I sung loudly as I skipped along.

"La la la -" I stared around the corridor as a spider splicer scuttled around the ceiling.

"Hello?" I stupidly asked the darkness.

"Ooh, what do we have here, it's a little one! Mmm, it's been a while since I harvested one of you little sisters! "

The voice echoed around the darkness, followed by more scuttling and scraping noises. Suddenly the female splicer jumped from the roof, doing a complicated backflip on landing.

"Oh, you're a prize, aren't you now!" The splicer cackled gleefully. She raised both her hooks and laughed,

"Come, I need the Adam!" She charged, I dropped my syringe and screamed,

"Help! DADDY!" A low grumble could be heard in the distance. The spider splicer paused and crowed,

"He's too far away little girl, he can't save you… better pray to the angels now!" I screamed again.

SMASH! Mr Bubble's foot landed on the splicer, I ran towards him and gave him a hug,

"I knew you would come, Mr Bubble's!" He patted my head and handed me my syringe.

He grumbled and I replied,

"You're right Daddy! Good girls gather!" I plunged the needle into the dead, flattened splicer. I took out the needle and Mr Bubble's picked me up and gently placed me on his shoulder as I drunk some Adam from my bottle, I laid my head against Mr Bubble's and yawned,

"I'm ready for dream time Mr B." I closed my eyes as he walked towards the closest vent.