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My name is Hiraga Saito. I'm 16 year old. I'm just your average guy where you can find anywhere living his life ordinarily. That was until today.

RING RING RING RING RING…. The alarm clock rang, and I open my sleepy eye.

I climb out of my bed as I did my usual routine. In other word, it's time for school. I was currently in my bedroom. On a side note my house is a two-story six-bedroom home.

Then I noticed the calendar that was hanging in my room, can't believe that I almost miss that today is Sunday. I almost go to school today. Hm… I guess I go to my friend house today. There's something I want to show him in my Laptop.

I go downstairs in order to have a breakfast.

"Good morning mother." I greet my mother who are in the kitchen right now. Seeing her back just like this it never occur to me that it will be quite a while before I seen her again.

As I finished my breakfast which just a toast of bread. I dash out to the door but not before saying goodbye to my mother.

As I step out of the house I can see the house across the street that mother always complain about its terrible red wall. I don't always this observant in the morning but I just have the feeling that I wont see this scenery for a while.

As usual, I took the time to "borrow" a couple of fruit from the neighbor persimmon tree. It was quite good if I say so myself.

As I make my way to my friend house. A green portal appears out of nowhere.

"What is this?" I take a look at everyone on the street and no one seem to be noticed this green portal.

Wonder if it safe. I pick up a stone on the street and throw it inside the portal. And what surprise me the stone disappear inside the portal.

I continue to ponder what to do with this situation. Should I stick my hand in there to see what's going on? Oh well, it can't be that bad could it. My curiosity side seem to won over as I put my finger in the portal and it went through.


Nothing seems to happen. So I continued to put my whole hand in the portal.

"….!" At that time, I can feel something seem to pull me inside.

"HEY! LET GO!" I struggled a bit but it was futile as the portal suck me inside.



A half and a hour before.

In the morning In the land of Albion deep in the Westwood there is a village. Many children who lost their parent live here.

Two female can be seen talking inside

"So…. Tiffania, how's life been." A middle age woman... catually she still in early Twenty but that was the vibe she gave from outside point of view. Anyway, the Woman asks the younger one who seem to be called Tiffania.

"It fine Matilda nee-san, nothing's wrong." Though she said this her eye is looking at another place.

"Look me in the eye when talking! *Sigh*… what happened and be honest." The person who called Matilda asked her with a stern voice.

Seeing that she can only answer honestly. "Well, they were bandit coming a few days ago… But don't worry! I managed to drive them off already."

"Bandit! It must be hard for you, sorry for not being there." Matilda said.

"It's okay, I can protect myself, you've done much for us already. As long as I have this spell with me I can protect this village."

"It hard just for you alone, is there something that could be done." Matilda seem to be in a deep thinking as she put her hand on her chin.

"AHA!" Tiffania seem to back away a bit from that.

"W-what is it nee-san?" she ask Matilda about her sudden outburst just now.

"Okay, Tiffania I'll teach you summon servant!" Matilda answer her.

"Summon….. Servant…?" Tiffania tilt her head confused by the word.

"Yes. Summon servant it a spell to summon a familiar." Matilda answered her confusion,

"Familiar?" this time she was confused by the term.

"Familiar is a creature that was summoned by a mage on order to help them. With this, it could lessen your work a bit if you have a familiar." Matilda told her the meaning of familiar.

"But I don't think it was necessar-"

"Silence, let's get to it." Before Tiffania had a time to protest she was interrupt by Matilda. And so the preparation for summoning a familiar was being made.

The process itself is simple but since Tiffania is a beginner at this Matilda has to teach her about the procedure.

After a while it was time to cast a summon servant spell. Both of them are in the clearing big enough to fit a house there. Summon servant is a totally random spell. Anything could come out from the portal and that's why they need a space. Not to far away from them all of the kid in the village is watching. They all feel curious about it. It not everytime that they could see magic so some of them is very excited.

"Alright, let us begin! Focus your spirit and then call on your yet unseen familiar in your heart." Mathilda told her the instruction.

"Yes!" Tiffania answer her.

Tiffania closed her eye and then raising a wand in her hand pointing at the sky and then she start the chanting.

"My name is Tiffania Westwood. Pentagon of the five power, obey my fate and summon my familiar!"

As the incantation finish, the tip of her wand start to glow and then a green portal appear on the sky.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…." The sound of someone screaming can be heard.


"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH….." I continued to scream as I was being suck by the portal

I can feel myself falling but I can't see anything as my eye is currently close.

