OH MY GOD! it has been so long... did anyone miss me? no? you all hate me cause i've taken so long and that i've actually had this written for like a month but only had time to finish it tonight... real mature :) Anyhoo hope you enjoy some major love in this one winky face hope you like the ending DONT SKIP AHEAD!

I stared out of the large window gazing at the thick shining ice peering in back at me. Amazing formations creeped up threatening to block the view of the outside world entirely, to swallow up the vast misty mountains not so very far away.

I felt hands on my arms and someone whispered in my ear.

"Not all the world is ice and snow,"

"But it is so beautiful, I have never seen outside the walls of white and here I see so much…" I trailed off. He turned me around to face him and I stared into those deep, dark, black eyes.

"Yes it is very beautiful." Schmidt touched my face gently with the tips of his fingers.

"How much of this world have you seen?" I asked slipping my cold fingers in between his almost subconsciously… almost.

"Quite a bit," he said quietly holding my hand in his, kissing my palm. "You will see it as well soon enough."

"Really?" I frowned.

"Of course, in four weeks I am sending Dr. Zola down to another of our facilities I would like you to accompany him."

"Really? You want me-"


There was a small silence as my ever social awkwardness realization (?) took a moment to make me truly take those words in an improper way. My face turned bright red though Schmidt didn't seem to be on the same thought train as me and turned to his desk.

"There are some preparations before hand of course."

"O-of course." I looked down at the ground.

"Actually I need you to do something for me." He turned back to me and handed me a small box. "Bring this to Dr. Zola for me."

"Y-yes sir." I smiled taking it, his fingers closed over mine and we both held the object for a moment before he let go and lifted a letter from his desk.

"This as well my dear." He smiled and placed it on top of the box.

"Ok," I smiled and turned to go but he grabbed my arm.

"Oh and one more thing," he made a face like he was expecting bad news. "Ask him for his findings on the ASH project?"

"Ok." I frowned, not knowing what that was but not really being all that interested in it at the same time. He gave me a smile, like one might give a child, it withheld all emotion except for a combination of pity for naivety, and affection.

The hallway was cold and dim. The lights weren't wired properly in this particular part of the facility according to Dr. Zola and it was kind of eerie. I felt myself rushing, hurrying down the corridor almost feeling paranoid. I shook my head and breathed a sigh, which is when I realized just how cold it was, my breath slipped out in a small cloud and I stared at it. I shivered and looked around. I realized that I had taken a wrong turn and some how ended up in Dr. Zola's biological lab, which he called Folterkammer. I had never been inside and now, standing in front of the door-less threshold I felt the most dangerous of human feelings inching its way into my brain… curiosity. I licked my lips and, defying my better judgment, stepped inside.

It was dark and even colder than the hallway. I placed the box and letter down on a table and continued to look around. As I approached a certain area I practically collapsed throwing my hands over my mouth and nose. The stench was horrifying, the kind of smell that makes you fear for your life. It was rancid and corrosive, rotting flesh and some mixture of unstable chemicals. The smell made my head ache and I was very quick to move back to the front of the lab.


I whirled around and saw Dr. Zola standing in the doorway, he was holding a stack of paperwork and some kind of metal device.

"D-docter?" My hands were shaking and my ears were still buzzing slightly.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked sounding concerned, but I couldn't tell if it was because he was worried about me or what I might've found.

"I…" I had no idea so I chose the easier human path again… lying. "I was looking for you and thought you might be working…"

He stared at me for a moment and I pointed to the box and letter.

"Joh- umm… Herr Schmidt wanted me to give these to you."

The doctor continued to stare at me then blinked and made a face like he had just noticed I was there.

"Ah yes well thank you," he smiled and dropped his paperwork on the table with a muffled thud. "Umm… yes." He turned around wiping his hands on his lab coat. He turned back as though looking for something and then reached out a trembling hand and placed it on top of the box.

"Docter…" I said before I could stop myself.


