You were stoked when you originally found out you were going to be an extra on the set of glee whilst they were shooting regionals, but we're even more excited when you found out you were sitting next to Grant Gustin. You bonded quickly over the 3 days, and became good friends, however there was never anything really romantic. When you went back home to Australia, you didn't even realise how much you missed him. You texted a lot however, and skyped sometimes too. You started to develop feelings for him, but didn't really think he would ever feel the same about you. When you got asked to come back and walk the halls in the background at McKinley again, you were just excited to meet up with Grant.

You walk nervously down the halls and pass the various dressing rooms. Every single door was closed and you were too scared to open any to say Hi. You flatten out your Cheerios skirt, it felt strange to be in the uniform. It didn't feel like you. You weren't really sure why you were nervous, but you guessed it was just strange to be seeing Grant in person again. You get there. A dressing room with 'GRANT GUSTIN' written in capitol letters on the door. You take a deep breath and open it. Grant is his usual casual self but with a huge grin on his face. You can't help the wide smile that appears on your face. You instantly run over and hug him, and you both lock yourselves into a deep hug, and he slightly picks you up and lifts you up off your feet. Grant sets you back down and you smile. 'Grant! It's so amazing to see you, I've missed you so much!' You tell him. He smiles at you and simply says 'I missed you more.'
He grabs both your hands and tightly locks them into his. His look changes from happy to serious and he stares down at you for a moment, since he is much taller then you. He sits on a stool next to you and sighs. 'I've been thinking a lot about you since you left.' he starts. You smile not sure where this conversation is going. 'And I really, really like you.' he says. You're in shock and just completely freeze for a second, then snap back into reality. 'I.. I really like you too, Grant.' You try to stammer out. 'You're really hot when you're nervous.' Grant comments, smirking. You try to seem sexy by letting only the tiniest bit of your mouth fold over into a smile and then reply with 'You're really hot when you smirk like that.' You say trying to sound innocent. 'Fuck, baby.' he says looking at you as if he wanted to devour you. He stands up and kisses you. At first it's very soft, with no tongue, just a sweet kiss placed on your lips. He then swipes his tongue across your bottom lip, requesting access to your mouth. You part your lips almost instantly and let out a soft groan as your feel Grant's tongue locked with yours and his hips press closer to yours. Your tongues mingle for a few moments before he swipes his tongue across your top lip and you feel his touch linger on your lips as he pulls away. Grant speaks again, this time its very soft and thoughtful, unlike the confident smirking Grant you had met before.
'Baby, I don't want you to think you're just 'hot' and 'sexy.' I want you to know you're beautiful, and that I'll treat you right, I want to be you're boyfriend.' he says abruptly, his hands still placed around your back, your hips still pressed against each other. You bite your lip. 'I want to make this work. I want to be your girlfriend.' you stare up into his deep sea green eyes and smile. He smiles back and then your lips meet once again, but this time Grant brings his hands further down your back. He then pushes you up against a wall and thrusts his hips as close to yours as possible. You can already feel through the thin lining of the pants of his Warbler uniform that he's already hard. This makes you smile a little in the middle of the already intense kiss. You have a sudden burst of energy. Grant seems to have moved a little further away from you and stopped kissing you. You quickly pull him by his tie and you wrap your selves in a passionate kiss. This makes him push up against you once again and you feel a strange urge roll over you. Not like you'd ever felt before. Before you could even think about doing anything else there was a knock on the door and both you and Grant freeze. It was a crew member telling Grant he had fifteen minutes until he was needed on set. You both pull away from each other and Grant sighs telling you he wished he never had to leave. You tell him you feel the same. You walk over to his dresser and look at some of the things on it with you back to Grant trying to cool off again, but Damn, Grant does it again. He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist and places a small kiss on your neck but the kiss turns into him softly sucking on your neck. You have to let out a soft groan in desperation. He stops teasing you and grabs your hand and pulls you into the ensuite bathroom. He scoops you up and sets you down on the bathroom bench and you wrap your legs around his waist. He kisses your neck once again and places soft wet kisses down your neck. You don't want to mess up his costume so without taking his tie or blazer off you slowly unbutton his dress shirt until its completely undone and wrap one arm round his back, the other slowly rubbing his chest. Grant then let's out a soft sigh and does something you weren't expecting. He slowly moves his hands down to your underwear and quickly removes them and goes back to deeply kissing you, but at the same time he's tracing his finger around the outside of your clit.
You quietly murmur, 'Baby, please.' but Grant continues with what he was doing before. You then feel two fingers slide inside of you and you nearly fall off the bench because it feels so amazing. But then Grant stops kissing you, and you wonder if he's finished, but he's not. He removes his fingers and starts to openly kiss around and inside that area. Low groans escape both your throats as he licks you out and you clasp his hair to keep you from feeling the need to rip his clothes off. He stops eventually though, and tosses you the underwear he flicked off earlier. 'You are amazing.' Grant whispers as he stands up and kisses you on the head. You put your underwear back on and he tells you he has to leave for filming. You hug each other tightly. 'I'll be back soon. Wait here. I don't know if this is too early but. I... I love you.' he stammers.
You smile. 'It's not. I love you too. And I can't wait to do everything with you.' You let go of his hand and he winks at you and whispers another I love you as he closes the door. You're still sort of in a haze, but you sit down on a stool and sigh. You could see a relationship unravelling and you knew that Grant was someone who would be in your life for a long time.

Author's Note: Okay so I might write more chapters to this, but first I'm gonna see how people like this and if I get reviews then I'll probably write more about how the relationship continues. (It'll probably be less smut)