And then, *boing* the sound of me landing on something. Eh! What happened? Did someone prepare a cushion for me to land? What is this soft feeling that I feel right now? I bring out my hand in order to ascertain what is it that on my face right now.

*boing* Hmm… it was soft and yet big.

"Ah…." Hm! Did I hear someone moaning just now, and is that a female voice.

"Ehrm…. Could you please get up." There, the voice speak again. I tried to stand up but my face seem to be stuck on something.

"DIE PERVERT!" Gah!… I got flown away by someone's kick. But because of that I manage to get out from whatever it is that made me stuck.

"That hurt… oi! What with that all of a sudden you middle age woman." As soon as I got a look at the one who attacked me the words, seem to come out naturally from my mouth.

I can see her twitch at the word 'middle age woman'. I think I just dug out my own grave.

"Hmm… did I just hear you say 'please kill me' just now?" This is bad, she was pissed.

"No! it's an honor to meet with a pretty young lady." On instinct I try to save my life.

"Hmph… That's good." Safe… Don't know why but I just have a gut feeling that this woman is dangerous if you piss her off.

Because of my argument with this middle age woman- I dare not say that out loud again, or else I can feel my life will be in danger. Then I noticed that I seem to be in the forest of some sort and for some reason there are many onlooker here. What is weird is that all of them are children.

"Ah… he looks this way, the pervert looks this way." The little boy said as soon as my eye lay on him. A pervert? Why am I a pervert?

"Gim! It not good to call another person a pervert even if he is a pervert." The little girl beside the boy name Gim scolds her though that didn't make me feel better. Why did they called me a pervert anyway, I didn't do anything wrong.

At this time that I noticed a girl who is currently standing up while dusting up the sand off her.

The first though that came to mind when seeing this girl was….

Golden light.

No! she wasn't really shining or anything but the girl present was so strong it felt like an illusory light.

The girl was beautiful. No, the word beautiful isn't enough to describe her. When she moved, one will want to kneel down and worship her. I was at lost for words as I can't seem to find the right word to say to her now.

"What's wrong?" The girl asked in a blank confusion.

"No. that. Nothing. This"

As I was at lost for words right now. The older woman spoke.

"This is unusual… never though that it was possible for human to be summon. I guess we have no choice then, Tiffania! Do it!" The older woman voice brought me out of my dazzled state.

Eh! What is she talking about? Now when I think about it, how did I get here anywhere?

"Eh! Does that mean that I have to….." the girl Tiffania I think her name is seem to hesitated a bit and her face is so red right now. I wonder what's wrong.

"Do it." She didn't get to finish her word as the older woman glaring her face.

"Sorry but please excuse me…" Eh! As Tiffania said this, she was coming closer to me and then she closed the distance of her face to mine.

Wait, don't tell me… is she going to kiss me?

Without further delays our lips met with each other. As soon as the kiss finish she pulled back and her face blushing a little.

I can feel my face redden a bit. Mind you if a girl as beautiful as her suddenly kissed you, you will surely feel flustered. No straight man can get calm after that. Look even my chest feel hot all of a sudden.

Hm? My chest? What did it have to do with anyt-

"GAAAARRGGGHHHHH!" It hurt! I can feel something burning on my chest. When I take a look at it I can see a rune being engraved on my chest. What is this? How is this possible? Many though flew in my mind but none of them can distract me from the pain I'm feeling right now.

As the rune stop glowing, I fall to the ground with one knee panting.

"*huff* *huff*… what was that? Who are you people?" finally I asked them the question that I should've ask in the first place but was distracted by a few thing. But from the look of it I wont get an answer right now as I can feel my sight losing and then everything went dark.


As Saito fell to the ground, Tiffania rush on him instantly.

"Are you okay? Please wake up." She asks worriedly about the boy condition. "Matilda nee-san, what happened?" She asks the only person who could probably answered her.

Matilda came near the boy as she put her hand on his chest.

"Don't worry, he's still alive." Tiffania breathe a sigh of relief at that. She already thought about using the ring that her mother left if worse come to worse. "It seems he's just unconscious from the rune engraved on his chest." As she said that she lift the boy shirt showing his naked body. Tiffania redden a bit at that because this is the first time that she saw a naked body of the boy her age. "Hmm…. I wonder what this rune is." Matilda ponders as she observe the rune on the boy Chest.

"Nee-san, I think we should bring him in the house first." Tiffania suggest to Matilda after seeing the kid start to gather to take a look at the unconscious boy.

