Hey Stranger

Chapter 1


"Hey, Mike! I'm just going to drop this off at your desk, okay?" I said as I was almost finished editing the very long article he sent me yesterday. I worked my ass off for this, working overtime just to have the weekend with no work. I work as an editor for the New York Times and my time here has always been a blast. I mean, working for well-known newspaper has its benefits.

"Sure, Bella. Hey, I'm about to head off now and maybe you'd like to grab a cup of coffee, or something?" I smiled at his failed attempts of asking me out.

"No thanks, Mike. I have a cat to take care of and snuggle back at home and I'm sure he's missing my company. So…." I said. Truly, I do not have a cat. I just wanted to get Mike off of my shoulders.

"It's fine, Bella. But if you do change your mind, I'm always at a phone's reach. That okay?"

"Yeah. Goodnight, Mike! See you on Monday."

"G'night, Bella!"

I turned to my computer and had two more paragraphs to edit. I'm the only one left in this floor so lounging around wouldn't be that much of a problem. I put my feet up on the table and fiddled with the very few words left on the article. Once I was done, I printed it and went to Mike's office. I set it on the table and went back to my desk to grab my things. I scurried to the elevator and soon enough, I was out of the building, breathing in the smell of fresh air as it hit my face.

Across the street was a coffee shop called "Figaro". They provided the best coffee I have ever tasted. I swung the door open and immediately got me a seat. I put my things down and went to the counter to get my coffee. I felt somebody bump me from behind and I immediately turned to look at who it was.

I was met by guilty green eyes.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I didn't mean to bump into you. See, many people have been pushing. I'm sorry." Green Eyes said.

"Oh no. It's okay." I said with a smile and turned back to the line.

"Next Customer, please." The cashier said.

"One hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll, please." I said.



"Dine in or takeout?"

"Dine in"

"That'd be $13, Ms. Bella." I smiled and handed him the money.

"Thank You for paying the exact amount, Ms. Bella. We'll just hand the cinnamon roll and hot coco to you later. Take a seat and have a nice time here at Figaro." He said as he handed me a small stand with the number "14" written in it.

"Thank You." I said as I got the small stand and went back to my seat.

As I waited patiently for my hot coco and cinnamon roll, I daydreamed of all the possible scenarios that could happen if the world ended tomorrow.

I was so lost in it that I barely registered that the hot chocolate and cinnamon roll was being placed in the small, round table in front of me.

"Oh, thank you." I said. The employee just gave me a small smile in return.

Cinnamon Rolls. Oh, how they taste so good. I have to make one of these later.

I continued with my daydreaming while I was eating my Cinnamon Roll. The wind had cooled down so I guess it's just really chilly outside.

"Hey, stranger." I looked up and saw Green Eyes staring at me.