Michael almost immediately regretted what he'd snapped at Gabriel, but he knew he could not back down. Give Gabriel an inch and he'd take a mile and run with it. He was already on Gabriel's shit list for that pounding he'd given him for that whole Mystery Spot incident anyways, but Gabriel had deserved it for the shit he'd put Sammy through. From the looks of things, Gabriel was about one step away from re-enacting Sunday Dinner, and to top it off his Sammy was heartbroken over the death of that thing he'd been manipulated into falling in love with and looking to get revenge on the one responsible. He wasn't going to be getting any help from Bobby in this however, as the man was looking at him more like something he was hunting rather than looking at him like he was family as he used to.

Killing Ruby had been a barely conscious act. He'd seen her sneaking away from the room he'd been sharing with Sammy who had been taking the pain of his withdrawl from the Demon blood he'd been fed out on him and acted. Sure, it had taken far longer than was strictly necessary, but nobody messed with his family, not even family. Sam might never forgive him for what he'd done, but it needed to be done.

Taking in the expressions of his current companions, he prepared to be jumped on by up to three different directions. Gabriel would be getting his own back for his comments. Sam had completely failed to wrap his head around the fact that there was no Dean because he was Dean, but he was Michael first, and he'd just killed someone Sam cared about even though the woman hadn't returned little Sammy's feelings and had been using him for nefarious ends. To Bobby, he had seemingly gone from being one of his boys to being something to hunt.

It was his own fault really. Just about every time he was in a situation where he needed to say something to bring peace and comfort to others, he almost always said the wrong thing. Add in the fact that things had almost always been either black or white with him with no room for grey, and the fact that once he'd chosen a course of action he refused to back down, and it was a near perfect recipe for constant conflict. He even constantly ruffled Raph's feathers, and Raphael the Healer was the one he was closest to and got along with best since he'd cast Lucy into the pit.

The fact that when they weren't fighting between themselves he and Raph would often gang up on Gabe who'd always been a bit of a merry prankster as well as a messenger had likely been one of the main reasons behind why he'd run. The reason they had done so had been because amongst them Gabe had been the closest to Lucy in temperament, and constantly reminded them of the one who wasn't there who should've been, the one who'd disobeyed.

Technically, he was disobeying now, but he wasn't entirely sure it was disobedience. For one, they were acting on his plan when there had been a small enough possibility that this wasn't it, and that the plan Lucy had relayed in 1972 would've been thwarted. For two, there had been all of those timelines where Dean, the human Dean who would've been if he hadn't pulled the boneheaded maneuver he'd pulled thirty years ago, had said no and had managed to succeed in saving the world despite the fact that he had all of heaven and hell bearing down on him. Add those together, and there was the possibility that his plan to thwart the Apocalypse and keep Sammy from being Lucifer's host was exactly what Father had wanted him to do.

"Couldn't hack Sunday dinner? Couldn't hack Sunday dinner?" Gabriel said, pulling him out of the musing he'd fallen into as he waited for either Gabriel, his human brother Sam, or Bobby who'd been something of a surrogate father to him for several years to make their move.

"At least I didn't go ripping out my Grace and preventing someone's existence before they could tell me what I could go and do with myself." Gabriel said with an expression of disgust. "Loki gave me my spot fair and square."

He turned and rounded on Gabriel who was apparently going to be the source of the coming attack. As he did so, he braced himself for what was coming. Based on the speed with which this had escalated, it looked like there was going to be a bit of wing pulling involved.

"That's how you always worked though." Gabriel continued, bracing himself fr the coming fight. "Constantly storming about taking "Decisive action" and damn the consequences."

"Things had to be done or..." he started.

"Or what? Just because things wouldn't work out for you, wouldn't have gone the way you wanted them to, didn't mean things wouldn't work out eventually." Gabriel cut across.

"Yeah, and I didn't see you doing something to help!" he snapped.

"Me not help?" Gabriel replied angrily. "Me not help? What in Father's name did you think I was doing at that stupid Mystery Spot? Torturing your pet for fun? He's far too dependant on you, and everything was heading for disaster just like it did back then. Figured I'd show him what he'd become before he permanently hurt someone. Not as if it did any good though."

"Sammy's not a pet!" he yelled, still pissed over what happened as he lunged at his brother knowing that the other archangel had deliberately jabbed at a sore spot in order to get him to attack.

That was how it was with him and his brothers. They couldn't go a day without fighting, but if you hurt one of them on his watch, you could expect to be put down with extreme prejudice, even if you were one of them.