"Ah… I guess we should let him rest. We can ask him question later." As she said that, she summoned a golem with a wave from her wand. The golem carry the boy inside the house.

"Tiffa nee-chan! Are you okay! The little boy Gim ask her.

"I'm okay Gim, thank for the concern."

"How dare that pervert doing that kind of thing to Tiffa nee-chan. Even I haven't done it yet." Gim seem to murmured something that was slow Tiffania hasn't be able hear any of it.

As the children go back to their own house, Tiffania also walking to her own house right now, that is being occupied by that boy. As she continued to walk she pondered just who that boy is. From the commotion just now he doesn't even mention anything about her ear. Maybe he hasn't notice it yet. She wondered, if he know of what she is, will he hate her? As she continued to think about that she almost didn't realize that she already arrive.

As she enter the house she can see Matilda staying beside the bed and the boy laying on the bed still unconscious.

"How is he?" She ask out of concern for the boy.

"It's fine, he'll be waking up soon. But it sure was a surprise, to summon a human as a familiar." Matilda said with a curiosities on her voice.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Tiffa asked worried that she has done something wrong.

"No, it just familiar usually fall under the category of animal or any magical creature. I haven't heard about a human being summoned as a familiar. This requires an investigation." She feel relief that she hadn't done anything wrong.

"From the look of his clothes...he seem to be a comonner. Just what kind of material that his clothes made of? I haven't seen any of it in Halkeginia. Maybe he com from Rub al khali." Tiffania doesn't know how to answer to that as she doesn't really going out much. She doesn't know anything that happen in the outside world. The only news she could get was when Matilda Nee-san came back from her work or a merchant coming to the village to do business.

"Furthermore…" Matilda continued Talking, "The stuff he got with him is really weird, he got this rectangle thing that made from unknown material. There's also this little shaped box thing. Hm… just who is this boy?" As Matilda think more about the boy, many more questions appear one after another, the boy is an enigma to her.


"Oh! He's waking up!" Tiffania said after noticing that the boy is starting to wake up.


"Ugh…" My head hurt.

"Oh! He's waking up!" I can hear someone's voice. Who is it? Hmm… I'm still feeling dizzy, as I couldn't make out anything around me. Maybe it because of the dream I had just now. What a weird dream but I guess it worth it if I get kissed by a beautiful girl like that even though it was just a dream.

"Are you okay." Someone seem to asked me out of concern.

As I turn around to the owner of the voice, my eyes went wide. There she is, the woman that I met in the dream.

"Y-youre, that super beautiful girl." She seems surprised by my word. But who cares right? After all this is a dream.

And then I noticed another person besides her.

"Ah! The middle ag- pretty young lady!" I immediately correct my word. Even if this is dream I don't think I like to see what she'll do to me if I finished that word.

"This is…" I trailed of as I don't recognized the place in this dream world. How is this possible. Aren't dream supposed to be created from one own imagination. Does that mean that my imagination so poor that it created a place as shabby as this? I need to wake up. Though I won't be able to see this super beautiful woman again but it's better if I return to reality.

I pinch my cheek with all of my strength.

"I-te-te-te-te…. That hurts!" How is it possible? Wasn't this supposed to be a dream?

"Are you okay! Why are you doing that!" Ah…. Seeing this beautiful girl concern about someone like me is enough to ascertain that I was dreaming right now.

"Could someone hit me."

"Gah!" As soon as I finished that word the middle age woman immediately hit me with her… fist? For a woman she can really hit hard.

"It Hurts…" was the words that managed coming out from my mouth.

"What are you, an idiot? Of course it hurts." I don't need you to remind me you old hag.

As I take a look around I noticed that I'm still in their present. It looks like it was not a dream.

"Hm… by the way, where am i?" As I finally accepted the fact that this is real maybe it better to ask them a question. It a wonder why I can feel calm even in this situation but for some reason the present of this Tiffania girl giving me a feeling of calmness.

"You're in Albion, in the Westwood village." She answered me with something that I don't know. Albion? Are we in Europe or something.

"Albion? Where on earth is that?"



Both of them look... no, only the old hag is looking at me as if I was stupid. Tiffania just stood still there.

"Do you really don't know where you are? Are you from the continent outside? And what the heck is this earth you're talking?" Why am I being treat like a stupid one. And is this woman serious.

"How the hell you don't know the name of the planet you in. Did you live on Mars all this time?" I said sarcastically but from the look of it, it seem to brought more confusion.

"Planet? Mars?"

