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3 years later

"Should I wear it down or up?", asked Buffy as she looked into the mirror above her dresser.

Willow, who was lying on Buffy's Bed next to Tara rolled her eyes at her best friend.

"Buffy you have already decided on your hair, your dress and every other little thing about this wedding, so will you stop stressing already?"

Buffy turned and looked at Willow, "What else am I supposed to do? This is a big day for me"

"It was for me too...well the first time," said Anya who was bouncing a giggling three-year old on her lap.

"Right," Said Buffy rolling her eyes, "You stressed both times"

Anya nodded and shrugged.

Dawn walked into the room, her hair shorter then it was three years ago with some blonde highlights, she sat down next to Cordelia, who was rocking a sleeping newborn.

"OK, now that we are all here, it's time for me to tell you guys, who the lucky lady is," said Buffy grinning.

Willow quickly glanced at Dawn who was playing with the engagement ring on her finger that was given to her on her nineteenth birthday, by Conner. Willow already knew that Buffy was going to surprise her sister.

"Dawn," said Buffy, "Congrats, your my Matron of Honor"

"Huh?" said Dawn looking up confused, "I thought that was supposed to be your best friend."

"You are," said Buffy.

Dawn smiled at her sister and they embraced. Fred who had been quiet the whole time, sighed at the moment.

"How sweet," she said, "I wish I had a sister."

Cordelia elbowed the girl, trying not to disturb her daughter.

"Other then you Cordy," said Fred.

They all laughed.


All the guys were downstairs while the girls had "Girl-Time", talking and watching TV.

Spike who was now as sane as he had ever been was also stressing, he was getting married to the woman of his dreams in just a three days and he had not yet chosen his best man, out of Angel, Xander and Conner.

The wedding wasn't gong to be big, just the Scoobies, and Angel's people from LA. The past three years were, basically just trying to put things back together, Buffy and Spike got to really know each other, they shared their feelings to one another and didn't fight...much.

Xander had gotten over his childish dislike of Spike and the two men became friends, Spike was wondering if it was a good idea to ask him to be his best man, but them there was Angel who he had know for over a hundred years but still he couldn't decide.


Buffy was looking thoughtfully into the mirror as her friends talked and laughed, she had a lot on her mind.

The past three years she had been trying to get to know Spike, the kind Spike that she had only seen glimpses of, when he wasn't trying to hide using his Bad boy act. Spike had also gotten to know her, not the slayer, but the girl part of her, he got to know Buffy.

She sighed and turned back towards her friends, Willow, Anya and Dawn were in her Wedding party, Cordelia, who had gotten out of the Hospital, two weeks before, with her and Angel's first Child, Amanda Anne Angel. She decided she wouldn't look good in a bridesmaid dress after having a baby. Fred didn't feel right because she hadn't known Buffy that long, Tara felt that she would leave it to Buffy's Best friend's to stand beside her, much to Willow's dismay.

Buffy's thoughts were soon interrupted when, Anya began talking about Xander and her daughter, Lily Christina Emanuella Harris began to get over excited.

"Daddy!! I wanna see Daddy!" said the little girl happily, she jumped off of Anya's lap and started towards the door, but before she got there the little girl disappeared.

"Great," sighed Anya, "Xander's gonna kill me"

The six women started downstairs, to make sure Lily didn't end up anywhere she wasn't supposed to be.


Xander yelped and nearly jumped out of his skin, when his little girl appeared on his lap.

"Geez, Lily," he said a stern look on his face.

The girls came downstairs, Xander glared at Anya, who shrugged and mouthed.

"Not my fault"

Spike smiled at his soon to be blushing bride, he couldn't wait.

"Spike," said Buffy grinning.

"Slayer" said Spike smirking as he pulled Buffy onto his lap.

They kissed while their friends watched in mock disgust.

"Get a room," said Dawn as she squeezed in between Conner and Gunn.

"Like you should talk nibblet," Said Spike glaring playfully at her, "Or was it not you, snogging in the bathroom the other night."

Dawn went bright red as Conner put his arm around her.

"So, Spike," Said Tara, "Have you chose your best man yet?"

Spike was waiting for this, he still hadn't decided, he looked from Xander to Angel, he saw Angel slyly tilting his head towards Xander pretending to scratch his ear. The bloody poof always knew what he was thinking.

"Actually yeah, Xander, you wanna take the honor?" asked Spike looking at the carpenter.

Xander looked up from tickling his daughter to look at Spike.

"Wow, I never would have guess... yeah I will, thanks Spike," said Xander Surprised.

Spike nodded, everything was now set, they just had to wait for the big day.


It was finally here, the day Buffy had been dreaming about since forever. Her white satin, gown fit her perfectly, her hair was down and curled, her veil rested on top of her head, it was finally time.

Love, Love changes everything

Hands and Faces, earth and sky

Love, love changes everything.

How you live and how you die.

Dawn walked into Buffy's room they were having the service at the same place Xander and Anya had theirs. Her dress was blue and was spegetti strap, her brown hair fell in curls on her shoulders.

"You ready Buffy?" she asked smiling at her sister.

"As I'll ever be Dawnie," said Buffy, "How do I look?"

