"Uf kourse ve hed parents!"

Oggie glared at the drunken tourist arguing with Dimo at the end of the bar. They should have just gone downstairs to drink. Curse Maxim for wanting to be all social. Now he had wandered off with a pretty girl and Oggie and Dimo were stuck dealing with drunken idiots.

You could always tell it was bad when Jaegers started calling people idiots.

"Ve vasn't born Jaegers, ve became dem."

If the guy didn't shut up, it was entirely possible that Dimo might kill him. Oggie couldn't find it in himself to stop it.

"Hey there my good man! Are you new in town? Come, I have some friends who'd like to buy you a drink," Vanamonde von Mekkahn steered the drunk away from the visibly annoyed Jaegers.

Once the drunk was on his way, von Mekkahn turned back for a moment.

"Those of us who live in Mechanicsburg… we may not understand how it felt… but we understand… you gave up a lot. Everything. Swore your lives to the masters."

Herr von Mekkahn laid a hand on Dimo's shoulder, "We may not understand… but at the same time, we do."

He walked off as Oggie drained the last of his drink.