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His name was called softly throughout the woods.


Draco Malfoy walked further into the moss covered forest. He felt drawn toward the heavenly sounding voice that was calling his name.

"Draco...Where are you?" The mysterious voice called out.

"I'm here..."

Draco ended up in a clearing. A man was standing there with his back to Draco. His hair was jet black and there was glowing bugs flying around him.

"I'm here." Draco called out and took a step closer. The man turned around and Draco found himself face to face with Harry Potter.

"Potter...What are you doing here?"

Harry took a step closer to his future lover.

"Draco...I'm so glad you're here."

Draco wanted to get angry at Potter but he found that he couldn't. He wanted to give him attitude and say something sarcastic but instead he found himself taking a step toward him.

"Stay with me Draco! Don't leave! Not yet!"

Draco could feel himself slipping. He could feel himself leaving this amazing place.

"Draco! Be patient with me! Please don't give up on me!"

Draco reached out toward Potter but he wasn't quick enough...

Draco Malfoy woke up in his Head Boy dorms screaming. It felt as if his whole body was burning. He writhed from side to side, doubling over as if that would stop the searing pain that shot throughout his entire body. It felt as if his whole body was changing, as if he was getting a little smaller. Draco wondered when the excruciating pain would stop. It was worse than the torture that he got from Voldemort the year before. Finally the pain stopped but not before two enormous, white blonde wings spread from his back. Draco looked at them in horror and fascination. He reached out and felt the long blonde feathers. It felt numb whenever he touched them.

What the fuck is this?

Thought Draco. Just as quickly and unannounced they appeared; they disappeared in between his shoulder blades, not leaving one feather behind.

Well, what a great way to start my 18th birthday hey?

Just as thought came, the door burst open and in came his two best friends, Pansy and Blaise.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRACO!" They shouted in unison. They rushed toward him and jumped on him. Draco, having not fully recovered from this morning's pain, looked at them in shock. The two friends just laughed at his surprised face and shoved presents under his nose. Deciding in a quick second that he wouldn't tell his closest friends about what happened earlier, he humoured them and opened his presents.


Draco made his way down to the Great Hall wearing the ring that Pansy gave him. On it was an emerald dragon and inscribed on it was Happy Birthday Drake, we will always love you!

Draco loved it and smiled a little as he admired it. Blaise had given him a few books on potions that he saw Draco admiring in a bookstore. He hadn't heard anything from his Mother but that was really no surprise. Ever since Luscious had gone to Azkaban, she had been hiding and drinking away her misery. Not stepping foot outside the Manor even when her house arrest was up. Not wanting to dwell on his Mother, Draco looked down at Pansy and smiled as she clung to his arm.

"Aw, our Drakie wakie is all grown up!" She giggled and Draco groaned.

"Pans! Please! Don't call me that!"

Draco heard laughter and turned around as he saw Blaise running toward them. Draco laughed and stood his feet shoulder width apart with his arms ready. Blaise picked up speed and jumped into Draco's arms. The two friends laughed as Draco spun them around whispering silly words as if he were love struck. Pansy just rolled her eyes.

"Come on you two! Breakfast will be over by the time we get there!" She said and pulled on Draco's arm. He dropped his arms and Blaise fell on the floor with a thud. Realising what he had done, Draco ran off in the direction of the Great Hall before Blaise could get him in a headlock.

Draco stopped at the corner and waited for Pansy and Blaise. Once they were in sight, his dark skinned friend ran toward him and ruffed his perfectly styled hair.

"BLAISE! YOU PRICK!" Pansy and Blaise laughed at Draco as he roared and fixed his hair.

The three of them looked at each other, their laughter dying out of their eyes and all emotions void of their face. They rounded the corner and walked calmly and slowly into the Great Hall showing no emotion. This was how the infamous three lived. When it was just them, they would tease and play-fight with each other. Call each other names and be silly, but never in public. It would be a shun to their family name. People would call them immature little brats but the truth was, they were very mature for their age. They had seen things that no child there age should see. They had dealt first hand with Voldemort, had been tortured at his hand. Hand become Death Eaters against their will and now the whole of the wizarding world won't give them a chance. But as long as the three of them had each other in their lives, they would survive quite easily.

Little did the Slytherin trio know that Draco's life was about change, for good or for worse, they won't know.


Back in Malfoy Manor, Narcissa put down her bottle of fire whiskey. Today was her only child's 18th birthday. A little twinkle came back into her blue eyes as she smiled and lifted herself gracefully off her chair and got ready. Today she was going to Hogwarts to her Draco.


First class today was potions for Draco. He arrived early as usual and took his seat. His God-father smiled kindly at him.

"Happy birthday Draco. How do you feel?" Snape said.

"Uh, I feel fine thanks Sev."

"Mmm." He replied. Draco was more than a little confused. His God-father never smiled and asking him how he felt? Snape just smiled knowingly at him as the day started.