Summary: Unsatisfied with the way the wizarding world developed after he killed Voldemort, Harry & Luna come up with a ritual that sends Harry back to his 10 year old body. He got a chance to change his life. Just how big will the change be?

Pairing: Harry / ? (definitely older, dark and male); Remus / Sirius; Hermione / Ron; Neville / Luna;

Warnings: Dumbles, Ron, Ginny, Molly bashing; minor Hermione bashing; male / male relationships, but no mpreg. Powerful, pureblood, (maybe creature) Harry. Sane Voldemort, a bit OOC Lucius, Severus, Petunia.



"Is this truly wise, Harry?" – asked Luna Longbottom nee Lovegood, as she helped her friend draw the array needed for the ritual – "I realize things have gotten worse since the war ended, but…"

Lord Potter straightened up as he finished the preparations and gave the blond a tired smile: "Yes, Luna. It may not be a wise thing to do, but this is something I need to do. Even if you say I didn't make the muggleborns fight back against the purebloods and wasn't the one to tell them to kill them, doesn't mean that I was not the one who entered a war blindly, who fought simply because I was told to. One way or another I did cause this, at least on some level. So it is my job to undo it as well. Besides, I'll get to live my life the way I want to, not the way Dumbledore told me to."

"Well alright." – huffed Luna tiredly – "As long as you see that benefit, it will turn out fine. Did you pack everything?"

"Yes, Mom…" – drawled the man, picking up his already shrunken trunk – "Are we sure the things will arrive with me?"

"As long as we do everything correctly, they should." – shrugged Luna – "And remember, get rid of your 'saving people thing'."

Yep, that was like the first thing on the to-do list… after getting revenge on the Dursleys naturally. Potter held the shrunken trunk in his left hand, while he brought the vial with the potion up to his lips with his right hand.

"Good luck, Harry." – whispered Luna, as she watched her friend drink down the potion and slowly fade out of existence.

[Author's Note: Yeah, I know. Ridiculously short, but I promise to make the actual first chapter much longer and definitely interesting. Revenge is a dish best served cold: part 1, coming up.]