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It was midnight. The sky was black and starless, but the twinkling lights of New York City more than made up for the absence of the celestial shine. The hustle and bustle of the daytime had died down somewhat, but not by much. Soon the sun would rise, bringing another day to the city folk. And for the Rosses in particular, yet another long wait for an update on the search for their two missing family members.

Earlier that night, after everyone else had unwillingly gone to bed, Jessie stayed up and waited by the phone for any news from the police. Hours passed, and not a single call came. Finally, despite the nanny's attempts to remain awake, Jessie fell asleep in the chair next to the telephone out of pure exhaustion. Her head rested on the top of her hand, which was propped on the chair's arm. Her breathing was slow and peaceful.

That tranquility was shattered when the telephone suddenly rung. Jessie yelped and nearly fell out of the chair from the rude awakening. She sat there for a moment before recalling why she was there and hastily snatched the phone from its holder.

"H-Hello?" She anxiously greeted.

A light, feminine voice answered her. "Hello. Is this Jessie Prescott speaking?"

The teenage nanny sighed in relief. "Yes."

"I'm Officer Jenny, one of the members of the search squadron for Luke and Ravi Ross. I'm here to say that we have both good and bad news."

"W-What's the good news?" Jessie inquired.

Officer Jenny wasted no time getting to the point. "The good news is that we know where and why Luke and Ravi disappeared. The bad news is that they've been kidnapped."

The redhead gasped and almost fell out of the chair again at the new information. Ravi and Luke? Kidnapped? Jessie just couldn't believe it. Who would do that to two innocent, defenseless children? Suddenly the nanny's eyes narrowed when she remembered something…or rather, someone.

Meanwhile, Officer Jenny's voice continued notifying the 18-year-old of the search squadron's findings. "We located their book bags in a narrow alley approximately two and one fourth miles from their school. They were lying there as if they had been thrown aside during some sort of scuffle. Also, we found some skid marks from what looks like a van at the other end of the alley. We'll inform you as soon as more information comes up, Ms. Prescott. If you'll excuse me, I'll hang up now and-"

"Wait. Is it too late to add a potential suspect to the case?"

Officer Jenny hesitated before replying, "No. Do you have someone in mind?"

Jessie's eyes narrowed more as she said into the receiver, "Yes. In fact, I'm positive it was this man. He came to the apartment a few weeks ago. Here, let me describe him…"

"Mommy, when will Kumar be back?"

His mother, a beautiful woman with light tan skin, waist-length ebony hair, light chocolate eyes and soft orange Indian-style clothes, turned from the simple meal she was fixing and smiled warmly at her son. "Be patient, Ravi, it has only been an hour! Why don't you go out and play with your friends?"

Six-year-old Ravi huffed, crossed his arms, and pouted. "Ajit and Mahima are both busy!"

"Then go tend to the garden."

"It is too hot outside!"

His mother chortled and said, "Persistent, aren't you?" She gently shooed the little boy off his chair and out the kitchen. "Now go on! The garden is full of weeds and in need of water. Come back in when you are finished."

"Yes, Mommy."

The young Indian boy walked over to a closet just outside the kitchen and opened it. He grabbed the tin watering can from its spot on the bottom shelf. Unfortunately, he lacked good arm strength, so he dragged the large tool over to the front door of the house. Normally his older brother, Kumar, would help him with these chores, but the teen was hanging out with his band of friends at someone else's house. Ravi felt a bit left out, but he knew the older male would make up for it by playing with him until bedtime. That was what brothers were for, right? To be your best friend, no matter the circumstance? The Indian child assumed this was good, especially since their family's circumstance wasn't exactly the most common one.

Ravi set the watering can down on the wood floor of their home and reached up to open the front door. However, the raven-haired boy didn't have time to move out of the way when the door suddenly swung open and whacked him in the forehead.

The six-year-old yelped and stepped back, rubbing his sore head. He looked up and unconsciously took another step away when he realized his father was standing in the doorway with a furious expression. Ravi winced when the man stomped in and promptly shoved him to the ground.

