"Ah...five more minutes before my ciggarette break" Flo thought as she cleared the dishes from table 5. But just then, a group of Hot Shots walked in. She knew they would be patient in line if she could just get away for a few puffs on her ciggs but first she had to clear dishes from three tables and take food to two tables. By that time, they were growing impatient and since her ownly customers all day had been the poorly tiping Seniors, she couldn't risk displeasing them.

One of the Hot Shots winked at her as she lead them to the table. He pinched on her right firm buttock as he passed her and she gasped. She quickly handed them there menus and she noticed the man giggling with his friend, another Hot Shot.

She went back to the kitchen. Grandma Florance and Cookie were giggling about something. Her sad look on her face caugh't there attention. "What's wrong Flo." said Grandma Florance.

"That man pinched my butt. Now he's laughing about it" she said sadly. "That's not right" said Grandma Florance. Cookie said "That man had no right to do that to you" Cookie said. I'm going to have a chat with him."

"Cookie, no! Please don't! I need my tip." Flo said, sobing.

Cookie said "He just wrote a check with his mouth that he can't cash with his ass." and walked to the dining room. In the comotion of the harassment. Flo had forgotten to take some dishes. Cookie was angry so he threw the dishes to the floor and caused the customers to run out screaming. Every one but the Hot Shots.

"Do you have a problem" asked the man who had pinched Flo's butt.

"Yeah I Do" said the man. "I don't need this in my reasturant. Take your sexual harassment somewhere else because we don't want you here anymore."

"OH yeah? My group of Hot Shots is a group of good tipers. We come in here all the time because we're so rich that we don't have to work anymore. We like to come in a shoot the shit while we spend our day together. I like your reasturant but we don't have to come here. We can go to Darla's reasturant if that's what you want?"

"Don't go to Darla's reasturant either she is a nice lady and doesn't deserve to be treated the way you treated Flo today. Get the {CENSORED} out of here. I'm telling everybody reasturant owner in DinerTown to not let you in because you will just harass their women."

The men walked out without tiping, as Flo had expeced since she didn't bring them anything and she started to clear the menus from the table. Cookie walked back to the kitchen. Grandma Florance said "that was very sexy to see you definding my grandaughter. Thank you. Would you like to go out on a date this week-end?"

Cookie said "Yes" and kissed her cheek. As Flo was straightening the napkins one of the Hot Shots walked back in. Cookie became tence and was about to kick him out but he said " I don't know what's wrong with my friend. He is such a pig. I am not like that. We won't hang out any more. I am a good man, and I'd like to take you on a date Flo" Flo smiled. "You are cute and that was very nice of you" she said. "I would like that very much." The man smiled and said " I will pick you up from work on Friday. Where do you want to eat?"

"Not here" she said and they both laughed "My friend Darla owns a reasturant. She is a good cooke and I think we would have a good time there." She kissed him on the cheke "I have to get back to work but we will have a good date. Good-bye."

"Good-bye Flo."