It's been a month has gone by and my two little boys are so quiet it sooo odd, but then again I think they take after their dad, both had white hair but they both had my green eyes, "We still need to name them, our 71 days are nearly up." I said,

"I know, how about Jamie and Riley?"

"Ummm I do like that okay Jamie and Riley." I smiled,

"MUMMY LOOKY LOOKY." Ellie cried, I smiled got up and walked over to her room, after I place Jamie and Riley down, I frowned once I saw who Ellie was with

"Beyond there is such things as a phone." Near said,

"What can't I see my niece and nephews."

"BB you are not even related to L." I said, Ellie climbed up onto his back and was standing on his shoulders he held her up, she giggled

"Sooooo, can I see them?"


"Cherry?" Near said

"What he knows if he tries anything I will gut him." I smiled darkly as I let hold my babies, I watched him as Ellie was sat on his back while he held the boys it was a sight for saw eyes.


Elli is now 14 and is a right madam some days she reminds me so much of her dad I mean her birth father L …the git still got himself killed… but she is a sugar nut like him but thank god she does eat her veg I would be worried and she as smart as him any day when she was 9 she solved her first case alone as for my two munching they are 10 and work off each other some day's I am worried because when Jamie don't talk Riley will for him and when Riley don't talk Jamie will they just seem to talk together with their eyes like they know what the other is thinking or saying, trust me way I say when you have two twin boys with pure white hair and my eyes dressing the same and standing next to each other it's like watching children of the damn but they do have their moments like when Matt, Mello and BB came round and they start god it's scary.

"Mum can you tell the double trouble to stay out of my room." My red head little girl said, I turned to see her and raised an eye brow

"JAMIE, RILEY BACKSIDES IN HERE NOW!" I shouted, the two boy's poked their heads around the door "Get in here!" They slowly walked in knowing not to mess with me "Explain to me why your sister's hair looks like the same colour as an eggplant?" I asked pointing to Ellie who was standing here in her PJ's frowning with wet purple hair

"We're sorry …"

"Mum but we wanted…"

"To try our new shampoo…"

"Experiment." They said I pinched between my eyes

"Oh dear lord give me strength." I muttered as I popped a lolly into my mouth "Why her shampoo and you should have asked her first?" I asked they shrugged "Right no Harry Potter for you two tonight and no ice cream until her hair is back to being red do you understand."



"No buts if I find that any of your uncles had anything to do with this then no sleeping over at their homes again do I make myself clear."


"Crystal." I sighed as the two look like they are about to cry

"Now go and do your homework before tea." They nodded and walked away, I turned to face Ellie "Do you think that was harsh?" I asked

"Puff no those two have been doing a Fred and George on us." I smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead

"You know that colour isn't that bad on you, now go and get dry your hair." She nodded and left the room as you can see all fine and dandy here right all apart from I have to tell Near that I have a little shocking surprise for him.