A Week with the Kirishima's

By: Shin Sankai

Author Note: Wow, the end has arrived. To those that reviewed and liked my little series, thank you so much for sticking with me through this adventure for Trifecta. Perhaps one day I will write for the trio again, its definitely been fun, I can assure everyone of that. I do hope Sensei does more for Trifecta and spreads around more of Trifecta-love so the boys (and Hiyo-chan) become more popular and more stories come out. I hope the novels/short stories continue, but I wish they had their own manga – is that selfish? I do hope you enjoy the last chapter for this series.


Sunday morning came far too quickly for Kirishima. Sometime during the early hours of the morning they'd finally broken apart, cleaning up as best they could before getting under the covers and Kirishima curled into Yokozawa, he slightly grumpy at being cuddled and spooned against, but he didn't pull away so Kirishima knew the man was only pretending.

Almond eyes blinked open, finally noticing they'd left the bedside lamp on all night, but really who cared about that when he blinked across at the man sleeping next to him. Yokozawa was sprawled on his stomach, left arm under the pillow his head was resting against, scruffy black bangs falling over his closed eyes. His right arm was limb against his face, fingers curled into a half fist as his thumb was pressed against his slightly parted lips.

"So cute..." Kirishima mumbled softly, so as not to disturb the man beside him. What he wouldn't give to have his phone within reaching distance. Carefully he shuffled closer to his partner's warmth, granted he was completely naked unlike him as he hadn't removed a single piece of his clothing in their frenzied love making. He dropped his head softly onto the pillow that Yokozawa rested his head on and with soft slow movements he clasped his left hand with Yokozawa's right hand resting close against his face.

"You're moving is interrupting my sleeping." The editor-in-chief smiled at the sleepy grumble from his adorable partner.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Since you called me cute."

"What, no grumbling this time? Ow!" Kirishima complained as Yokozawa sunk his teeth into his hand, which was in close proximity to his mouth since he had wanted to link their hands together. "I didn't realise you were such a biter."

"Only when you piss me off." Finally he watched deep blue eyes peel open to gaze across at him, silently observing as he jerked back, not realising just how close he was. "And now you're invading my personal space."

"You really are going to have to get used to that." Kirishima shifted, pushing Yokozawa to lie on his back as he leaned over him. "I'm a very affectionate guy." The editor-in-chief pressed his body into Yokozawa's naked one, unbelievably pleased as he shifted too, accommodating his hips between his own, his clothed groin pressing against Yokozawa's naked one. "I'm never letting you go." Kirishima whispered against Yokozawa's lips before capturing them in a heated morning lip-lock.

Unfortunately the moment was interrupted by Yokozawa's phone vibrating on the desk in the room. Both men stared over at it, both debating whether they should ignore it, but after much silent deliberation, it was Kirishima who groaned while rolling off his lover, getting out of bed to pad quietly over to it, pick it up and then bring it back over to Yokozawa. The salesman was just pulling a pair of clean briefs over his backside, coming around the side of the bed to take the phone from his older lover. He flipped it open, just as Kirishima ducked his head, lips grazing against the tender skin on his neck, making him shudder slightly.

"I've got to go."

"Eh?" Kirishima lifted his head, eyebrows furrowed and a frown on his usually smiling lips.

"Henmi is begging me to come in to help him before an important meeting tomorrow morning. Looks like he's got some issues."

"Can you at least stay for breakfast?" Kirishima asked his lover, knowing what he'll say next will definitely get him to agree. "Hiyo-chan will want to have breakfast for you, it being your last day and all with us."

"I guess...for Hiyo-chan." Yokozawa dragged on a pair of grey trousers, pulling on a white shirt just as Kirishima opened the bedroom door.

"Papa, tell Onii-chan I'm going to try making pancakes for him."

"Ah, um, sure..." Kirishima watched his daughter walk passed, heading down the hallway and towards the kitchen, she already up and dressed for the day, nothing phasing her with the fact her Papa was in her Onii-chan's room.

The editor-in-chief glanced back into the bedroom and the frozen Yokozawa. All he could do was shrug his shoulders as he quickly made his exit, saving the tongue lashing he was sure to get from Yokozawa for another day.

"Thank you for making me pancakes Hiyo-chan."

"They aren't as good as Onii-chan's."

"Practice makes perfect."

"Hiyo-chan," Kirishima cleared his throat as he helped his daughter place the dirty dishes into the sink in the kitchen. "Is there anything you want to ask about what happened earlier?"

"Oi..." Yokozawa began, but halted when Kirishima placed up his hand.

