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My First Friend

Winter was just coming to an end. The winds were soft, the water was calm, and the eggs were shaking. Memphis stood in a crowd of soon to be fathers with an egg between his feet. Memphis was still very much aware of the events that transpired on that particularly cold winter night. Nevertheless, his mind was filled with anxiety and joy as he waited for the egg to hatch. It was a matter of patience at this point; every penguin was now waiting on their egg to hatch. Soon enough a joyful scream could be heard. Indeed, the first chick had hatched! That broke the ice and a flurry of screams could be heard as the little penguins broke their egg shells and felt the Antarctic winds caress their feathers for the first time.

Maurice patiently waited for his egg to hatch as he watched other penguins around rejoice. He then heard a tapping sound below him. Maurice knew what it was right away; he couldn't mistake that wonderful pecking sound against the egg shell. The new father held a joyous expression as he watched his chick hatch.

The chick quickly broke enough of the egg shell and stumbled out. The chick shivered a little bit, but that didn't curb her curiosity as she spent some time looking around at the new world around her. The little penguin twirled around a bit as it scanned everywhere from the ground to the sky with curious light brown eyes. Eventually, the chick focused on the closest adult penguin.

"Pa?" The chick questioned.

"Yes honey it's me." Maurice said in a sweet voice. "Come here." He urged. The little penguin immediately ran to her father and positioned herself in between his feet for warmth.

"Pa am I honey?" the baby penguin asked.

"Oh! I forgot to name you young lady." Maurice said with a chuckle. "I think your name will be..." The adult penguin mulled over some of the names he and his mate had talked about, but none of them felt quite right for this particular chick. As he looked at the chick on his feet, Maurice was at a loss. "Gloria." Maurice whispered to no one in particular. The name just kind of slipped out of his beak, but there was just something about it that made it a perfect fit.

"That's a pretty name!" Gloria giggled.

"A pretty name for a pretty penguin." Maurice said

Gloria broke into a fit of giggles. Maurice quickly found it infectious and started chuckle himself. That was the first laugh they shared as father and daughter. Maurice then spotted his old friend Memphis.

"C'mon Gloria let's go see one of my good friends." Maurice suggested.

"Okay pa." Gloria responded.

Maurice walked over to Memphis, excited to introduce his daughter to Memphis. As they got closer, Maurice noticed that something was off. Memphis had a forlorn look on his face and there was no chick around him. Maurice quickly connected the dots ,w hen he noticed the egg sitting front of Memphis. He went up to comfort his friend.

"Memphis... It happens sometimes. I'm sorry" Maurice said apologetically.

Memphis took a deep breath and let it out. "I guess it does" Memphis replied in a dejected tone.

Memphis turned away from the egg and Maurice kept trying to comfort him. Gloria, being a newborn chick, had no idea what an egg was but she found it fascinating. She then hopped out her father's legs, without him noticing, and approached the egg. She pecked it a bit.

"Hay pa what is this?" Gloria asked her father as she gestured to the egg.

"Gloria don't go near that" Maurice said.

"Why? What is it?" Gloria asked again.

"It's an egg, just like the one you were in." Maurice explained.

"Ohh... Is there someone in here?" Gloria asked.

Maurice stayed silent after that and went back to talking to Memphis.

"Hello?" Gloria said to the egg.

The egg remained still.

Gloria thought that maybe whoever was in there couldn't hear her. "Helloooo anyone there!?"Gloria shouted.

The egg still showed no signs of a response.

Convinced that there was someone in there, Gloria decided to peck it a bit but the result was the same. She was about turn away, when she heard a tapping sound. She whirled around and immediately ran back to the egg; she tapped it twice. The egg responded with two taps. Gloria tapped three times and then egg reciprocated. Gloria was enjoying herself and before she knew it, she was tapping a little tune. Gloria started to hear other sounds from within the egg, such groans and whispers. Gloria looked back at her father and noticed he was still busy talking to his friend.

