Author: Sedaiv

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Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, strong sexual content (YURI!)

Notes: Thank you issue 281. Who would have thought a 35 year old guy keeps rolling out with sweet fan service after sweet fan service? Now that Weekly Shonen Magazine has changed its rules on showing nipples, when are we going to see Erza & Lucy's rack for real?

Fairy Tail: Lucy's Unique Friends

Chapter One: Lucy X Erza


Lucy was at her home, taking a nice hot bath relaxing after a hard day's work. She sinks deeply breathing loudly, making bubbles. She thinks loudly about her day.

"I'm so relieved this day is over, mom! First I woke up in the mud, Natsu and Gray and didn't help when they started fighting first thing in the morning. Erza is getting creepier… Wendy, Carla and Happy weren't any use to stop Natsu and Gray and instead made it worst… then we the contract we hand changed from helping a herd of cattle move to protecting a herd of cattle from a flock Wyvern… at least I paid this month's rent!" Lucy got up, naked and completely wet.

She took a few steps out, fully nude, and grabs a towel, wrapping it around her chest and second around her hair. She dries her face with another towel, and brushes her teeth. She cleans up after herself and smiles over a rather easy mission.

"At least I'm alone in…" Lucy opens the door to her bedroom.

"Hey; Lucy." Sure enough, Happy and Natsu were already waiting for her.

"My room!" Lucy screams, driving her knees into both of her friends faces.

"Ouch… I brought you a gift…" Natsu weakly says sitting up, not realizing he could have sneaked a peak.

"Aye, sir…" Happy gets picked up by Natsu, both of whom have had all sense knocked out of them.

"What was so important that you had to break in… again?" She begins kicking lightly them to start getting out.

"Wait, can't I give you the gift first?" Natsu grabbed onto the door way, with Happy clawing his scalp.

"Bring it by tomorrow… now get out." Lucy manages to get both young men through the door, and slams the door on Natsu.

"Ow!" Natsu screams loudly.

Lucy returns to her room. She begins drying her hair, tossing her towel on the floor once she finished with it. She plugs a blow dryer in, and finishes off her hair. Sitting in her towel, she looked at herself in the mirror. She sat there a few minutes, and realized that she was rather rude and mean to both Happy and Natsu… even though they keep breaking into her home. Lucy sighed loudly and turned around to see Erza was sitting behind her the entire time.

"Erza! What the Hell!" Lucy's eyes nearly jump out of her skull.

"I was watching you… you take a lot of care of your hair, although you were mean to both Natsu and Happy." She sits there smiling.

"I know… I was going to get dressed and go find them to apologize." Lucy turned around and walked over to her dresser.

"Do you even know where they live?" Erza countered watching Lucy.

"… No…" She looks back, a little disappointed in herself.

"Then relax. They're boys, they'll either get over it or they'll be back for more punishment tomorrow." Erza sat on bench Lucy was using for herself.

"Is there a reason you're here? I'm in middle of getting dressed." Lucy begins finding a cute outfit for the next day, along with under garments for the night.

"Why don't we have a girl's night in?" Erza takes notice of some of the make Lucy uses, all shades she wouldn't be caught dead using.

Lucy walks over to Erza and places her hands on her shoulders. She notices that Erza is looking at her different make up. For a few moments, as Lucy leans over, her breasts rest against Erza's head. Erza smiles and looks up.

"While I can't same I'm a fan of any of your colors or shades, I do have to compliment that you found something to work for you." Erza accidently pressed her face into Lucy's chest.

The two young women immediately split apart, with Lucy retracting onto her bed and Erza on the floor looking at her. Although she could see straight up her towel, her eyes were focused on Lucy. She calms down first, and looks at Erza.

"What? You like me all of a sudden?" Lucy says jokingly, knowing accidents happen.

"Maybe I do… maybe I don't…" Erza suddenly blushes, and presses her finger tips together.

Lucy stares blankly at Erza. "I was kidding…"

"I wasn't…Does that make things weird?" Erza manages to look at Lucy.

"No… I… I've never been…" Lucy sat on her bed, holding her knees to her chest.

"Neither have I… just because I shower with Natsu and Gray, doesn't mean I've… you know…" She looks at her friend.

Lucy sits still and thinks. She holds her knees close to her chest, and doesn't react when Erza sits next to her. She places her hands on her shoulders, and rubs softly. Erza moves her face closer to Lucy before kissing her on her cheek. Lucy isn't apprehensive about the kiss, and even coos to her touch. She continues kissing the young blonde, along her cheek and neck.

Lucy moans lowly, and closes her eyes. She feels close to Erza, she had definitely always admired the S-Class Mages powers and beauty. Lucy has always had some feelings… but she didn't realize she felt some feelings for Erza as well. She could feel that Erza had unequipped her Heart Kreuz armor, for something more… seductive. Erza was in her very sexy Seduction Armor, and sitting behind Lucy kissing her neck.

"Wait… Erza… we shouldn't… what about…" Lucy's lips were silenced by Erza.

"We'll talk about it later…" They locked lips.

Lucy returned her passionate kiss back and could feel Erza slowly pulling away at her towel. She tried to resist, but she knew she couldn't. With a quick simple movement, Erza had stripped Lucy of her towel, and tossed it into Lucy's hamper. Erza ran her hand up Lucy's bare body, feeling her soft and smooth skin.

She was caught off guard when Erza reached between her legs, and begin rubbing her most sensitive parts. She was getting wetter quickly. She moaned loudly as Erza gently pinched her nipples. Lucy began moving, grinding her hips into Erza's hand. Her fingers moved softly around, she had touched herself before, but this was completely different.

Erza lies on top of Lucy, and sat up. She untied her apron, and let it drop with her pink panties. She looks to see they're both completely shaven. Erza begins rubbing and grinding her wet pussy against Lucy's. The two young ladies moan together, smiling. Lucy reaches up and begins fondling Erza's large breasts. She pinches her nipples softly, causing Erza to moan louder. Lucy and Erza buckle their crotches into each other, going faster and faster with their grinding. Erza leans down, pressing their large breasts together. Their nipples, sensually rubbing on the others young woman's nipples. The two kiss each other deeply, and passionately. The two moan loudly, feeling they came at once on each other.

Exhausted from her fun, Erza rolled off of Lucy. The two young women lay next to each other smiling. The two lean over and begin kissing each other gain. Lucy rubs her hand up Erza's body, rubbing her tired pussy softly before fondling her chest again. Erza smiled, and growled joyfully at Lucy.

"Save some for the morning, Lucy. I might want to do this again." Erza pulled Lucy's back against her chest. "Oh, and don't tell Natsu, Gray, Happy or anyone else about this."

"Why would I?" Lucy closes her eyes, smiling that she's never felt anything so… fantastic before.

"Because I'll kill you, if you tell anyone what we did." Erza began kissing Lucy's neck.

She continued to kiss her neck until she reached her cheek. Unfortunately, Lucy was now too scared to sleep. She didn't plan to tell anyone what happened, but was she really willing to kill her over something so simple? Erza wrapped an arm around Lucy's waist and she drifted to sleep.


Authors Note: I believe I might continue this. Hopefully you guys (and when applicable) girls enjoyed reading this short, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I haven't written anything naughty in a very long time. Good to see I still got it.