Chapter One

"Hanabi, lets spar."

Hanabi Hyuuga didn't bother to look up at her elder sister as she sat on the porch watching her father train with Neij, though she was slightly startled that her sister had suddenly appeared behind her without warning. "Why, don't you have a mission to go on?"

After hearing no reply, Hanabi looked over her shoulder. She shivered upon meeting her sister's eyes. Usually, Hinata had naïve, wide eyes. Today, however, they were rather cold and narrowed. Also, Hinata's face was emotionless.

"Hinata, are you okay?"

Hinata said nothing as she stepped off the porch. She walked towards her father and cousin, who had stopped their training for the day. Without acknowledging them, she turned and faced her little sister. She took the Hyuuga fighting stance.

"Hinata?" Their father questioned.

"Come on, Hanabi. Show me that the heir to Hyuuga is not afraid to fight her sibling." Hinata called out.

Hanabi looked to their father. He frowned but nodded. She stood and stepped off the porch, taking up the stance too. "You'll regret this , big sister."

Hanabi didn't miss the look of pure hatred that flashed across Hinata's face. Puzzled, Hanabi blinked. Hinata was gone.

Suddenly, Hanabi cried out as a fist hit the back of her head. She felt cold chakra flow into her skull which increased the pain. Black dots blurred her vision and she landed harshly onto the ground, skidding a bit forward.

"Stand up." Hinata demanded impatiently.

Hanabi rose shakily to her feet and faced her sister. Hinata gave her no time before she rushed forward. She slapped her palm into Hanabi's stomach, releasing chakra into her as Hinata's free hand closed into a fist and punched her in the chest.

Hanabi flew through the air and landed before her father's feet. Hiashi had been watching the brief fight with widen eyes. His eldest daughter was not using the Hyuuga fighting style. But he knew what techniques she was using.

"Hinata, that's enough!" He shouted.

Neij, who had been standing silently by his uncle, was confused by what had just happened. He never had seen Hinata fight like that, with such brutality and power. He looked to Hanabi, who struggled to sit up. She was coughing up a lot of blood. Hiashi scooped her up.

"Neij, watch Hinata, I'm taking Hanabi to the hospital." With that, he was gone.

Neij stood dumbfounded now. He cleared his throat and turned to Hinata, only to see her slip back into the house.

"Hinata!" Neij hurried after her.

She spun around. "What the fuck do you want?"

Neij was taken back. "W-what was that, with Hanabi?"

Hinata tilted her head a bit. "You once did the same to me. I merely want my sister to know I'm no longer beneath her."

Neij frowned. "Hinata, is this about her being next in line for leadership of the Hyuuga."

Hinata chuckled darkly. "No, I don't want such a weak title. Not when I know Mother's legacy."

With that, she left Neij standing confused in the hallway.

Hiashi sat beside his daughter as she lay unconscious on the hospital bed. He had brought her in over six hours ago and now full night had set in. Shizune had healed most of the girl's injuries, but she had to call in Tsunade due to the inner damage caused by Hinata's chakra.

"Look familiar?" Hiashi drily asked.

Tsunade grimly nodded. "It seems like your wife's bloodline has awakened within Hinata."

Hiashi closed his eyes. "I was beginning to think it died with Hana."

"Well, I think the bloodline passed only to Hinata. Hanabi clearly has taken up the Hyuuga blood." Tsunade gasped as she ran an analysis on Hanabi. "She's blind!"

"What?" Hiashi stood sharply.

"Hinata's chakra completely severed all optical nerves and the damage goes so deep, it's impossible to repair." Tsunade looked at the head of the clan.

Hiashi finally nodded in defeat. The Hokage ordered for his daughter to be kept there overnight. The man walked home slowly as memories returned to his mind. 'I have failed Hinata.' He thought. Yes, it was his fault that this was happening.

Hinata walked with an unusual pace through the shadows. Her head held high and shoulders straight. Her eyes were stoic and emotionless, fitting of a trained Kunoichi. She was completely unlike the Hinata everyone knew.

It was more than easy for her to slip out of the Hyuuga compound since everyone was summoned to a meeting that excluded her. She quickly left Konoha and darted forward, leaping into the surrounding trees for cover.

It was around midnight, or an hour or two later. Though the moon was full and hanging highest in the starry sky, she was nothing more than a shadow passing through the trees. 'The rendezvous point is near.' Her mind told her. 'But he must be dealt with first.'

"Why are you here, Father?" Hinata questioned, spitting the word with hate.

She stopped and turned to the Shinobi hiding within the shadows behind her. Slowly, her father came from behind the tree he had been using as cover. Hiashi regarded his daughter carefully, taking note of her strange behavior.

"What are you doing out here? You should be in Konoha, safe at home."

Hinata scoffed with narrowed eyes. "Home? What home did I ever have there, Father?"

Hiashi flinched at her tone. "Hinata,"

"Mother has requested that I no longer waste my time in Konoha and come to her." A moment of deep silence passed between them.

"Hinata," Hiashi started carefully. "Your mother is-."

"Is not dead. You and the Hyuuga Council exiled her." Hinata snapped.

Hiashi now glared at his daughter. There was no way for her to know that unless…

Hinata took out two headbands. One was her own, Hiashi's eyes widened at the slash through the leaf symbol. "HINATA!"

"Oh, shut up." Hinata tossed it and the headband landing at his feet. She lifted the other and tied it around her neck. The metal bore a Sound insignia. "I have made my choice to carry on Mother's legacy."

"But you are a Hyuuga Heiress and to be leader of the clan."

" I should be. But I have never been your heir since Hanabi was born! I was too weak and you just casted me aside without care. At least the bitch doesn't have Mother's power. It seems there is one good thing about being born first, due to Mother's father's blood." Hinata laughed. "When the time comes, I'll be looking forward to killing Hanabi. In the meantime, I hope she enjoys my gift of taking her sight and Byakugan."

Hiashi became aware of a person coming towards them. He became on guard. 'This is NOT good. I'm sorry, Hinata, but you can't go to your mother. Even if I must end your life.' He took out the Hyuuga sword and took on a battle pose.

Footfall echoed closer until the person came into the moonlight. Hiashi froze. His wife stood there, as beautiful as he had ever seen her. Except the once warmth and love she always gave him was now cold and hatred. She wore an all-black Kimono with the regular ninja sandals. Her long, eggplant-colored hair was put into a tight bun.

"Hiashi-kun," Her voice held no emotion. "How long it has been seen you betrayed me for your family?"

"Hana, why are you doing this to our daughter?" Hiashi demanded. "You have no right to enter the life of any Hyuuga after being exiled."

Hana roared with suddenly laughter that caused the air to grow cold. "Exiled for protecting my family. Hell, all Hyuugas would be DEAD if not for me. But how was I rewarded? Forced from my home, my daughters, and you didn't say one word. Be lucky I'm allowing you to live for now."

Hiashi blinked. Suddenly, Hinata and Hana weren't there. The head of the Hyuuga clan felt deep grief and sorrow since his brother had given up his life to save Hiashi. 'Damn it.' He hurried back to Konoha, having failed with what his clan elders ordered him to do. 'This is not good.'