My so my days are normally dull as fuck …sorry folks but I do swear so deal… my name is Cassie Miles but everyone always calls me Cherry it because I like cherry lolly pops, I fix computers for people that my job it seems in my spear time I draw a lot I got into trouble as kid drawing on the walls …^^… it was when I was older I moved to Kanto it somewhere in Japan, I only been here a month and I get lost every time. It was a big help when my brother brought me this touch phone and he took photos of important things like the signs for the bath room where to get something to eat and things like that, I only found out a week before I was being move to Kanto so no time to learn Japanese oh I am so fucked.

Moving on

Three in the morning I my phone goes off and I moan and bitch as I roll over to answer it flicking the light on as you do "H…Hello!" was all I could muster at this state of mind,

"Hello is this Cassie Miles?" I winced at my name

"Yes it but call you please not call me Cassie Cherry would be preferred!" it was nice to speak to someone who speaks English "How can I help you at this hour?" I said I can't believe how polite I am being normally I am telling them to fuck off and die under the rock they come out from but seem the mount of deaths that with whole Kira that is happening at the moment I don't think it's wise,

"Yes of course Cherry, I need your help my employer's computers are down and we can't get them to turn back on!" the man said, I rolled on to my back and looked up at the roof

"I know this may sound like a silly question but have you tried turning it off and on again?" I said

"Yes Miss Miles we have, can you please came and give us a hand!"

"Yes of course would 10:15 be okay for you?" I asked

"Oh I am sorry Miss Miles but I should have spoken clearer my employer needs your help now and has asked me to send you a taxi to pick you up it should already be outside your apartment." I sat up and crawled out of bed to the window and saw a glow of a taxi light come up through the darkness…holy fuck…

"It is three in the morning sir…"

"Am I am sorry for the early wakeup call but it is impotent the driver will not leave until you get into the car, and there will be coffee and food for you here to help wake you up!" and the phone went dead

"What the fuck!" I said looking at phone, "Dose no one sleeps here?" I said walking to bathroom, I a hot shower and freshen up meaning put some lippy on and took my pills, I got dressed and put my shoes on and grabbed my bag and keys and ran down stairs to the car. I stood at the door and looked at the rain "Come on!" I said feeling really pissed off now, I ran into the car diving into it breathing hard,

"Miss Miles?" The man asked

"Urrh yeah!" I said sitting up the guy turned around and put his hand out

"Can I see ID please!" he said I nodded pulling out my purse and handing it over to him,

"Okay!" he said as he drove on I looked out the window, finding myself nodding off to the movements of the car, "Miss we're here, you need to go to the 4th floor, room 413!" he told me as he more or less pushed me out of the car arse hole.

... ...

I took a couple of seconds to shake myself awake and walked inside a hotel don't make say the name, I walked in and walked straight to the elevators and pressed the button for the 4 floor, looking at my watch 3:45 am I swear to god I will kill who ever this is.

The door open to the elevators and walked out looking at all the rooms number s until I came to room 413, I straighten myself out and taking a cherry lolly pop out and popping into my mouth… I don't give a shit… and I knocked on the door a few times.

The door open and a tall hunch over man looked at me "You must be Cherry!" he said speaking in Japanese, licking his lips…wiredo…

"Yes sir I am can you please tell me why it was so impotent for me to be here at this hour?" I asked he blinked at me and

"Your Japanese is bad!" he said

"I know my English isn't any better!" I said rolling my eyes a weak smile flicked across his face

"You need to be careful with whom you show your ID to you never know if it Kira our showing it to!" he said as he let me in,

"Well seeming Kira goes after criminals and cops I am fine!" I told him as I looked around the room and saw well hell it looked like my room at college, computers everywhere, take way food, apple cores "So what's the problem?" I asked seeing that this guy had a chain on his wrist …okay…

"You see it was while we were working when one of us got a viruses and the computers all started to crash one by one, I want to know can you fix them and bring all the information back?" he said

"Please don't tell me you wake the poor girl up and brought her here it bad enough you keep the rest of use wake!" came a voice from another room as some came walking in I looked at the young boy, "Hi I'm LightYagami" he said as he raised as hand to shake mine I raised an eye brow one I saw the chain on his wrist that lead to the other man.

"Okay this is to hinky and kinky for words… I will have a look sir but if it is a virus that knocked these computers out then you might have a hacker on your hands, I am guessing all these computers are contacted to one another?" I asked pulling the lolly out of my mouth, the wired guy with the great hair…well he has it black and in all directions… leaned in to me and sniffed my face

"You smell of cherries!" he said licking his lips again, I lean back as I heard the chains pull the guy took my lolly pop into his mouth a fell back wards on the floor, I stood gob smacked

"Sorry you have to mind Ryuzaki he's not human!" The Light told me, I looked down at the candy snatcher sucking on my lolly pop and glared at him.

"Sure what ever just let me get my work done and I will leave you two alone!" I said going to the computers "Which one shut down first!" I asked

"The one with the coffee pots!" the boy said

... ...

I must have been working the computers for more than three hour, I have had many coffees and lollies later and I was hyper as I could get and I ready to crash and burn, I have had Ryuzaki stand behind me at every turn it wasn't until Light pulled him away from me and made him sit on the sofa that I found the problem, "ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME!" I shouted waking the Light up and somehow knocking Ryuzaki …I think that's how it said… off his little perched, I got up and marched over the men who were on the sofa, Ryuzaki lay in Lights lap…Oh cute…

"You found the problem Cherry?" asked Ryuzaki

"Stop that!"

"Stop what?"

"The licking of your lips every time you say my fucking name. Is this some kind of joke wake me up at three in the morning drag me here steal my lolly and get to work on the computers!" I was seeing red I was so tired

"But you got them working right?" said Light with a calm face

"Oh I got them working alright… some twit pulled the main PLUG!" I screamed walking back over putting the plug back in and flicking it on all of a sudden every computer screen lit up.

I got my bag and my shoes and stormed out the door, I was just about to get on when I was pulled back into the wall, the stun blur flashed in my head before I saw clearly again "Get off me!" I growled at the candy thief he blinked at me his hands on my shoulders,

"Cherry!" he said licking his lips

"What!" I said loudly as he then moved his hands to my face cupping it place as he pressed his lips to mine licking them; in shock I open my mouth as he pushed his tongue in feeling all the hidden places in my mouth, there was a second where I felt my tongue lick the inside of his mouth tasted coffee and sugar, after a few minutes of having him in my mouth he pulled his tongue back out taking the cherry flavour lolly into his mouth, I stood there hands by my sides eyes wide my bag on the floor, breathing so deeply and fasted that I need my inhaler,

"Thank you for your help!" he said walking back down the hall sucking on my lolly pop, the other boy stood there speechless, before he asked

"Can I take some of those?" he pointed to the spilled pile of lollies on the floor, I nodded as he scooped up a handful "Thanks!" he said not looking at me and then he turned and walking back in to the room,

"Holy fuck!"

... ...

A week goes by after that wired night, I had almost forgot all about when my phone rings again at 3 am I turned over flicking the light back on "H…Hello!"

"Miss Cherry our computers are down again!"