"About what?" Hiyori questioned her father as she stood on her stool and filled the sink with hot water, detergent and then cold water.

"About my being in Takafumi's room."

"Kirishima..." Yokozawa tried again, his heart pounding.

"Papa loves Onii-chan and Onii-chan loves Papa, what's the problem?" The two adults blinked silently at the young girl. "Onii-chan have you finished packing?" She was wiping her hands on a tea towel as she hopped off her stool, allowing the dishes to soak for a minute or two.

"Um, yes," He watched her nod her head.

"I'll place it in the genkan for you." She moved passed and out into the living room, heading for the spare room.

"See, I told you she didn't have a judgemental bone in her body." Kirishima voiced with pride. "Hey..." He called out to Yokozawa who swiftly turned around and walked off. "What's the matter with you?" The editor-in-chief walked after him, crouching beside Yokozawa as he was already in the genkan placing on his shoes and doing up the laces. It was then he noticed the slight flush of his cheeks and before his daughter entered the hallway he turned Yokozawa's head and planted a kiss on his lips. He would have deepened the lip-lock if it wasn't for the bite on his lower lip from his younger partner. "Why are you upset over this?" Kirishima was starting to get annoyed now. He stood up just as the silent Yokozawa did. "Hiyo-chan doesn't have a problem with us, hell even my parents accept us, so what is the problem?" The older man raked a hand through his light brown hair in frustration. "You're the only one that doesn't seem to accept this relationship." Finally Kirishima was letting his frustrations and his insecurities known. "Say something dammit!"

"Papa..." Two pairs of eyes turned to see Hiyori standing there with Yokozawa's hefty bag, she practically dragging it with her. He did have quite a bit of stuff in there after all. "Are you and Onii-chan having a lovers quarrel?" Kirishima made his way over to his cute daughter, taking the heavy bag from her as he dumped it a little too roughly in the genkan. "Yuki-chan's parents always have a lover's quarrel, but they always make up after an hour or two."

"We're fine..." He ruffled her hair, not truly sure if that was accurate or not.

"Onii-chan, hand please."

"Hand?" Yokozawa repeated and placed out his hand as Hiyori had asked of him. She placed an envelope into his open palm. "What's this then?" The salesman crouched down so he was eye level with the 11 year old.

"U-Um, you can't open it until you're alone, okay?"


"A-And I'll take good care of Sora-chan too."

"I know you will." Yokozawa watched her bite her bottom lip. "Don't cry Hiyo-chan, I will be back, I'm not going away forever."

"Promise?" That pout made his heart constrict as he rested on his knees and hugged her lightly.

"I promise." He let go and stood up, eyes glancing over at Kirishima who was stubbornly refusing to look at him and instead moved away to stand behind his daughter, his hands on her shoulders.

"See you later." Yokozawa voiced quietly, receiving a wave from Hiyori as he opened the door, taking one last look back, eyes focused on his older lover though the man still refused to make eye contact with him. He stepped out of the Kirishima household and the door shut behind him.

The salesman really didn't have much time to think about what had transpired between he and Kirishima as his phone went off just as he was getting into the taxi.

"Yokozawa-san, please tell me you are coming to the office for a couple of hours?"

"I'm on my way." He hung up, directing the driver to take him to Marukawa. He'd fix up any mishaps that had occurred in his absence and make sure the Sales Department would be ready for the meeting first thing Monday morning.

"You are a life saver Yokozawa-san." Henmi appreciatively voiced as the two men sat back in their chairs, as they'd been huddled around Yokozawa's immaculate desk, the dark haired businessman clacking away on the computer and also on the phone to several people as well.

"Have we printed everything off that is required for the meeting?" Henmi made his way over to the printer, checking the paperwork Yokozawa had completed and nodded his head. "Fantastic..." The salesman mumbled as he sat up, feeling paper crinkle in his pocket and he pulled it out, remembering the envelope Hiyori had given him. He pulled a letter-opener from his top drawer and sliced it open. He noticed pink letter writing paper inside and pulled it out, unfolding the pretty paper to read it:

'Dear Onii-chan,

I didn't really know any other way to thank you for taking care of Papa and I so well over the past week. Maybe I'm just a little bit embarrassed that this is all I could think of to do, since I know Onii-chan would tease me.

We've had so much fun together haven't we Onii-chan?

Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday, I've never had breakfast in bed before. The taste of your fluffy golden pancakes are truly the best ever!

