So as stories go on, they get redundant. There are situations they will go through but the end is always the same: Gil and Oz together. In light of that, Gil and Oz's story is at its end. I had fun writing this one but it is time to move on. Thanks for the reviews; they are what gives someone the motivation to keep going.

Oz was quiet as he unlocked the apartment door and snuck inside. The place was dark so he knew Gil was probably asleep. When he reached the side of Gil's bed he paused.

Gil looked so adorable in his light green, drawstring pajama bottoms. He had kicked all the covers off of himself in his sleep. Gil could look peaceful when his tormented emotions were at rest. You are my life, Gil, Oz thought to himself. There was no one else Oz would even consider to be by his side. Oz loved everything about the turbulent Gilbert Nightray.

Oz changed into Gil's light green pajama shirt and climbed in bed. Gil stirred and fluttered his eyes open. Seeing Oz smiling at him he nearly fell off the bed.

"O-Oz?" Gil stammered.

"Hey Gil," came the light reply.

"Wha-what are you doing here?" Gil questioned.

Oz explained the situation regarding Alice's kiss and that it wasn't a romantic gesture.

"There is no where else I would rather be, Gil," Oz reassured.

Gil grabbed Oz in a tight hug, clinging to his love. Oz was his love and his addiction.

"Oz…I…I thought you didn't want me after what I did," Gil said sheepishly.

"Silly Gil, I want you forever." Oz stated.

"Oz, I am…" Gil started to say but was cut off.

"Gil, I didn't get in bed to talk," Oz grinned, grabbing Gil's head and pressing their lips together. It was a kiss so full of passion, so full of desire that both were breathless when Gil pulled away to trail kisses down Oz's neck, across his collar bone, and stopping when he reached one taut nipple. He licked and kissed it until Oz's body twitched beneath him.

Then Gil lowered his head between Oz's legs and glanced up at him devilishly as he took Oz's length into his mouth. He licked lightly, sucked desperately.

"Gil stop!" Oz nearly shouted. The intoxicating effect of Gil's hot mouth made him want to cum right then.

Gil put his fingers to Oz's mouth for him to moisten them. He sucked eagerly.

Then Gil inserted one finger at a time until he had three inside of Oz. The boy's body writhed on the bed and he squeezed his eyes shut.

"Haa…haaa…" Oz panted.

Seeing the intense pleasure he was giving to Oz, Gil's own erection was throbbing. He had to be inside Oz!

Gil sat up and slid his pajama bottoms off his hips. Then he pulled Oz up to straddle him. He wanted to sit up and hold Oz while they made love. Oz put his arms around Gil's neck and slowly lowered himself down.

The painfully erotic expression on Oz's face when he was impaled made Gil pause.

"Oz! Are you alright?" Gil asked concerned.

"I'm in love with you, Gil. It will always be alright," Oz chuckled weakly.

Gil reached under Oz's legs and started moving him up and down. Oz threw his head back.

"Gil…ahhh…unh…" Oz moaned.

Gil held Oz tight to Oz, pressing their bodies together. They were one in body, mind, and soul. He savored the feeling of how tight Oz felt wrapped around him. It felt too fucking good being inside Oz.

"Oh… you feel soo good, Oz," Gil groaned.

"Fill me, Gil…more…" Oz whined and trembled in Gil's arms.

With each thrust, the fire burned hotter…and hotter…inside their bodies. Gil reached down to stroke Oz.

"G-Giii-lll!" Oz cried out from too many sensations running through his body at once.

Gil felt Oz stiffen and knew Oz was nearing his climax, so was Gil. He grabbed Oz's head and crushed his lips to Oz's as they both exploded in waves of ecstasy. Their cries of love muffled in one another's mouths.

For several minutes neither moved from the embrace. Then Oz pulled back to look at the moist golden eyes he always got lost in.

"I love you, Gil. I always want you by my side no matter what." Oz whispered with tenderness in his bright green eyes.

"I love you too, Oz." Gil replied. "And, I will never leave your side."

They laid in bed holding one another. Gil and Oz connected by the darkness not the light. Master and servant, friend and lover, will be together until the end.