What's with this 'master' stuff? I thought I told you to boycott on the royal treatment."

"I remember," She said, then bowed her upper body, and placed her hand on her chest. "But it is a sign of loyalty to always adress ones employer in a high manner..."

She paused, then turned around, and dug into her pocket, pulling out something that looked like a book.

How to serve your master for Dummies

"Uhh! That it what it says, right?!"

"Why do you have an instruction manual!?"

I'm probably not going to like where my intrigued line of questioning is going take me, it goes.

"Huh...just to be on the safe side, how long have you worked at this mansion?"

She didn't say anything for a few seconds, but then she replied.

"...About a week."

"...And how old are you?"


"You have no experience whatsoever!"

"I know! I'm so sorry you're stuck with me!" She wailed, then grabbed my hands with a desperate look on her face. "It's just that I wanted this chance to make use of myself in my own way, not as someone who has to rely on others! That's why I want to to everything in my power to be your successful servent! *FALLS TO KNEES* So please! At least let me try!"

I looked at her as she held my hands with her knees to the floor and her head down, and I had to admit. The frantic look she was giving was really cute.

"AHH!" She exclaimed, letting go of my hands as she stood up. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to grieve on you like that. You must think that I'm an idiot to ask you such a thing, given my personality and such..."

"Hold it."

"Huh?" She lifted her head up, looking surprise.

"...As far as I can see, you're currently in no position to be a servant in any way."




"...It's known that some great workers gain their experience on the job, and even though I'm not exactly happy with the thought of training my own personal servant, it's not something that can be rejected so easily."

"AHH! that means you'll...!?"

"Heh. Even if I were to rejected your services, that would out a bad image on my face, and I didn't come here for anymore of that."

My hands where suddenly put together and started getting shaking up and down by my new agent, who now had a smile on her face that looked like it would never come off. "Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I promise that I will do everything I can to be the best Secret Service Agent you've ever meet, Master!"

"Again with the master stuff!"

Everything was settled in in my new room. All that was left was for me to get situated, and start my new life. Everything was finally moving along for me.

Everything except my hands and feet. When I got to the doorsteps of the mansion, as I lifted my hands to grab the doorknob, I froze. A thought occurred to me: Can I do this? What will I do or say when I talk to someone? I don't want to be rude, and let my bad habit get the better of me.


"Don't worry. Remember that I'm here for you if anything goes wrong."

"...Stop talking like I'm your son."

My hand reached and grabbed the handle, but I noticed that my hand was shaking when I grabbed it. I didn't noticed it before, so I don't when it started, but I do know what caused it.

Pure fear.

Come on! You can do this. You must!

I'm not going to let fear rule my life anymore!

With a sudden burst of confidence, my other hand went to the other handle, and both sets flew open, exposing the open mansion.

"Alright! Listen up...!"


"Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!"


Hazukashigariya Kinben

"Oh!" Mr. Natsume said while smiling. "He fell down rather hard, didn't he?"

"You're the one who stuck his head out the most!" Mr. Banri proclaimed.

"Ugg..." Ms. Nobara complained. "It's a boy. I was hoping for the person to be a 16 year old girl with blue lollipop hair."

Mr. Sorinozuka's expression really didn't change. "Your fantasies are running wild again."

"Weren't you the one who told us that he was a boy!" Mr. Banri yelled out again.

"Tsumetai-sempai!" I called out when I crouched down where he fell. "Are you all right!"

"Yeah...ugg...I'm fin-...

Wait...*STANDS UP*

'Sempai'! Where did that come from?!"

"Oh.*STANDS UP*..well you didn't like me calling you 'Master', so I thought to myself: what's as important as a master? A sempai!"

"OK. Let's start off with the fact that I'm younger than you! And besides, I'm not teaching you anything!"

"But you are teaching me, Tsumetai-sempai."


*GRABS HANDS* "You're teaching me one of the wonderful things a person can receive: how to be an independent individual. It's a lesson I will never forget!"

"Forget it."

"It seems you've made a new friend, Hazu-chan."

I heard Ms. Nobara's voice, and saw that everyone was looking straight at us. I immediately let go of Tsumetai-sama's hands, and looked down, blushing embarrassingly.

"Umm, everyone." I started saying after I gathered myself. "This is my new master, Tsumetai Hitori."

"...Heh. So this batch of people are your friends? Well I can'-"

He couldn't finish. Suddenly, Mr. Natsume lifted Tsumetai-sama off his feet, and made him sit on his shoulders. "Yee hah! We've rounded up a new bull, ladies and gentlemen!"

"HEY! Let me down, you bunny-eared-"

"Come now! A new resident of this building has to have a proper celebration."

"Celebrate for what! I have no business dealing with-!"

"Alright now! Let's get this surprise party started!"


Oh boy. I hope Mr. Natsume doesn't go too far.

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