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The next week ran smoothly with no interruptions. Draco was slowly forgiving Harry with his grovelling and when they kissed he no longer saw Ashley's snobbish face or laugh. He felt Harry's presence and warmth surrounding him, he smelt him and he breathed in their desire and lust for each other. No one apart from friends and teachers at Hogwarts knew of their relationship. The students only knew that Harry and Draco had gotten over their childhood rivalry and had decided to try and be friends. You could catch the two studying in the library together or if you looked close enough, on special occasions, you could find the pair of 8th years catching a quick snog at the back, behind the shelves. Hermione, Ron, Blaise and Pansy usually hung out with Draco and Harry in their cosy little room instead of their common rooms. As was the situation now.

Ron was sitting on the couch with Hermione on the floor between his legs, Blaise was sprawled on the floor in front of the fire, Pansy was snuggled up with a pillow on the couch while Harry had Draco snug in his lap on their armchair. "So Dray, have you heard from your mother as of late?" Pansy asked, putting her legs underneath her.

Draco looked at her and sighed. "No, not yet. Last I heard from her was a few weeks ago. She is in another country with father." Draco smiled softly at her. Harry knew that he was feigning the smile and only the Gryffindor could see the hurt and sadness in his silver orbs. The blonde snuggled deeper into Harry's chest and closed his eyes. The brunette kissed his silky hair and rubbed small circles into Draco's pale arms.

"Uh, I think that's our queue to leave," Blaise stood up and stretched. The others soon followed and said their goodbyes, leaving Draco and Harry alone.

"Are you okay babe?" Harry asked. Draco always got tingles when his Gryffindor called him babe.

The blonde just nodded and nuzzled Harry's neck.

"C'mon Drake, I know something's up. Tell me, I mean, what else am I good for if not to comfort you?" Harry said while sending reassurance over their bond.

"You don't think Mum has forgotten or anything, do you? It's just that we haven't heard from her in a while and a few months ago she was here all the time-" Harry shut him up with a light kiss.

"Draco, I'm sure she's giving you space and time. Don't fret little one." The Boy Who Lived played with his blonde's hair lovingly.

"What about when my father comes? Do you think he knows about us? Has mother told him? Oh, I hope she hasn't! How would he react?-" Before he could say anything else Harry shut him up with a more forceful kiss.

"Draco love! Stop! You're doing your head in. Breath, calm down."

Harry laughed quietly at his boyfriend's little antics while picking him bridal style. Draco yelped and clung onto his Gryffindor's neck.

"HARRY!" The Slytherin gasped and giggled softly. Said person lay Draco down on their large gently and climbed on top of him. Harry breathed in the peppermint smell of his mate and sighed, mixing his breath with Draco's. The Gryffindor leaned directly over the Slytherin, resting on his elbows near Draco's head. The brunette let his body lean just over the blonde's, slightly touching.

Emerald met silver. Big met small. Sturdy met fragile.

Harry bent down and gave Draco a feather light kiss. The Prince's nimble finger's came up and lightly balled themselves in the Golden's Boy shirt. Harry slid his tongue out and into Draco's mouth. The blonde shuddered from the carnality of it. Draco inhaled the warm, dominant male scent of Harry. It was like a powerful drug taking control of his senses. The Gryffindor's embrace wandered and he started caressing his partners lithe body. He kissed his forehead, kissed his eyes, kissed his cheeks, his nose, his neck. Harry slowly started to unbutton Draco's white shirt. One button at a time. After each one was popped, he would look up at the beautiful man that was his mate, smirk and lick the newly exposed skin.

Draco's senses were splintered. He closed his eyes and writhed his hips. He wrapped his hands into Harry's course hair as the teen started to unbuckle the Prince's pants with his teeth. The Slytherin gave a little groan as he watched Harry accomplish the task. The Boy Who Lived slid Draco out of his pants and examined his small frame.

The Ice Prince was clad in only his briefs and he was breathing heavily. His manhood was standing to attention and begging to be taken care of. His hips were swivelling a little and a thin layer of sweat had broken out across his pale skin.

Draco was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

"H-Harry..." He leaned up on his elbows and brought the brunettes head toward him, "Get your clothes off." He demanded into his ear. The Gryffindor groaned at the husky voice and the smell that invaded his nose. Draco smelt like peppermint mixed with rain. Harry crushed his lips to Draco's and gasped as he felt cold fingers pulling his grey t-shirt off. The blonde flipped them over and he straddled the taller of the two, landing directly on Harry's raging hard on. Draco twitched and shivered at the unexpected contact. He started to rock and rotate his hips and Harry grabbed his hips in a bruising grasp. The Gryffindor took control and slammed his muscular nether regions into Draco's. The Slytherin gave a strangled cry and quickly tried to unbutton his mated pants. Draco became frustrated when the claps were not going his way. Harry chuckled and brought his hands on top of Draco's.

