As if to make a point, Arthur withdrew his cock until the tip was again brushing against Lovino's entrance, then slid forcefully back inside him.

Lovino let out a loud moan, fingertips clawing at the counter from the unexpected stimulation. "C-continue then, you arrogant—iahh!/i" was all his now-blank mind could come up with in response before the next thrust came.

"Oh, I will." Arthur's voice was smug as a teasing hand moved from one nipple to the other, pinching lightly and twisting and tugging. His other hand gripped Lovino's hip firmly, pulling the Italian's body back into every thrust. He buried himself inside that warm body in slick movements, hips slapping against those cheeks that were still a deep pink from being spanked earlier.

Lovino gasped at that, being reminded again of the warm tingling sting in his backside. It only added to the sensation of Arthur's cock pumping in and out of him, smooth and thick and hot, so hot that Lovino could feel his entire body beginning to warm, the heat spreading from his face down his chest and toward his stomach. He felt sure he must be sweating, but he didn't care. All he could do in this moment was to concentrate on the sensations he was feeling, the fullness and the heat and the thrust and slap.

"Is this satisfying you, brat?" came Arthur's voice, low and guttural. "Or are you still so loose that you need more?"

Lovino snorted, though it was hardly noticeable with the his heavy breathing. "H-ha, that's not—not fair! Neither of those accounts for your—unh!—incompetence."

"Since when were we playing fair?" Arthur seemed amused at Lovino's poor comeback. "But I take it that means you want more?" Lovino couldn't see the wicked grin which spread across Arthur's face as the hand that had previously been teasing Lovino's nipples stopped, and moved back behind the Italian's body to run a single finger around his already-full hole.

Lovino first whimpered at the loss of attention to his nipples, then gasped as he felt Arthur pressing the tip of a finger inside him alongside his cock. The stretch, the burn, they hurt; but the feeling of such intense sensation and the thought of being stretched to his limits were both enticing in and of themselves. Arthur's finger slid in deeper with each thrust of his cock, stretching Lovino further and further until finally the Italian couldn't take any more. "Ahh-ow!" he hissed, "too much."

Behind Lovino, Arthur nodded. He slowly removed the digit from inside his lover, being careful not to cause him unnecessary pain. As soon as his finger was freed, Arthur moved his hand to his partner's side. Both hands grasped Lovino's hips now, and he gave a firm thrust, tugging that supple body back onto his cock. "Better?" he asked throatily.

"Y-yes," Lovino panted, relieved that the only intrusion now was Arthur's cock. The friction felt

incredible, and he could feel his whole body sensitizing itself to the feeling of Arthur inside him, moving in and out, sliding and pulsing and putting his every nerve on edge.

Arthur, too, was more than enjoying himself. Lovino's body was slick and hot and tight around his cock, and as he thrust himself into that heat he could feel himself getting closer and closer to climax. He was thoroughly satisfied not only by the sensations he was feeling, but also by the responses he was getting from his lover. By this point, each thrust earned him some kind of noise from Lovino, whether it was a moan or a grunt or merely a heavy, voiced breath. "H-how are you doing?" Arthur asked breathlessly.

"Doing… doing good." Lovino couldn't form complete sentences anymore. "Getting close." His muscles clenched involuntarily around Arthur as his body rocked forward, then back against the Englishman's, increasing the pace of their joint movements.

"Good," Arthur replied, his voice tearing from his throat between deep panting breaths; it was unclear whether he was responding to Lovino or simply describing the feeling.

But it didn't matter. Breaths were coming faster now, bodies were moving, synchronized. Arthur's hand moved around in front of Lovino to grasp his member, pumping it in time with his thrusts, and Lovino knew he couldn't last much longer like this. He thrust into Arthur's hand wantonly, moaning more loudly than he'd ever admit to later, his ass slamming back into Arthur's hips every time his cock pulled back out of the other man's fist. "Hnngh, yes, aah, iplease/i…" Lovino's moans grew higher and higher in pitch, until he was practically whimpering.

"That's it, luv…" Arthur purred into Lovino's ear, nipping lightly at the lobe. "Now come for me, itesoro/i." As poor as his accent may have been, he knew that using an endearment in the Italian's native tongue would bring Lovino's defenses down; it was a tactic. Arthur was still stuck on the fact that Lovino had insulted his stamina, and therefore, he was determined not to come until after his lover did.

And his strategy seemed to be working, judging by the noises Lovino was now making as Arthur continued to stroke his cock. "iAaah, così!/i" he hissed, fingers gripping at the countertop until they were white. He panted, gasped, and with a harsh shudder he came, his spend coating the hand that had been stroking him.

Lovino's member was pulsing in his now-slick hand, and Arthur couldn't have been more satisfied. "Funny… a little brat told me that I 'couldn't last that long,'" he taunted. But Arthur was done with games. Now, he moved both hands to Lovino's hips, pulling that plush ass back onto his cock with a loud ismack/iand an insistence that made the Italian groan. Lovino's body was practically begging to be filled, and Arthur obliged him. In and out, in and out again Arthur thrust, all the while tugging Lovino's now-compliant body back and forth onto himself. Soon, Arthur's groans joined those of his partner, their voices mixing with the sounds of their bodies moving, both echoing in the space of the kitchen.

The grip on Lovino's hips tightened suddenly, and Arthur came inside him with a jerk of his body and a low moan. "iYeees…/i" His body was swiftly overcome by exhaustion, and he leaned his sweat-dampened chest against Lovino's back, an arm resting on the countertop beside them.

Lovino was also supporting himself against the counter, his chest rising and falling with the heavy breaths of a post-coital haze. "That was… good," he managed breathlessly.

Behind him, Arthur grinned widely. "It was," he said simply, not wanting to betray his own loss of breath. Pulling out carefully, he managed to stand for long enough to pull up and fasten his trousers. Giving Lovino's backside a firm pat, he added, "Now get dressed, luv."

"I know what to do. Just… just give me a second, asshole." Lovino's breathing was still quite erratic as he responded to Arthur's comment.

Arthur waited as Lovino caught his breath, and by the time Lovino had turned around Arthur had gathered his lover's clothing off the floor and was holding them out, offering them to him to dress. Lovino flushed, but he quickly donned his trousers, then his shirt. When he noticed the apron, he finally recalled what he had been doing prior to their little tryst. "Shit, Arthur, the food!" He quickly grasped the apron and pulled it on, tying it hastily around his waist before returning to the stove and moving the pan back to the heated burner.

Arthur could only look on in amazement. "You're quite the romantic, aren't you?" he commented sarcastically, seemingly a bit put out by the apparent lack of a loving resolution to their sex.

Lovino turned to face him and responded with admonishment, "I put love into everything I cook for you! Every day." That was all he had to say on the matter before returning to his pasta. And behind his back, Arthur smiled silently—that answer suited him just fine.