Author's Note: Okay , I'm not really sure how I feel about this chapter but I think needed this to fill in some gaps cause I have somthing planned for the next one. Hope y'all like it anyway!

The next day, you had to go home to Australia. You thought nothing could be worse than having to leave Grant the day after you realized you loved him. But you did. You were only 19 years old and still lived with your parents. You didn't even tell them about how you were dating him. But once you left, you and Grant skyped often and texted almost everyday. Despite not being able to see each other, your relationship grew. Two months later, Grant told you he was coming to visit you in Australia. You were ecstatic.
The day you see him is magical. You decided to tell your parents that you were dating Grant. They didn't take it too bad, but you weren't aloud to see him at night. You hated how strict your parents were.
But that Saturday, there he was. You see Grant standing about 10 meters ahead, at the spot in the park you told him to meet you. He's wearing maroon jeans and a simple white t-shirt. His hair is pushed back just a little bit. You can't help but giggling. You run towards him and you lock your arms in a tight hug. You go to pull away but he pulls you back in and kisses you. His tongue is soft and warm and you can almost feel him smiling in your kiss. Your tongues mingle for a few moments before Grant slowly pulls away leaving traces of him on your lips. 'I.. I just... Love you.' You say trembling at his touch. He just smiles and places a soft kiss on your head. You are a fair amount shorter then him so he has to bend down a little to be able to kiss you. 'I love you.' he smile turns a lot wider as he locks his hand into yours and you start to walk. You're not even sure where you're going but you don't care. 'Do you wanna just go back to my hotel. I was gonna take you out but honestly I'd just rather be with you.' Grant looks at you and grins. 'Anywhere is good with you.'
You look back at him and just can't contain your smile. The park is in the city and the hotel is only around the block so you walk. Once you get inside Grant's room you notice that Grant takes his shirt off almost instantly. He smirks in his usual fashion and you can't help but stare. He comes over and kisses you passionately which nearly knocks you off your feet and you drop onto the bed behind you. Grant moves with you and he's now on top of you on the bed. You feel kind of awkward but you're not really sure why. You just don't want to disappoint him. Grant moves his hands from your waist to your breasts and you can't help but let out a moan. Grant stops for a second and grins before your tongues begin to mingle again. He grazes his tongue across your top lip in an almost teasing way. You feel his hips push up against yours. He takes off your shirt and you don't mind. He then sucks on your neck and you feel a sharp pain which will probably leave a mark but at this point in time you couldn't careless, you just care about Grant. But Grant then seems to be trying to take your pants off and fiddling with his own. You stop. 'Grant.' you say slowly. 'What is it, beautiful?' Grant replies, looking at you with wide eyes. His green eyes almost pierce your skin because they're so bright. 'I don't think I'm ready for it, just yet. I know I will be soon just not right now.' you stammer out all very quickly.
'Baby...' Grant begins. 'I would NEVER make you do anything that you're not comfortable with. I love you too much to ever do something like that to you.' Grant smiles and kissed your forehead again. You curl over onto your side and Grant lays next to you, his strong arms around you, protecting you. You feel the mark on your neck but decide not to do anything with it right now. You felt so happy with where you were.