"Calm down love. Breath, Draco." Harry guided Draco's hands to unbuckle the treacherous belt and he slipped out of his jeans. The blonde gave a shaky smile and breathed in deep. Harry flipped them over so he was the dominant one and smiled down at Draco.

"It's okay, Drake." Harry nuzzled his neck and kissed him tenderly. Draco deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue into Harry's hot cavern. He moved down his neck, tasting the spicy wood scent of his mate and the slight twang of salt. Draco sucked and nibbled while Harry's hand little by little made its way down and inside the blonde's briefs. He grabbed a hold of his mate's organ and squeezed. Draco breathed out sharply, shocked by the intrusion. His breath was warm on Harry's neck and his whole body tensed as the Gryffindor started to stroke the warmth between his hands.

"H...Harry..." Draco only managed to say. He gripped Harry tight to him and put his hands on his smooth ass. The brunette took off Draco's boxers and ran his hands through his rough light blonde hair. The blonde slid his hands into Harry's briefs and shook them off.

Both boys were naked, panting and looking at each other. Their manhood's were red and pulsing, wanting to be touched.

Draco wrapped his legs around Harry's waist and pulled him close.

"Please Harry...I need you." He whispered and the Golden Boy cussed and buried his head in the pale neck that was beneath him. Harry breathed in deep and closed his eyes. He couldn't believe this was finally happening. He had waited for this moment for a long time.

"Jesus you're beautiful Draco." Harry breathed and Draco laughed a soft laugh.

"And you're handsome." Silver eyes looked into emerald ones and they both reflected love and lust. Adoration and passion. Excitement and infatuation.

With that said, Harry whispered an incantation that would allow him to slip easier into Draco.

"Drake, if you want me to stop just so okay? I don't to hurt you."

"Harry!" Draco groaned and pushed his hips forward, "I need you!"

Harry then completed the final act of his domination over Draco. He took his final claim by pushing inside of Draco. The blonde shut his eyes and groaned at the pain and pleasure of Harry entering him.

"Open your eyes, Draco." He breathed, and the Slytherin did, though slowly, afraid of what he might see. Harry pulsed inside of Draco as he met his gaze, a little shocked at the intensity the Gryffindor was looking at him with. "You're mine." Harry thrust out and back in again, going gently.

Draco let himself close his eyes again, giving himself over completely to the feel of Harry's lips moving down his pale neck, their bodies locked tightly together.

"Yours..." He breathed.

Draco felt whole, as if some part of him he hadn't even known was missing had been restored. The Prince moved with the Golden Boy, matching his movements as he gave himself over to the passion.

Harry continued to thrust tender but hard. He was bigger and thicker than Draco had thought but it made him feel whole.

Draco tightened his legs around Harry's waist and fisted his hands into the Gryffindor's hair when he hit a bundle of nerves that made him feel like he was flying. The blonde cried out and the bed started to creak and hit the back of the wall from the forcefulness of Harry's power.

"Oh God...Harry...Oh yes! Yes!" Draco yelled and tightened his hold on Harry.

The brunette started to feel warmth gathering around his adnominal area. He groaned and pushed even harder into Draco, continuing to hit that delicious spot that made his mate thrash his head. Draco was writhing on the bed looking into Harry's emerald eyes.

"Yes...Come on Harry! Deeper! Faster!" Draco screamed out and Harry complied. He thrust as hard as he could into Draco, and the blonde moaned and shivered, coming over both his, and Harry's chest. Seeing his mate's face when having just orgasmed, brought Harry to explode his load into Draco. Harry heaved a sigh and collapsed onto the smaller boy; he kissed his neck and listened to his fast heartbeat. Draco eventually shoved his mate off of him.

"Look how sticky I am now!" Draco whined. Harry laughed and pulled him close, mixing their stickiness and sweat together.

The Gryffindor looked down at the white smeared on the Slytherin's chest. Harry slowly bent down to the pale chest and licked a line from top to bottom, tasting his mate's come and ending up licking and nipping on a nipple. Draco gasped at the foreign feeling and the brunette felt the veela getting hard again.

"Time for round two?" Harry smirked at Draco.

"As long as I'm on top, lover boy."