"Out of the way, brat!"

The Indian boy pulled his knees to his chest and whimpered quietly as his father stomped into the kitchen and started screaming at his mom about something Ravi didn't understand. The child heard another, more silent person enter the house and looked up again. It was Kumar. The thirteen-year-old seemed upset and hurt; their father had apparently angrily demanded he come home immediately.

Kumar, with his slightly messy raven hair, caramel skin, brown eyes, and green Indian-style clothes, kneeled down in front of his little brother and quietly inquired, "Are you alright? Has he harmed you any?"

The six-year-old swiftly shook his head.

Kumar smiled sadly. "Good." The teen visibly flinched when the unmistakable sound of their father striking their mother and her following cry resonated through the house. He glanced over his shoulder at the kitchen before returning his gaze to the little boy in front of him. The thirteen-year-old then gestured towards the stairway that was next to the kitchen entrance. "Come…we should return to our room."

Ravi nodded and walked behind Kumar to the stairs. When he arrived at the foot of the structure, the child stopped. He cast one last sorrow-filled glance back towards the kitchen before following his older brother.

Thirty minutes passed and the sound of their parent's fighting still hadn't let up. Kumar sat cross-legged on his bed with Ravi in his lap. The six-year-old was clearly frightened as he cried into his brother's chest. Kumar tenderly cradled the child and sang their mother's lullaby in a soft, quiet tone in an attempt to soothe his little brother, but he just wouldn't calm down. The background noises of their parents screaming and Mother being hit didn't exactly help.

"K-Kumar? Do y-you think Mommy w-will be okay?"

The teen smiled sadly down at Ravi and replied, "Yes. She has been through much worse…we all have."

Ravi whimpered and buried his face into his older brother's shirt. "D-Daddy scares me…he i-is m-mean…"

The older male frowned at that and gently rubbed the Indian boy's back as he averted his gaze to the closed door of their shared room. "I know, Ravi…" The sounds of their parent's argument began to die down. "I know…"

Ravi jerked up from his previous curled up position, now awake. The Indian boy looked around the bare, but lit room. He sighed and leaned back against the wall when he realized it had just been a dream. No, not a dream, an old memory…

The ten-year-old glanced over at his adoptive older brother, who was slumped over and snoring lightly…and drooling a little bit. Ravi grinned (despite the current situation) at the sight and stood up. It was unlikely he'd be able to go back to sleep, so why not at least attempt to find a way to escape?

The raven-haired boy sauntered over to the door and put his ear against it. No sound came from the opposing side. Satisfied with the result, Ravi stood back up and started running his caramel-colored hands along the walls (or what he could reach of them). Maybe there was some sort of hidden passageway…


Slightly discouraged, he gave the floor the same treatment, inspecting every crack or dip he found. Perhaps some part of the floor was hollow…?


Irritated, Ravi sighed and sat down on the ground. He folded his arms in thought. There had to be some way him and Luke could escape this place! Several minutes passed and the child barely moved an inch as he devised a plan. Finally a small grin began to appear on his features.

Seconds later, he jumped to his feet and cried, "Yes!" Startled by the volume of it, he swiftly covered his mouth and shot an anxious glance towards the door. Nothing happened. Relieved, Ravi rushed over to Luke and shook the freckled boy awake.

"Wha…huh?" The twelve-year-old glanced drowsily up at a gleeful Ravi. "What's up, Rav? …What are you smiling at?"

The Indian boy replied quietly, "Luke! I have a plan to let us escape!"


"Shh!" Ravi clamped a hand over Luke's mouth. "Silence! My father could still be awake!"

"Ah," The ten-year-old removed his hand and Luke cocked an eyebrow at him. "So…what is it?"

Ravi grinned and began whispering into his older brother's ear.

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Oh, and for those of you who are curious, here are the meanings of the names of the people in Ravi's flashback/dream:

Kumar means "Prince"

Ajit means "Invincible"

Mahima means "Highness"