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"George," Blanche said after the embrace had ended, "Yes I will marry you again, but there are a few issues we need to get settled. Well maybe not a few but at least one. Now if you don't have a perfectly good explanation for this there is going to be a consequence. Back in Miami we talk differently then in the South but you know what I mean."

"Of course I do Blanche. So what do I owe you an explanation for?"

"I want to know why the hell you fathered an illegitimate son... and never bothered to tell me about it," Blanche said

"You're talking about the Patterson boy," George said, "Blanche he's not my son. When my brother Jamie was in Dallies he had an affair with this lady named Sierra Patterson. He gave her my name and said he was me because he knew if his wife found out about that she would have heated him up so bad he'd be on fire. When he told me about it I was furious but I took the bull by the horns and did what had to be done. I took care of the situation for m'brother's sake."

"But George weren't you afraid I would find out about it," Blanche asked.

"No because I hadn't done anything I shouldn't have done," George said, "and 'sides I had been in trouble with you one time before and I knew it wouldn't have been as bad as my brother would have been in trouble with his wife. Blanche I have always protected Jamie and I couldn't let him down then no matter how angry I was at him. Should I have done it? Probably not but I had to protect Jamie."

"Well... that's a good explanation," Blanche said, "I can accept that"

"So am I forgiven," George asked.

"Of course," Blanche said, "Of course you are"
It was in that moment they shared their first kiss in nine years.