Ok here it is my CAP AM fic. I wrote a oneshot for it and now here's the big cahuna... jk it really isnt that exciting. sorry its late and im tired so this fic is about my OC and Schimdt. Everyone loves him, Hugo Weaving is drool worthy... "clears throat" i mean he is a fantastic actor and i admire him. "cough" anyhoo ENJOY!


"I told you to be careful."

"We were but she kept fighting."

"Why did you have to hit her?"

"She tried to kill me!"

"I don't want to nor do I care to hear your whining, get her up!" Hands grabbed my arms hauling me into the cold air. Snow drifted into my face. I hissed at the pain in the back of my head. I suddenly remembered what had happened and lashed out at the closest person. I punched another in the jaw and tried to run, my feet crunching the white powder. Fingers grabbed my wrist roughly and pulled me back so fast I almost ran into the man. I stared up at him sudden fear clutching at me. Deep dark eyes watched my reaction and he loosened his grip on my wrist. I immediately dropped my gaze.

"Kommandant?" One of the other soldiers asked.

"Tell Dr. Zola to clean up we have company."

"Yes Kommandant." The soldier rushed away. I panicked again and tried to pull out of his grip but he wouldn't let go.

"Calm down, you have no need to fear." He spoke commandingly but softly. I froze. He lifted my chin turning my face left and right, examining me. He then dragged me towards the large doors leading into the side of the mountain. The snow was cold on my feet and I stumbled several times. I kept waiting for him to turn and strike me for my clumsiness but he only slowed momentarily for me to regain my balance. I was still dizzy and the world was a blur. After how ever long of walking I was pushed into a chair.

"What's your name?" the man asked staring out a window. It was snowing outside.

"Eine…" I murmured so quiet he didn't even hear me.

"What was that?"

I swallowed. "Eine sir." I said a little louder.

"No, your real name," I looked up at him. He had his back to me. "Not the one they gave you."

"I-" I paused. "I don't know… sir."

"You don't know?"

"No sir."

"Alright then, do you know who I am?" He turned around. I immediately looked down at the floor and shook my head. "I am Johann Schmidt, commander of Hydra. Do you know of Hydra?"

I nodded.

"Good, I have heard that you are very talented," he came towards me and I tensed. He laid a hand on my shoulder. "Languages, science, literature, physically. I hear you have a very unique brain, do I hear correct?"

I nodded.

"Would you like to tell me about it? I'm afraid the scientists weren't of much use."

I swallowed and clutched at my white medical gown.

"You don't talk much?"

I shook my head.

"Very well perhaps time is needed. For now you will stay here, in quarters that my top scientist is having prepared for you. You will not be treated as you were back in that facility if you cooperate." He patted my shoulder and turned back to the window. I was so confused. And I stared at the floor trying to figure out what this man wanted from me. They always wanted something. He'd brought a warm feeling to me the one day I'd seen him standing apart from all the regular white that brought me so much fear. The warmth didn't have a name; I suppose my papa would have called it hope. I could barely remember what that felt like and I was fearful of it slipping away.

"What do you want from me?" I asked so quietly that I hadn't really meant for him to hear. He looked back at me.

"What do I want from you?"

I nodded.


I frowned.

"Well," he paused turning towards me fully. "I do want your cooperation."

I dared a glance at his face, trying to ask for a more specific answer with my eyes.

"You've been experimented on and tested and prodded all your life I am told," he was indifferent to my flinch. "I think it would be good for you to use those talents you have for something other than being a scientists plaything."

"What?" The word quietly rolled off my tongue in surprise.

"You can fight, I have heard, I have also heard that you have other… peculiar talents." He put emphasis on the peculiar and smiled a small almost wicked smile. "Do I hear correct?"

I shrugged.

"Well you will no longer be a test toy I can promise you, you will be a soldier, Dr. Fáviti wanted to use you as a weapon, but I see a greater potential in you."

I looked up suddenly noticing that he had come very close. I leaned away nervously.

"I see," He gripped my chin almost painfully forcing me to look at him directly. "A much greater potential." There was a fire in his eyes and fear clutched at my chest making me hold my breath.

"Uh… Kommandant?" Schmidt looked past me.

"What is it?"

"If she is ready I can begin."

"Yes," He nodded and pulled me from the chair holding my arm as he walked over to a very short elderly man with small round glasses and a nervous smile. "Take her." He handed me to a guard who pushed a gun into my back before leading me out of the room. I looked over my shoulder at Schmidt; I almost would rather have stayed with him, no matter how scared he made me feel, then go off with the scientist.

"Now, we just need to do some tests and have you checked out before we can get you suited up and what ever training the Kommandant wants you to do." The scientist said as the guards placed me on the edge a small medical bed. I flinched and shied away from him. He didn't seem to notice my fear and pulled out a small black case with several needles in it. I made a choking sound and fell back. I dropped off the bed and scrambled into a corner of the room. The guards were pointing their guns at me and the scientist was looking at me shocked.

"Oh you don't need to be afraid," he said almost kindly. "I only need some blood samples and that's all. It wont be but a prick." He smiled and prepped one of the needles. Gesturing to my arm he said. "May I?" I hesitated then held out my arm and he knelt in from of me. He gently whipped my elbow frowning at the many scars and fresh needle wounds that were already there. I winced as the metal went into my skin. I was used to this. I usually had six or seven injections per test they did on me. Although I didn't really like the feeling I got when he'd finished taking my blood. A light-headedness that made me a little dizzy.

"We shall run these teats, give you a physical and then we will begin." He smiled and pushed himself to his feet. I curled up hoping that the walls would just swallow me. What was I to expect from this place? My mind whirled with all the horrible things they could do to me and I hoped to whoever you wished to when you were that scared that your belief had no boundaries, that I would have the strength to face it.