We are going to miss you. We've just loved having you with us, in our home, spending time with us, cooking with me, teasing Papa and even sharing your own past memories with us, I'll treasure them always. When you came with us to farewell Mama, it really meant a lot to us. I'm sure she's happy that we've let her go now. And spending many hours with me trying to find Papa a present and then taking us out to dinner – AH – I haven't given you any money for that night! Silly me! I'll write a note to remind myself to give you money the next time you come over. ^_^

I promise to take good care of Sora-chan too. I'll make sure he doesn't get too fat...well fatter then he already is. ^_^ And if anything happens to him and he has to visit the vet, I'll make sure we tell you straight away, so you don't become worried like before.

But truthfully, what I really want, what Papa wants too, is for Onii-chan to return. Please come home. I know Papa can be a handful, maybe me too, but please take care of us from now on.

Papa and I are your family now.

Love, Hiyori xxx

PS. I printed out the photo for you. I hope this can be placed in your key case since you gave the other one to Mama.'

Yokozawa's heart was pounding as he placed down the endearing letter and pulled the picture from the envelope, it being the one of the three of them sitting in the park. His left arm was around Hiyori, her left hand pressed against his forearm while her right was giving the camera the peace sign and Kirishima was next to her, his arm over the back of the seat, he knowing his fingers were caressing the skin at the back of his neck but his eyes, they were not looking at the camera at all. His head was slightly turned as he was focused on the two of them and not the camera at all, an incredibly sweet gentle smile gracing his lips.

"Yokozawa-san," The salesman jolted as he quickly shoved the photo into his pocket.


"Is everything alright?"

"Yes of course." Henmi eyed him suspiciously, dark eyes drifting to the pink paper.

"Is that a letter from your lover's daughter?"

"Huh?" His eyes followed to where Henmi was pointing, he forgetting to hide the pink paper as all he did was hide the photo of the three of them.

"Kirishima-san said your lover had a daughter and that you think of her like she was your own."

"Mm," He was seriously going to have to do something about that rumour which had now settled around the office.

"Its nice isn't it?


"Knowing no matter what happens, you're loved by two very important people to you." Yokozawa blinked up at Henmi as he leaned against his table. And suddenly Yokozawa stood up.

"I've got to go."

"Eh? Ah, Yokozawa-san?" The said businessman left Henmi for dust as he grabbed the letter and his bags and bolted out of the office and towards the elevator. How the fuck could he be so stupid! He fidgeted impatiently as he road the elevator down to ground floor and ran out of the building, hand flying up as he waved for a taxi. It felt like it took ages as one finally stopped for him and he threw his duffel bag and his brief case into the car and then jumped in, barking his order to the driver and telling him to step on it as though his life depended on it.

He took the stairs two at a time as he bolted up them, throwing his bags on the ground as he pounded on the door.

"Kirishima!" He'd never felt so desperate before in all his life. His breath hitched, his heart pounded in his ears and a neighbour who was walking by, heading back to their own apartment, eyed him suspiciously. Yokozawa fumbled in his pockets, pulling his key case from his pocket as he clicked it open, noticing the key to the Kirishima household was still attached. He'd forgotten to return it. Yokozawa's hands shook as he placed the key in the lock and turned it, taking a deep breath as he pulled the door open. "Kirishima, Hiyo-chan," He called out, frowning deeply when there was no answer. His eyes peered down to the floorboards, noticing no shoes in sight and felt his shoulder's slump. Had he missed his chance? Yokozawa bowed his head as he stepped out and locked the door as though he had never been there, picking up his bags and trudged down the stairs and towards the train station to take him to his apartment block.

Which is now where he was, lying on his lounge, arm covering his eyes as his mind reeled over everything that had gone on in this past week. He didn't know how long he was there for, mulling over what had happened, whether it resulted in laughter, tears, surprise, frustration, good, bad, anger, shock or sex, everything would never be a regret to him.

It was then he remembered his phone, why the fuck didn't he just call to find out where they were?

"Argh..." Yokozawa grunted, arm jerking away from his eyes as a sudden heavy weight was sitting over him, his blue eyes widening as there in the flesh was Kirishima straddling him, his backside sitting half on his stomach and half pressing into his groin region.

"Yo," The editor-in-chief remarked casually.

"Wh-What are you doing here? And how did you get in?"

"You left the door unlocked. And I'm here because I'm regretting the fact that I actually allowed you to walk out of the house." Kirishima folded his arms over his chest, not minding this position, though sex was the last thing he should be thinking about right now. "I'm actually here to 'make up' as Hiyo-chan called it after our 'lover's quarrel' according to her."

"It's been more then an hour or two." Yokozawa felt his shoulder's ease as Kirishima laughed loudly above him.