"Beautiful," said Dawn.

Buffy grinned and linked arms with her sister, they headed downstairs, where Xander and Willow were waiting to drive them to the ceremony.

"Wow, Buff, looking good," said Xander smiling.

"Thanks Xander," said Buffy giving one of her best friends a hug, she turned to Willow, who had tears in her eyes. "Oh there will be none of that,:" Said Buffy has she wrapped her arms around her friend, "You cried at Xander's you can't cry at mine."

Willow sniffled, "Ok, but I'm not promising"

The three friends and Dawn walked towards the car, Xander who was in his tux, opened the Front door for Buffy and the back doors for Dawn and Willow, who was also in her blue dress.

They were off.

Love can make the summer fly

Or a night seem like a lifetime

Yes love, love changes everything

Now I tremble at your name

Nothing in the world will ever be the same

Buffy stared out the window trying her best to keep her hands from trembling, she now was really getting married to Spike and it wasn't a spell, Buffy smiled at this memory that she had thought about many times over the past couple of years.

"Spike and I are getting married!!"

Buffy had learned to love the ex-vampire and he could happily show her all of the love, she refused to let him show, it was bliss for both of them, to have someone in both of their lives to share everything with, and Giles told her she was in fact the first slayer to get married, this of course brought a proud grin to her face when Giles told her.

As Buffy stared out the window at the town of Sunnydale where she had been living for the past ten years, went by. She missed her mother terribly and she was the one person other then Dawn and her friends that she wanted to be there.

"Penny for your thoughts?" said Xander

"I miss Mom," said Buffy.

Dawn quickly glance at Willow, who had a grin on her face, knowing about an important surprise, when it was finally time.

Love, love changes everything

Days are longer, words mean more

Love, love changes everything

Pain is deeper than before

They reached the ceremony hall, Buffy still having a hard time with her trembling hands.

"I think you ladies go wait in the back dressing room, I'll go tell everyone we're here." said Xander.

The bride and her bridesmaids nodded and they headed towards the dressing room, where they met Anya, Cordelia, Tara, Fred and Lily who looked adorable in her little flower girl dress.

"You look Great Buffy," said Cordelia giving Buffy a one-armed hug, she had her yet-again sleeping Amanda in her other arm.

"Thanks," replied Buffy as hugs went all around the room, till there was a knock at the door, it was Giles.

He smiled at the sight of Buffy, who smiled back, the Watcher and slayer embraced.

"You look absoulty stunning," He said pulling out of the hug and looking at her.

Buffy's smile widened.

"It's nearly time..." said Giles, he nodded towards Fred, Cordy and Tara, you should get to the ceremony."

They nodded and went out the door, Buffy, Dawn, Anya and Willow remained in the room.

Love will turn your world around

And that world will last for ever

Yes love, love changes everything

Brings you glory, brings you shame

Nothing in the world will ever be the same

" But I have a gift to give you." finished Giles after Cordy, Tara and Fred exited, "Come with me"

Willow and Dawn looked at each other and grinned once again.

All of the women followed Giles out of the dressing room, to the door where Buffy would be entering to face her husband to be, there was a glowing figure standing in front of the doors. Buffy's breath caught in her throat.


Mother and Daughter hugged, "How?, said Buffy, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Let's just say, we were owed a favor from a certain someone," said Giles.

"You think I would have missed this," said Joyce, "I would have been here favor or no favor"

Buffy Hugged her mother once again and the piano began to play, beginning the start of a new life for Buffy Summers.

Off into the world we go

Planning futures, shaping years

Love bursts in and suddenly

All our wisdom disappears

Buffy linked arms with both her Mother and Giles, As Lily in all of her cuteness walked down the aisle throwing flowers as Anya had told her, Xander was beaming as his little girl walked towards him.

Next came, Willow, followed By Anya, then Dawn, Conner winked at her from the alter.

Buffy stepped in the doorway, as the piano began playing over again, Spike was looking at her with Wide eyes, she grinned, he grinned back. Then she began the walk, her mother and Giles at her sides.

Love makes fools of everyone

All the rules we make are broken

Yes love, love changes everyone

Live or perish in its flame

Love will never, never let you be the same

Buffy had finally made it to the rest of her life, she kissed her mother's cheek, Giles kissed her on the forehead and they sat down, Spike took her arm, whispering "You look good, Goldilocks"

The ceremony had begun.

"Do you William the Bloody take Buffy Anne Summers to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, to honor and obey, through sickness and health as long as you both shall live?"

Spike looked at Buffy with his bright Sapphire eyes and said "I do"

"Do you Buffy Anne Summers take William the Bloody to be you lawfully wedded Husband to love and to Cherish, to honor and obey, through sickness and heath as long as you both shall live?"

Buffy looked at Spike smiling, "I do"

Love will never, never let you be the same!

"By the power invested in me, I know pronouce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride"

Spike kissed Buffy like he had never kissed her before, everyone in the room began to clap, as Buffy and Spike broke apart looking each other in the eyes.

"I love you Buffy," said Spike.

"I love you too, Spike" said Buffy tears beginning to fall.

Spike took Buffy's hand and they walked down the aisle as Husband and Wife.

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