Title: Special Surprise Inside
Author: Mad Hatter, L. Carol
Word Count: 461
Characters: Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon, Klarion the Witch-Boy, Unnamed Guards 1 & 2.

"Hi Uncle Jason," Klarion chirped, waving a manacled hand. The armed guards behind him tensed, but boy didn't seem to notice. He was grinning madly behind the plexiglass wall.

Blood closed his eyes and gently tapped his forehead with the connecting phone. He would be calm, he would deal with this… "Klarion," he said just as sweetly.


"Why are you wasting these nice people's time?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," the boy said, leaning back on his chair, again ignoring the guards. He looked every part a docile prisoner, but Blood knew him well enough not to be fooled. "I'm locked up tight."

"Of course you are."

"Of course." He leaned back even further on his chair, wobbling on two legs much to the alarm of the guards. The chair was bolted to the floor. "Nothing I can do about it," the witch-boy confirmed with a smirk.

Jason could actually feel his blood pressure rising. It was pounding a distressing tempo in his ears. With some effort, he spoke with a kind of forced lightness. "Was there a reason to this little meeting, or do you just like annoying me?"

"Hmm," Klarion tapped his cheek. "I think there was something… what was it…?" As the boy tapped his cheek, his clothes began to change. They rippled from the bottom up, transforming from prison oranges to magician's black. "What was it….?"

Jason grit his teeth.

The guards were panicking. They were young, fresh-faced- and had clearly never been trained to deal with a meta. Probably never even seen a meta outside of a news report before, judging by their reaction.

Klarion smirked, tilting back. The metal groaned alarmingly, bending against pressures it had never been designed for. One guard pulled his gun and fired in the classic American response to anything threatening while other, more sensible guard pulled his radio out and began bleating rapidly for help. The guard who fired and his partner shouted at each other, one for forgetting basic training and shooting at a prisoner and other on general principles. It was only when a bullet whizzed past Klarion's blue ear and lodged itself firmly in the glass divider, did the boy seem to notice anything was amiss. "Will you two be silent! Who can think with all thatsqueaking!" Klarion shouted, eyes blazing.

In unison, the guards froze.

"Klarion," Blood demanded over the phone. "Don't do anything rash-"

The air around the boy was the colour of insanity. "When have I ever done anything rash?"

"Klarion—" Blood was on his feet now.

"I think I remember what I wanted to tell you—" The boy's smirk deepened, sharpening his features to an unnatural degree. "Happy Birthday, Uncle Jason!"

It was then that real chaos erupted.

S/V: Oh Klarion. You don't do anything by halves, do you? I like to think he let's himself be captured by the mundies sometimes just so he can do this~