I had opened the box I had to keeping going with it. "What… is that smell?" I asked straining to pronounce my words.

"Umm…" the doctor shuffled his feet. "Well… the work I'm doing at the present time Eine is not what I would say is very humane… but it has its purposes." He avoided looking at me directly.

There was a moan from somewhere behind me. I stiffened and looked over my shoulder. Dr. Zola rushed past me and into the next room. I stood there for a moment then covered my nose and mouth with my hand and trying not to breath to deeply, followed him. The nest room had an almost moist feeling to it, the floor was white though you couldn't tell because of the dried blood stains violating its surface. There were a few rusted metal tables and hundreds of different instruments, both medical and others that just looked like nothing else I'd ever seen before. Dr. Zola was at the back of the room holding a large needle in his hand, he was next to a table, which had a man laying on it. He was restrained, tied down and I could see his hands clenching and body writhing against the leather straps.

"Hold still now." Dr. Zola said quietly and lowered the needle towards the man's neck. I slowly approached the table. The man groaned and struggled.

"Wait." I said suddenly, the doctor looked up, the needle about to penetrate skin.

"Leave Eine," the doctor said softly. "You don't need to be here."

"I know," I said not in answer to his question. "I know what you are doing." My voice muffled by my hand.

Dr. Zola frowned.

"You want informatshon." I stated having trouble with the word. "Why?"

"Because," he answered making a strange face. "Please leave, if Herr Schmidt finds out I let you in here he'll-" he swallowed and swiftly jabbed the needle into the man's neck, who made a gagging sound and then was still.

He set the instrument down on a stool and ushered me out of the room. He muttered something to himself then looked at me again. I was confused by his odd behaviour and wondered why he didn't want me in the room, I knew what was going on and frankly had no conflict with it… which wasn't very human.

"Oh," I said remembering something. "He also wants to know if you ave the ASH project."

The doctor's face was contemplating for a moment.

"Oh yes umm… not yet but it's getting there, umm… I'll tell him this evening when I see him." He smiled nervously then dug in his lab coat pocket for something. He pulled out a key and held it out to me. "Hold onto this for me?"

I reached out and took the little key from him. It looked relatively normal, nothing special about it.

"It's for… a special container, if anything should happen to me I want you to have it," He shifted closer to me and gave me a little hug then gabbed his mass of paper work placed it on top of the letter and box then precariously carried it into through a doorway next to the room with the man on the table. I stared after him for a moment not sure what to do. One minute I'd thought he was mad at me, the next I'd thought he was frightened that I'd found something out that I shouldn't have. But now, he'd handed me a key and told me that he wanted me to have sme special box in case of his capture or injury. I was very confused so I just left the lab and wandered around in the hallways aimlessly trying to work things over in my head.

Now that sounds literarily boring and I apologize but sometimes when you are out of sorts you don't remember or realize what you are or have been doing and that's why when I found myself back in Schmidt's office with a guard holding a gun to my back I was honestly in a slight state of shock.

"Kommandant!" The guard said loudly right in my ear.

Schmidt looked up from his desk and made a face. "What are you doing?'

"I found her wandering past the armoury sir." He said, again barking in my ear.

"So?" The commander just gave him a 'and I should care why'? look.


"Just go," he waved a hand and went back to scratching a pen over some form of paperwork. "Now." He almost snapped when the guard started to sputter some kind of sentence.

"Yes sir." And fled the room.

"Umm…" I began, "I'm sorry."

Schmidt looked up. "I am sorry as well," he sighed and pushed his chair away from the desk and stood, walking towards me. "That you were interrupted by such an imbecile."

"Oh," I started at the floor. "He didn't iner- upt anything…" Knowing that the commander had a tendency to make people feel like their mishaps were overlooked and forgiven but at times put a bullet through their forehead.

"Then I must ask what you were doing in that particular part of the facility." His voice was level and patient, he folded his hands behind his back and waited for my answer.

