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Pain ripped through him as he screamed. The demon was giving him back what he wanted, but what he didn't want himself to believe he wanted... His soul. Spike thought if he boasted enough about removing the chip he would get rid of these feelings, his love for Buffy. He had no idea that the demon would see through him that he would realize, what Buffy really deserved was love in her life. The demon somehow knew that Spike was the one who would give that to her, to pull her away from the darkness. The pain ceased and Spike fell to the ground.

Demon: You have received what you came for now leave.

Spike shakily stood up and left the cave. He had little time before sunrise so he rushed to the port he came in and hid in the cargo hold of one of the ships that was going to Sunnydale. He sat against the wall and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. His physical wounds were beginning to heal but he realized his internal wounds, the pain he caused, the grief and all of the things he did it all came flooding back to him and he felt bad. He had never felt bad about his kills before. It was all too much; Spike began to weep as the ship started its 3-month journey towards Sunnydale.


Buffy and Dawn made their way towards the exit of the graveyard. Everything seemed more beautiful because Buffy finally realized why she was brought back, he meaning for having a second, well third chance to live again. She wanted to watch Dawn grow up and to show her the world. The one big thing Buffy realized about her little sister was that she was capable and she could take care of herself. As they were leaving the graveyard Buffy turned and looked back at the beauty that just became apparent to her.

Dawn: What's wrong?

Buffy: (smiles) Nothing, lets go see how Giles is doing

Dawn: What about Willow?

Buffy: I'm sure she's in good hands

Then the Summers sisters walked out of the graveyard hand in hand and headed towards the destroyed Magic shop.


Xander held his best friend in his arms as she sobbed. His face and chest throbbed in pain from where she scratched him magically. He didn't let go of her, she needed him now more then ever and for the past few weeks he was to busy with his own grief to spend time with her.

Xander: (soothingly) Shh, it's going to be ok Will

Willow pulled away from him, her face was red and tear streaked, that's when Xander noticed he hair was it's normal red color. He was going to say a funny comment about it but the look of grief and pain on her face made him bite his tongue.

Willow: (softly, tear choked voice) N-no it's not

Xander: (caught off guard by her comment) Of course it is Willow, don't say that

Willow: Why not Xander? Huh? Why can't I say it's not going to be ok. Cause it's never going to be ok for me

Xander: Yes it will, we will get through this...Together

Willow: Do have any idea how much guilt I feel now? God, Xander I killed someone and I nearly killed five people I love. (touches face tenderly) look what I did to you

Xander: (takes her hand) They'll heal (Willow looks away) I do know that feeling you know

Willow: (looks back at him) What?

Xander: The guilt

Willow: You've never killed anyone Xander

Xander: No, but I did leave the love of my life at the alter an-

Willow: (cuts him off) That's not the same

Xander: And I think it's my fault that Tara and Buffy got shot

Willow: (stares at Xander wide-eyed) What?!

Xander: I saw the gun, before Warren pointed it, I froze I didn't know what to do I was so scared and because I got scared Two of my friends were hurt and (trails off)

Willow: (hugs him) It's not your fault

Xander: I feel like everything the past couple weeks has been my fault and I can't take it anymore, I had almost become a booze hound like my father after Anya left and I wanted to kill my self but I knew that somehow things were going to get better and I'm just (sighs and begins to cry)

Willow: It's not your fault Xander, it's not your fault

It was Willow's turn to comfort Xander and she held him while he cried.

Xander: Sorry I shouldn't have gone on about that

Willow: No you had a right to we have all been a little caught up in our own problems

Xander: Yeah

Willow: Xander?

Xander: Yeah?

Willow: Do you think Buffy will be mad at me?

Xander: (smiles) No I think she'll be happy to see that your Willow again

Willow: I hope so and Xander...

Xander: (stands up and helps Willow Up) Yeah?

Willow: I love you too

Xander smiled and the two best friends made their way down King Men's bluff.

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