It had all started with that damn apron.

Lovino had been minding his own business (he really was!), cooking (he always did—there was no way in hell he was about to let Arthur prepare food), and wearing his plain white apron which was embroidered with the words 'Kiss me, I'm Italian' and the tricolor flag of his nation (it had been a gift, albeit a useful one). He had been making a simple pasta dish when out of nowhere he felt a hand grab his behind and heard the words "you look marvelous in that apron, luv" whispered into his ear in a husky voice which betrayed far more than an aesthetic appreciation. Arms wrapped around his waist and he felt a hot, damp kiss to the side of his neck. "Mm, I'll definitely have to kiss the cook. All over."

Lovino sputtered, blushing a light red from ear to ear as if in protest. "For… for all the weird shit you like, I'd never guess an iapron/i of all things would make me suddenly irresistible," he commented sarcastically.

"You're always irresistible to me, apron or not." Arthur paused his teasing kisses, as if in thought. "Or perhaps only the apron…"

Lovino's face only turned redder at that, if it were possible. "You… I… I'm only wearing it because the sauce—" And here he was interrupted by another kiss, this time to the sensitive spot on his neck just beneath his ear. "The sauce… it would stain…"

Arthur only smirked as he heard that hitch in the Italian's speech, continuing to lavish kisses against the Lovino's neck as he spoke. "Mmhmm, that'd be a shame, getting pasta sauce on you," he breathed into his lover's ear, tracing a finger down Lovino's neck and chest, "I'd have to help you clean it up. My fault after all."

Lovino rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's attempt at seduction. He knew exactly what Arthur was up to, but he at least wanted to make sure that the food was finished before they moved on to anything else. "Ah!" he let out a small gasp at the feeling of another, more noticeable kiss to his neck, "can't say I've ever had someone threaten to lick pasta sauce off me before." He had to admit the idea was mildly amusing to him.

Hearing that gasp, Arthur chuckled, quite pleased with himself. "I never said I was going to lick you off," he scoffed. "I meant that I would wash you down in the shower." The finger that had been tracing its way down Lovino's chest continued down his belly, stopping only as it reached the waistline of his trousers. "Where is your mind?"

But Lovino would have none of that. "I won't take the blame for this!" He insisted. "You're the one who started it—that wasn't where my mind was before," he gave his head a jerk downward, indicating Arthur's finger near his waistband, "though just the apron, I can do. Some lucky night." And it was obvious that he was trying to steer the conversation away from sex so that he could cook.

Unfortunately for him, Arthur was not to be deterred. "I'll be holding you to that, luv," he purred, following the words with a small nip to that sensitive spot on the Italian's neck again, musing to himself that it tasted exactly the way a Lovino should taste, "but for now, that apron's nothing but a hindrance to me." That hands that were still wrapped around Lovino's waist moved to the knot at the front of the apron and began to untie it with alarming speed, all the while continuing to lavish small bites all over his lover's neck.

That nipping and nibbling was doing nothing good for Lovino's powers of concentration. Without his realizing it, his breathing was getting just a bit shorter. "Are you trying to distract me? I thought the point of me cooking was so that the food we eat would NOT get burnt or otherwise ruined." But when the next bite came and he squirmed, he finally noticed that his apron had been untied, and that was all it took to convince Lovino to give up on his attempts to pay attention to the food. He placed the skillet on an unheated burner before turning around to face Arthur, resting his back against the counter next to the stove so that there would be no mishaps. "Hha-hold me to— nnh!— whatever you want..." He was very distracted indeed by the attentions of his lover's mouth, and he raised a hand to lift Arthur's chin until it was level with his own and planted a firm kiss on those teasing lips.

"Right now I think I'll hold you to this counter, brat," Arthur stated in what would otherwise have been a matter-of-fact voice if it were not clouded with more than a hint of lust. "But let's get rid of this first," he said briefly, grasping the apron and slipping it off over Lovino's head to drop it unceremoniously to the floor, "and this too, while we're at it." He grasped hem of Lovino's shirt and began to tug that over the Italian's head too.