"I-," I thought about it and then raised my head so I was looking at him. "I don't know." I answered truthfully.

He raised a brow and looked at me like someone looking over their glasses.

I nodded as a finish to my statement and he shrugged giving me a little smile.

"Alright, so has Dr. Zola finished compiling the results for ASH?"

"He says not yet," I answered quietly. "But soon."

"Good," his smile changed ever so slightly into one of the ones that made Dr. Zola shrink into his knees and get suddenly nauseous. "It is getting late and there's something I would like you to help the doctor with tomorrow."

I didn't understand what regular people call 'hints' so I continued to stand there for a moment then decided to continue the conversation.

"Umm…" I started anxiously. "With what?"

"There is a man in one of Dr. Zola's labs, I would like you to talk to him." I'm not sure how but his black eyes smouldered a weird yellow for a second.

"Talk?" I asked having a feeling that this was one of the times where someone asked for something but in reality meant something else.


"Just talk?"

He laughed. "Yes just talk my dear."

I smiled and nodded. Without any kind of warning it felt like everything from my upper body rushed down through me and into my knees making them give out. I blinked as small splotches burst before my eyes and tried to steady myself. After a few seconds it went away. Schmidt was staring at me looking slightly concerned.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes," I said not really sure if I was. "I think-" A feeling like someone had ignited a fire in my abdomen hit me. I tensed and shook my head. "I'm fine." I forced myself to stand straight and to ignore the uncomfortable feeling. My mind started to go all sorts of places that it was just not welcome and made my face flush with blood.

"Maybe you should go get some rest." He suggested and placed a hand on my arm. Which did not help considering my biological condition.

"Umm yes…" I said hoping that by not looking at him it would help somewhat.

He followed me out of the room and guided me down the hallway, a hovering hand on my lower back. I wasn't sure if it was fear or genuine enjoyment of the act that stopped my from moving away from him during the walk and if anything my treacherous mind made me move closer. We arrived at my assigned quarters a few moments later, the burning in my abdomen had been slightly remedied by my refusal to acknowledge it and I had regain some control over my whirling thoughts.

"Here you are my dear." He gestured to the door and I was about to go for the knob but hesitated making an unconscious decision in the back of my mind.

"Umm…" I turned around to face him pushing my hair, which had annoyingly fallen into my eyes, out of the way. "I umm…"

"You need to rest up, there is still much work to be done and you will need your strength." He took my face in his hands and kissed me, he lingered a little longer than any time before and a new feeling began bubbling inside me. It caused my knees to become weak and my body to flush. When he turned to go it took me a second to steady myself and get my head right.

"Wait," I said shakily reaching out to grab his sleeve. He turned and raised a brow.

"Yes? What is it?"

"I-I need something,"

He faced me and tilted his head slightly. "Yes?"

"I-I rather umm…something… I don't…"

"What is it that you require?" He was extremely close and my heart was thundering like an avalanche. I swallowed; I could barely focus and was having trouble getting the words out.

"W-what is the season?" I asked suddenly remembering a conversation I'd overheard back in the White Place.

"The season?" He frowned.


"Early winter, mid January… why?" he asked his eyes narrowing slightly. My heart would have broken through my chest had it not been for my rib cage. I pressed my back into the door and looked up at him.

"I needed to get my bearings?" I offered but he didn't seem convinced.

"It is cold outside," he brushed the back of his fingers along my jaw. "Very cold."

"It seems to be rather warm in here." I whispered.

"Does it?" he grinned and I felt his hand on my waist. I pushed my hands into his shoulders trembling slightly.


"What was it that you needed my dear?" he asked, a breath away from me. I blinked and swallowed the nervous lump that had been forming in the back of my throat.

"I've forgotten." I whispered the reply.

"Good." He slid his arms around my waist pulling me close. He kissed me again, but this time with some extra wanting emotion that hadn't been there before. Subconsciously I knew the correct reaction and fumbled for the doorknob.