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~*0*~ Outtake 2 - More Future ~*0*~

It's Christmas Eve and Bella's just finishing up with all the Santa gifts for the kids. I'm standing in the doorway looking into our living room, and I still can't believe this is my life. The way the tree sparkles, the stockings hanging just so over the mantle, the mountain of presents under and around the tree... If you'd told me ten years ago that someday this is where I'd be, I wouldn't have believed you.

But now that I'm here...and I know what it is...and who is in this house with me...it's all I'll ever want.

"I think that's it. All the kids in bed?" Bella asks, leaning against me and wrapping her arms around my waist.

"Yeah, finally asleep, too. Fisher was pretty excited, I thought he'd never nod off."

My boy, he loves Christmas. And this is a really big year for him. It's like now that he's four, he gets it. He knows what it's about. He's been to see Santa Claus, he's made Bella help him write a list, and he's frosted some cookies... This is a big night.

It's exciting, too. I love seeing the kids on Christmas morning, the way their eyes get wide and bright and huge. There's not much else that's better than that.

"I thought I'd give you your gift tonight," Bella whispers to me.

Okay, that might be better than seeing the kids on Christmas morning. Or maybe just different...yeah, different, but still so good.

"Oh yeah? What'd you get me?" I ask, smiling down at her. The look in her eyes has me hardening fast, and before I know it, she's gone, hurrying down the hall toward our bedroom.

Since she'll most likely need a minute, I lock up, turn lights off, make sure Santa's cookies are strategically hidden away and the milk is half gone - you know, all the dad duties.

"Edward?" I hear from down the hallway, and I'm there as fast as I can.

I notice the kid's bedroom doors closed, the light in the hallway dimmed, and my sexy, five month pregnant wife standing in our doorway.

The thing is red, and white, and see through, and holy shit...she's so hot.

"Merry Christmas, baby," she whispers, crooking her finger as she motions me toward her.

"Yes it is," I mumble under my breath. She just smiles as her teeth push into her plump, red bottom lip. Her lips always get this way when she's pregnant. Maybe that's why I keep knocking her up. Jenna won't even be a year old yet when this one is born. We didn't plan it, but I don't care. I want it.

And I'm just positive he's a boy. Bella doesn't want to know, doesn't want to find out, but I have a feeling. She looks like she did when she was pregnant with Anthony and Fisher. There's a boy in that belly, I can feel it in my bones.

But at the moment, there's something else my bone wants to feel, and as I stalk toward her, I get an idea. It's been a while since we got good and kinky. I think it's time again.

"Follow me," she says, taking a step toward the bedroom.

"Oh no, baby, you stay right there."

She pauses, her smile fading a bit.

I reach her, inhaling as I run my nose up her neck, cheek, temple, before burying my face in her hair and letting out a deep breath. I can feel her shake, quiver with excitement.

"I'm gonna fuck you so good against this wall, Bella," I tell her.

"Oh," she whimpers, her knees shaking a bit as I wrap my arm around her so that she doesn't slide down the wall to the floor.

"And you're gonna suck my cock deep and hard, you got that?" I say with as much authority as I can before pressing my teeth into the tender flesh on her neck.

"Yes, oh yes," she says. Her hands grab for my thighs, pulling me closer to her.

"On your knees, you naughty girl."

She slowly slides her face down my chest as she kneels on the floor, her mouth stopping just in front of my aching cock.

She's so good at this, at sucking me off. I'm always more than willing to return the favor, but tonight...I think she likes that I'm taking control. Her hands shake as she reaches for the button on my pants, then the zipper.

I slide my fingers into her hair as she lowers my jeans, then grabs the waistband of my boxers and pulls them down, too.

"See how hard you make me? How wet I am for you already?" I ask her. My dick weeps more as I watch her lick her lips as she stares at my length, her hand reaching up to wrap around me and pump.

It feels so good. After a few good tugs, I'm ready.

"Open. Let me feel your pretty little lips around me, baby," I tell her. And she does, taking me deep and slow. The groan that leaves my throat is desperate sounding. I'm desperate for her, so it's only right that I sound that way.

I push my hips forward a bit, until she's leaning back and her head is against the wall. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes, and I look down at her and see her chest heaving as she breathes harder.

"Hold on, baby," I whisper, then I begin to thrust. She takes me deeper with each stroke and her hands wrap around my thighs, her nose meeting my stomach. I'm so deep in her, I can feel her hum and swallow around my head, and I love it.

After a few minutes, her tongue swirling around me and over me, her hand caressing my balls, I pull out.

"Stand up, baby," I demand, pulling her up and ripping open her nightie, her tits falling out. I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her as I pull her up.

"Edward, my stomach," she says against my lips. I know she worries that it sticks out too much, that sex doesn't feel good for me.

She's crazy. Sex always feels good for me. And I don't mind a challenge.

"Wrap your legs around me, baby. Hold on tight," I mumble as I lift her, pinning her between my body and the wall. My hands are under her ass, holding her up, and I take a second to grab my cock and line it up with her waiting pussy. She's wet, I can tell, and I push in without any hesitance.

"Ahhhhh, Edward," she moans, her head falling back against the wall. Her arms wrap around my neck and I plunge deeper inside of her. Over and over again, I push and pull and she whimpers and moans.

"Touch yourself," I tell her, leaning back just a bit so that she can fit her hand between us. I know it's hard, with her belly protruding ever so slightly, but she manages. It won't take much, she's always so horny when she's pregnant, and I feel her fingers meet her clit. Excitement runs through me, and I pick up my pace, moving harder, quicker, deeper.

It feels amazing. She feels amazing.

I watch as her eyes roll back in her head, her fingers circling faster, her other hand grabbing tighter to my neck.

"Edward," she whispers, then lets go. I feel her walls tighten around me, and I close my eyes, remembering what she looked like the first time I saw her. What she felt like the first time I fucked her up against the door in the bar. The look in her eyes when she woke up in her bed after I found her again. And I'm exploding, falling over the edge along the fine line of sanity and ecstasy.

Only she can do this to me, make me feel this way, and I still, holding her tight to me. Then I lean forward, capturing her lips with mine. My tongue slips out, between her lips where it tangles with hers.

The moment is perfect, happy, hot...everything that she and I are together.

"I love you, baby," I whisper, smiling at her as I hold her in my arms, pressing her against the wall.

"I love you, too," she says as she smiles. "You ripped my outfit, I'll have you know." I can tell by the smile on her face, she's not too broken up about it.

"That just means you'll have to buy another one, huh?" I offer, earning me a bigger smile and a laugh.

"You're insatiable," she laughs.

"For you, Bella," I tell her, lifting my hand and tracing my fingers across her cheekbone as I stare into her beautiful eyes. "Only for you."


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