A Week with the Kirishima's

By: Shin Sankai

Author Note: Please be kind to me, its my first story for Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and is all about Yokozawa and Kirishima (and Hiyo-chan too). Within the whole franchise of Junjou and Sekai-ichi, these two have probably become my new favourite pairing. Though I absolutely love Ryuichiro-sama and Asahina, and the Junjou Terrorist pairing to pieces, I think these guys really need more screen time...or book time... since they aren't technically in the manga together...are they? So with that spoken I've been inspired by the Yokozawa no Baai stories and I'm now venturing into a multi-chapter story for these two bishounen and the adorably cute Hiyo-chan. I hope I do alright, but either way even if it becomes OOC, I'm still going to have fun doing it. Please be patient with me as I work on it. I'm a busy being so... I hope someone enjoys it even just a little bit...


A door clicked open, one hand feeling the wall to reach a switch to turn on the hallway light to dose the apartment in warm light which it hadn't seen for an entire week.

Yokozawa Takafumi, renowned businessman working in the sales department at Marukawa, dropped his bag in the genkan and sat down on the hard wooden floorboards to remove his shoes. Even before he fully got within the door his tie was already loose, removing the silk material from around his neck. His suit jacket was dumped carelessly on the ground as the fingers on his right hand worked quickly at undoing the buttons on his crisp white shirt, pulling it from his grey pressed trousers.

He'd just spent one hectic week with Kirishima Zen, his...lover and Kirishima's daughter Hiyori. Yokozawa fell backwards, head thunking a little too heavily on the floorboards as he made a dull thud and stared up at the ceiling. Who the hell was he kidding, hectic it may have been, but there was no way he could hide the fact he enjoyed it. Growing up as an only child, being left alone for nights on end, no one to welcome him home, no one to cook for him, he was really lonely. Being able to experience what a lively family was like, what it was like to have people to welcome you home or for him to welcome them, it made his heart race...not that he'd admit it aloud thats for sure.

"Sora-..." The businessman paused in calling out to his pet, remembering his cute and semi fat feline was still at the Kirishima household. Right now Yokozawa took a guess that Sorata would probably be curled up in Kirishima's lap, he on the couch, reading the newspaper with Hiyori in the kitchen cooking a hearty meal for the both of them. She was so bright and so adorable for an 11 year old girl. And sometimes so beyond her years it surprised him. Though with a big child like Kirishima, someone had to be the adult in that family. Well...sort of. She could still be so girly, gushing over girly things and the sweets he'd bring her and it truly was hard to believe she was actually Kirishima's.

Yokozawa never really had a lot of time for many people, but the Kirishima's had gotten under his skin. They'd miraculously been together for over a year now, but Yokozawa still refused to move in no matter the amont of times Kirishima suggested it. Whether it was out of pride, stubbornness or wishing to keep the relationship from Hiyori and her grandparents, either way Yokozawa still had this apartment to come back to. This cold, lonely one bedroom apartment. Even Sorata had abandened this place, all his toys and his bedding was now permanenty at the Kirishima's. He couldn't blame his feline though, as he chased after Hiyori whenever she called for him.

Who wouldn't considering how cute she was. Yokozawa couldn't help it, this past week he'd been immersed into the daily lives of the Kirishima's. Of course he'd been over many times, he'd lost count on how many visits he'd had, but a full week and one can observe everything about the young girl and her doting father. Being constantly within Hiyori's presence, she truly was very cute. And he was a man who would voice his opinion no matter what and on several occasions he had told her so. Instantly she blamed him for being around her Papa too much with the way he said it, but it was the truth and he was certain she was actually secretly pleased about it.

During that busy week he'd celebrated two birthday's, Hiyori who had turned 11 and Kirishima who wouldn't tell him his age, but Yokozawa was sure the man couldn't be too much older then him. He looked quite young to have an 11 year old daughter, but then perhaps it was inherited through his genes. His parents didn't look very old either, though he could harbour a guess they were probably in their 50's, maybe even 60's but they certainly didn't look it. Even if Kirishima was a lot older then him, it didn't matter because he really did lo-...

Yokozawa sat up from his position in the hallway, stopping the thought instantly. It was then he noticed he still had one shoe on as he became lost within his own thoughts. Quickly he undid the shoelace and then tossed the shoe next to its partner and got up, padding down the hallway to move into his dark open planned living room and kitchen. He flicked on the light, looking around the spotless - though slightly dusty - lifeless dwelling.

Yokozawa shuffled his way over to the sofa and promptly fell backwards onto the plush cushions, left hand cradling his head. The material of his shirt fell open revealing taut skin and pink nipples as he threw his right arm over his closed dark eyes.

What a bloody week it had been...

To Be Continued...