I Love/Hate You

Romano looked at his phone he sighed "When is he going to call me". He rolled his eyes and looked back to his phone. "It's already 12:30 and he hasnt even texted" Romano though his phone on to his pellow. He walked over to his bath room and turned on the water for a shower. He took his shower then looked at his phone "Nothing" Romano sat on his bed. "What the why is he not texting me that jerk" Romano put his head on his pellow and sighed agen. He lifted his head and looked around the room he saw the teddy bear Spain bought him and smiled. He shook his head "Waaaaa what am i thinking that jerk making me think of him so early" Romano though his phone and the bear. There was a knock on the door once the phone hit the bear. "What!" Romano was not mad but upset "I'm sorry brother ill come back later" Italy closed the door. "Wait Italy get back here" Romano opened the door and grabed his brothers hand. "Huh brother what's wrong" Italy looked sad with his puppy dog eyes. "I need you to call Spain and ask him why he hasnt talked to me in a week" Romano said turning his head away from Italy. "Huh Romano didnt you hear" Italy went from sad to confussed. "Hear what" Romano looked back to his brother with confussion. "In Spain there was a earthquake so right now big brother Spain is'nt filling veary good" Italy fell sad agen as he looked to his feet. "What why the h*** did no one tell me" Romano ran to his bed and put on his jacket and ran out of the door. "Wait brother" Italy chased after Romano but filled he watched his brother drive off. "O well Spain will be happy at least" Italy walked back inside to call Romano. His phone rang then italy heard it "O brother left it here uh-o". Romano stormed in though Spains door and ran up to his room "Spain" Romano yelled slaming the door open. Spain jumped in his bed and looked over to Romano. His eyes went wide and a bright red blush came to his cheeks. Romano looked at him confussed but then it hit him. "Um Romano why are you only in a towl and a jacket" Spain blushed a deeper shade of red. "Um" Romano then closed his jacket and looked away. "I like it" Spain said with a big smile on his face. "Shut up" Romano yelled back with a dark red blush "I was in a rush i forgot ok". Spain got up and walked over to his closet "Here put this on" Spain tossed Romano one of his tops. "Thanks i guess" Romano said looking at the top that looked like Spains flag. Romano changed in the bath room then walked out and into Spains room. The top fell to the top of his knees it felt very uqword do to the fact the only thing he was wereing was a shirt. "Um im sorry about that i should call Italy" Romano cheeked his jacket pockets. "Are you kidding me i left my phone at home on that stupid bear" Romano froze when he felt Spain look at him. "So you did keep the bear i gave you o Roma~" Spain ran to Romano and hugged him. "Awww so cute i love you to Roma~" Spain then felt a shurp pain and fell to the floor. "Huh Spain" Romano went to his knees and Spain smiled at him. "Im ok Roma i really am" Spain looked in bad pain. Romano helped Spain to his bed "are you ok" Romano asked sitting next to him. "Awwww i just moved to much ill be fine" Spain said with a smile but he looked so much in pain. "You no i like this Romano the one thats upset cause im hurt" Spain said looking up in Romanos eyes. Romano was shocked but he swalled and looked away "Ya right im not upset cause your hurt im mad because no one told me you were hurt" Romano was then pulled down next to Spain. "Romano you no i love you right" Spain snigled the top of Romanos head. "Shut up" Romano although he wanted to hit Spain just snugled up to him "And get better" he added. He didnt want Spain to hear it but he did and he smiled and closed his eyes.

To be continued...

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