Lovino, though he was startled by his partner's audacity, grumbling something along the lines of "like hell you will", but nonetheless raising his arms so that the shirt could come off. It soon joined the apron in a crumpled pile on the floor tiles. No sooner had this been done than Lovino felt Arthur's hands on his hips, lifting him up onto the countertop. Propping his hands on top of the counter, he helped the other bear his weight until he was seated on the counter, legs spread further apart than he'd intended.

Arthur naturally took advantage of this opportunity, moving up between those legs and proceeding to assault the Italian's chest with his mouth. He went for the right first, covering it with his lips and sucking, then lapping at the now-hardened nipple with his tongue, which drew forth a soft groan. Arthur allowed his fingers to run up and down the tanned skin of his partner's back, caressing from behind even as he was nipping and sucking in front. He moved to the other nipple now, circling it with his tongue before tugging at it with his teeth. Lovino growled and his hand went straight down the back of Arthur's shirt collar to drag his nails up Arthur's back, surely leaving four deep-pink lines in the skin there, which was much less dark than his own.

The Englishman let out a heated pant at the feeling; it obviously didn't do anything to deter him. Instead, he began to leave small bites all across Lovino's chest, sometimes merely nibbling and sometimes sucking firmly but always leaving a mark. He started under the left pectoral muscle and moved across, then up to nip at his collarbone. All the while, the Italian continued to make small noises of pleasure—he had always been the more vocal one, between the two of them—and scratched again and again at Arthur's back, which arched into his touch.

Lovino mumbled, "Not fair for you to have this on when I don't, you dick," tugging meaningfully at the shirt which had begun to hinder him.

"You like my dick," Arthur purred, though not without a hint of danger behind it. "Furthermore, whose fault is it that I've still got my shirt on? It's not my business if you like to be stripped like a cheap whore while I stay dressed." Still, he lifted his arms, and Lovino leaned forward to remove the shirt with alarming alacrity, then moved to bite down hard at the skin between Arthur's neck and shoulder. The Englishman hissed, though Lovino knew it wasn't because he disliked the pain.

From this vantage point, Lovino could see all the exquisite marks he'd left on the pale skin of his lover's back. He grinned against that skin before finally letting go of it, then admired the fresh bitemark he'd left on Arthur's shoulder. "Fuck you," he spat in response to Arthur's previous comment, "though leave it to you to want to have sex with a whore." In spite of the venomous comment, or perhaps because of it, he leaned in to capture the Englishman's lips in a fierce, heated kiss.

Arthur responded immediately, opening his lips and slipping his tongue into Lovino's mouth, sliding it firmly against the other's tongue and circling it around it. Lovino pulled back slightly and ran his own tongue across the Englishman's upper teeth, then tilted his head and opened his mouth wider. The next time Arthur's tongue probed into his mouth, Lovino began to suck firmly, and the Englishman moaned.

Pulling away for a few seconds, Arthur dug urgently in his pants pocket, quickly producing a bottle of lube and slamming it down onto the counter beside Lovino, who smirked.

"If I didn't know any better—and I don't—I'd say you were planning this," the Italian teased.

"And what if I was? It's not as if you aren't… receptive to the idea," Arthur returned with a bit of bite in his words.

"Shut up, asshole."

"Mmh, I'm about to have yours." Hands reached up to unbutton Lovino's trousers with a deftness that spoke to Arthur's experience, before both trousers and underwear were yanked down and quickly joined the two shirts and apron already on the floor, leaving the Italian naked on the countertop.

"Thanks," Lovino snipped sarcastically. "Now I'm going to have to sanitize this counter."

"That says more about you than it does about me, no?" Arthur grinned wickedly, dodging a blow. Then he asked more seriously, "Not much space on the counter like this… are you comfortable, luv?"

Lovino considered for a moment, glancing around before responding. "You can prep me up here if you want, but I think I'd hit my head on the cabinet if you fucked me like this."

If Arthur's grin could have gotten any more wicked, it did. "And with as hard as I'm about to fuck you, I think it'd be best to take you down from there."