"Ok tell me you at least heard of Europe, or even better Japan." I'm starting to get worried right now.

"Nope, we're currently in Halkegenia, and there are five country In it. Tristain, Germania, Gallia, Albion and Romalia." More name that I haven't heard of. Did I just travel to the past or something though I'm pretty sure that I haven't heard of any of this name in the history book so I guess that wasn't it. In the first place, there's no way something like time travel exist.

Somewhere on earth, Asahina Mikuru suddenly sneezed.

"Maybe we should talk about this later. I would like to ask you some question." That will be better I guess so I agreed with her for now. The girl Tiffania seem to be silent till now.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, what with those ear?" With all that happened I didn't noticed this girl ear at all.

"Ah!" she look scared for some reason as she back away a little.

"Do you hate me?" Tiffania ask me. Her word seem shaken a little.

"Hate you… why would anyone hate someone as beautiful as you." Why did she mention hate all of a sudden. I though the ear look cute on her. It worth the trouble to cosplay like that. Though the ear seem to real to be a cosplay but my logical mind just shrugged it off.

"I'm not beautiful at all, it because I'm a half elf." Elf, so that's what her character setting is. She seem to be into this cosplay. I can feel something on my mind screaming that this was real but I just ignore it for now.

"Are those real?" I ask her about something that could easily be record in a world record about it.

"Eh!" Those, her eyes followed my finger as she take a look at her chest. "Ah…." She shyly cover her breast while turning away her back facing me. Look like she really embarrassed about it.

"You sure have guts, after what you did just now. Well I guess this will make it easier for me to punish a pervert like you." Gah! This hag just said some scary thing, and why did everyone called me a pervert?

Come to think of it… when I passed the portal I was falling. And then I was landing on something soft. And my face was buried in it making me unable to see. I touch the soft thing and it feel like a melon. And then the old hag kick me.

"Don't tell me that was!" A look of realization come on my face. If I didn't feel my life in danger right now I'm pretty sure I'm already passed out from the nosebleed.

"SORRY! IT MY FAULT! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" As I realize my mistake I continued to apologized to her while kneeling on the bed.

"It okay… I don't mind." Such a nice word, and did she say she didn't mind just now. Does that mean I can touch it again? Oh crap! The hag seem to notice what I was thinking. I got to distracted her somehow.

"By the way… what is it that you want to ask me oh pretty young lady." It seem to work as her demeanor seem to changed.

She wave her wand and then something impossible happen. A rock like thing appear out of nowhere and go somewhere.

"Ahahaha…. That was really a good CG. I never know the technology had improved this much. That sure felt like re-" Whatever it is I want to say stop as the rock like thing bring out my bag and give it to the old hag. And then the thing disappear turning into dust.

"That's sure is a great robot." My mind still try to justified the thing.

"What are you mumbling about, this is just a golem create by magic. There's nothing to be surprised."

"Hahaha…. You sure say some weird thing. There 'sno way something like magic could exist." Really for an old hag she sure know how to joke.

"We'll talk about that after this, first I want you to tell me what is this." She brought out the thing from my book.

"That was a notebook computer." Is this woman for real?




"PFP in other words play field portable."

As she brought out one thing after the other I just answer her question.

"Tell me what is this use for." She pointed at the notebook. Is she really doesn't know anything about it.

I took the notebook from her and then switch on the power. After that a screen appear.

"What magic is this, which element is it from." Magic again! Why did this people keep mentioning magic?

"it not magic, it's science."

"Science?" Both of them seem to confused by the term. Sigh… just what the heck going on. As I rest my back on the wall I take a look outside the window. It was night time and the two moons been shining brightly on the sky….

Two moons? I take a look again and it seems there was really two moons up in the sky.

"Oi, where are you going!" The older woman shouted as I bolt out from the room to go outside.

When I was outside I took a look at the sky and it there was still two moons in the sky.

"JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING OOOONNNNNNNNNN!" I shouted as hard as possible as my mind can't deny it any longer.


After thing had calmed down a bit I was inside the house again but this time in the living room as Tiffania prepared a tea for us as I explain what I figured out already.

"So, you're saying that you're from the other world." I nod at that.

"That's hard to believe, that there are other world beside this." Figured that she wont believe easily. Even I won't believe if someone came to me and said 'hey I came from a different world' or in other term a 'slider', a person who can cross to different world. Does that make me a slider too? No I guess the best term is otherworlder.