"Are you ready to come out ... Mumble?" Gloria giggled at the name, but somehow it felt right.

When the egg was unresponsive again. Gloria went to peck it, but this time the shell cracked and she fell in. When she opened her eyes she only saw another pair of, not brown, but deep blue eyes. The second thing she noticed is that her beak was interlocked with the other penguin's beak! She immediately doubled back.

It was a bit dark, but they were both clearly blushing from the kiss

"Umm.. H-Hello." The little penguin stuttered.

"H-hi." There was moment of awkward silence between the two chicks. "Sorry about breaking your egg and stuff" Gloria said.

There was not response from the other penguin.

Gloria seemed entranced with the penguin's deep blue eyes. As much as she wanted to look away, she found herself irresistibly interested in his eyes. they were so different than any other penguin's eyes.

"Excuse me can you kind of move, I_I think I'm ready to go." The chick said, breaking Gloria from her trance.

"O-Oh sorry Mumble." Gloria said with a hint of embarrassment.

"Mumble? Is that my name?" The blue-eyed chick asked.

"Oh I don't really know. I didn't what to call you, so I just kinda came up with it when I was playing with your egg." Gloria responded.

"Oh that was you!? Thanks for that you kinda woke me up and...it was sorta fun" Mumble giggled a bit.

The two penguins chatted a bit more before Gloria moved out of the way for Mumble to get out of the egg. After Mumble broke the rest of the shell he immediately saw two big penguins running towards him.

"Pa?" Mumble asked

"Yes that's me son! I'm glad you're alright!" Memphis answered; he was bursting with excitement.

Suddenly, Mumble felt very cold and he didn't know where to go for warmth. Memphis was too happy to take notice of his distress, so Mumble hugged the nearest source of warmth, which happened to be Gloria.

"Woah Woah there little guy! what do you think you're doing?" Memphis questioned.

"Sorry pa! I was just cold and I didn't where to go and-" Mumble was cutoff.

"It's okay Mumble." Gloria said as she hugged him. "I'm cold too." She whispered. Mumble immediately blushed.

Maurice and Memphis had no idea what to say, so they opted for silence and watched the situation unfold.

Suddenly, something struck Memphis. "Wait! Who's Mumble?" Memphis asked.

"I thought that was my name pa." Mumble responded.

"Who called you that?" Memphis asked.

Mumble then pointed at Gloria.

"Gloria!" Maurice scolded

"That's alright Maurice." Memphis said.

"Is everything okay pa?" Mumble asked.

"Everything is just fine and yes your name is Mumble" Memphis said with a big smile.

Maurice looked at his friend in shock.

"Well what'cha you waiting for son?" Memphis said in a fatherly voice.

"Huh?" Mumble asked confused.

"Get in here." Memphis responded as he gestured toward his brood pouch.

"Oh okay!" Mumble said as he tried to pull away from Gloria, but found that he couldn't.

"Gloria you need to let Mumble go honey" Maurice said with an amused look.

Gloria immediately blushed and let go. She felt so comfortable with Mumble that she didn't realize she was holding him too tight.

"Oh I'm sorry!" Gloria said as she blushed.

"That's okay, I'll see you later Gloria" Mumble replied as he walked away with light pink cheeks.

Mumble then broke away from Gloria to go to his father. Gloria felt something she didn't recognize, a sort of happy and comfortable feeling when she was around Mumble. She looked on as he left with his father.

Maurice noticed the l distracted look his daughter had. "How are you feeling Gloria?" Maurice asked.

"I think I'm happy pa." Gloria responded.

"I'm happy too." Maurice responded. "I think you just made your first friend Gloria." Maurice commented.

"Yeah I think so too." Gloria said with a smile on her beak.

"Alright get in here, it's almost time for-" Maurice was cutoff by a booming voice.

"Wives hoe!" Despite the strong antarctic winds, Noah's voice was one that overcame all other sounds. Fathers rushed to mothers and so began a new life for Mumble and Gloria.

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