"I believe him, ermm…"

"Ah… I guess we haven't introduce each other yet." I realized when I see that she doesn't know what to call me yet. "My name is Hiraga Saito."


"Hiraga-Saito" I correct her.

"My name's Tiffania but everyone called me Tiffa." I already knew her name but it sure feel easier calling her Tiffa.

"I'll do just that Tiffa." She blush a bit at that. Maybe she's just the shy one.

"Matilda." Was the only thing that the old hag saying.

"Hm… what I want to know is how am I here? I was walking to my friend house and then this green portal appear out of nowhere." I describe the event that happen untill how I got here.

"That portal is probably is the result of the summoning."

"Summoning?" What is this summoning that she talking about? Is it hero summoning? Am I going to defeat a Demon King or something? think I read to many light novel for me to even think of that at the mention of summoning.

"Ah you didn't know yet, Tiffania summon you as a familiar. The rune on your chest prove it."

I immediately take a look at my chest and there was a room engraved on it.

"What is this? And what is this familiar you talking about?" I ask them question after question.

"Familiar is a being that a mage summoned in order to aid them. Though normally human aren't supposed to be a familiar but for some reason you just become a familiar. You are now bound to Tiffania as her familiar." She explained it to me.

Bound to Tiffa? That doesn't seem so bad, nonononono… I still need to find a way home.

"Is there any way to null this contract or whatever the heck it is?"

"There are two ways." Oh, look like there is a way. "The contract will null after Tiffania dies but there's no way I would allow it so that left with the other" There's no way I could let Tiffa die so I agreed with her on that.

"What the other way?"

"This one is easier-" Oh look like I don't need to worry much about this thing. "you need to die." Oh so all I need is to di-

"Hey wait! Is dying is the only way!?" Look like no matter what I chose someone will have to die.

"Sorry! It my fault that you aren't able to go home, I'm really sorry." Tiffania said as she continued apologizing to me.

"Don't worry, I'm not blaming you. By the way would someone tell me about this world." I try to change the subject. I'm not really use at handling girl.

"You're really serious about that other world thing, well I'll play along for now." Matilda doesn't seem to believe me about the other world thing. I guess it doesn't matter to her. And so she explain about the world I'm in.

We're currently in the continent called Halkeginia. In the same continent there are also another race called Elf who is leaving at the place called holy land. She say that human in this world is afraid of elf. So that's why Tiffa seem scared when I see her ear. She's afraid that I hate her. Human in this world was divide by two. The first is called a noble. They are called noble because they can use magic. It seem weird that only noble can use magic. What would happen if a normal person becoming a noble? Does that mean he also be able to use magic? The other is called Commoner. Commoner cannot use magic because of that most of them work as a farmer, or something else.

"By the way Matilda-san, are you a noble? Because you can use magic." Because she can use magic she must be a noble right.

"I'm not a noble, not anymore that is. A noble can also be stripped of their nobility but that doesn't mean their magic will be gone once they isn't a noble anymore." That also weird. If a person who are not a noble anymore be able to use magic then the title noble is just a tittle. It got nothing to do with a person capabilities to use magic. If you ask me, magic is more like a bloodline for the people. That mean it was passed as the generation continued. Maybe there are a race that can use magic before and after sometime passed this race is currently known as the noble. This is only speculation for me as a person who just new to this world so that was just a guess.

That's weird. How is it I was able to come to that conclusion. I feel like I can think more clearly now. Does that have to do with this rune? Hmm… anything is possible in this world I guess.

"Please continue Matilda-san."

And so she continued to explain about the basic knowledge one need in this world. I don't need any difficult stuff like the politics in this world.

"*yawn*…" Tiffa cover her mouth as she yawning.

"I guess it was late already. We should continued this tomorrow." Matilda said as she finish talking.

"By the way, where would I sleep?" Matilda pointed at the floor. Oh well I guess it better than the hard ground outside.

"If you want, you can use my bed." Oh Tiffa… she really is kind but as a guy I cant do something like that to a girl.

"No it's okay, I'm fine sleeping on the floor." I reassured her. Don't want to trouble her anymore.

"If you do anything strange to Tiffa, I'll assure you I make sure you wish that I kill you." That was really scary just now.

"Don't worry, I won't." I reassured her. There's no way I would do something like that. Although she is really beautiful she's also seems too innocent, I feel really worried about her.

And so my first night in this strange world end. A new day will begin in this world who isn't earth. Will I ever return home or will I stuck here forever? Let stop thinking about this and go to sleep. And so I can feel the sleepiness hitting me and the world went dark.

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