"Now I can't help that since work is very important to you and I didn't want to interrupt whatever drama had occurred in the Sales Department which only you can fix up." Yokozawa half quirked his lips. "I'm sure Henmi-kun will be pleased that the pressure is off him now that you've fixed everything, ne?"


"Aaaaaaaaaaaah," Deep blue eyes widened at the sudden frustrated cry from Kirishima. "Fuck, you piss me off." Yokozawa felt his breath catch in his throat. "You frustrate the hell out of me, I've no idea what you're thinking about. I'm not a bloody mind reader, you have to tell me if anything is wrong." Kirishima raked his hands through his hair. "I know I'm a handful, and yes I'm quite lazy too, but that's your fault...and Hiyo-chan's fault for always taking care of me. I'm not the most likeable person, though I'm sure I'm more liked then you..." The editor-in-chief paused as blue eyes narrowed at the comment. "...but that doesn't matter. All that matters to me is you and Hiyo-chan. I know you never thought you'd get involved with someone like me...and yes I was married and to you that would scream alarm bells in that bloody head of yours, but I love you. Everything about you, I have fallen in love with."


"Are you actually listening to what I'm saying?" Kirishima felt his voice crack slightly. "I know I'm probably going to be the biggest complication in your fairly easy life and it'll never be the same again. And yes I do come with a small adorable package and I don't care if you want to run away because I'm going to bloody chase after you every single time. Do you understand me?"

Yokozawa's heart was pounding in his ears. "I...yes...I understand."

"Phew, that felt good." Kirishima was free of all his insecurities, shoulders at ease as he finally got off his partner, arms stretching above his head and an easy smile gracing his lips. "I feel better now. Coffee?" He didn't wait for an answer as he made his way into Yokozawa's kitchen, fumbling around in the cupboards to find mugs, the coffee and...they'd have to have it black...the milk was out of date. "You'll have to do a shop of your own, all your food is out of date." Kirishima clicked open the lid of the kettle, turning the tap on as he began to fill it with water.

"Zen..." A loud clanking sound echoed through the small kitchen, Kirishima having dropped the kettle in the sink, he in utter shock as he turned around to face a nervous and shuffling Yokozawa.

"Say that again." Blue eyes glanced over at him, quickly darting away in embarrassment. "Takafumi," He whispered softly as he padded over to his tense lover. "Please say my name again."

"Zen..." And the editor-in-chief slammed him up against the wall in the kitchen, clock rattling above them as he kissed the salesman long and hard, revealing all his love in that one lip-lock. "Ah...stop..." Yokozawa gasped out, heart hammering in his ribcage while he pressed his palms on Kirishima's chest, lightly pushing him away.


"I went to your place, after reading Hiyo-chan's letter. I wanted to apologise."

"Hiyo-chan's letter?" Yokozawa pulled it from his pocket and handed it wordlessly to Kirishima, watching him quickly read it. "Wow, that really tugs at the heartstrings. She's such a good girl."

"She is..."

"Wait, why did you come to apologise?"

"For being me...I guess."

"But I love you for being you."

"But I'm a pain in the ass, I frustrate the hell out of you."

"This is true." Kirishima was rewarded with narrowed eyes gazing over at him. "What? You're the one that said it."

"No, you said it first."

"Alright, alright, I can't deny it. But as I've always said to you, no matter what happens, I love you, everything about you, I accept."


"And after some thinking and a little whack from Hiyo-chan as she told me to win you over and bring you back, I will wait for you, to sort out whatever is going on in that head of yours." Yokozawa felt his breath catch in his throat once more. "Granted the way Hiyo-chan said it, it was almost like I'm a knight in shining armour coming to rescue his princess, ow!" The editor-in-chief was thumped hard for that. "Don't blame me, it was Hiyo-chan!"

"Where is Hiyo-chan?"

"She's at home."

"You left her there...alone?" Yokozawa voiced in exasperation.

"Sure why not, she's done it plenty of times before."

"Oh for crying out loud." Yokozawa's eyebrows furrowed as he noticed the grin forming on Kirishima's lips.

"Hiyo-chan said she'd wait patiently, waiting in the hallway near the genkan to welcome you home, when I returned with you."

"I'm quite a handful."

"I know..."

"I'm someone who will get jealous quite easily."

"I know this too."

"I can be rude and harsh and I'm not very good with showing my emotions."

"Unless you're drunk that is." Kirishima was rewarded with another glare.

"You'll have to always reassure me that you won't betray me."

"I can do that."

"And I expect you to not be so bloody lazy."

"But you and Hiyo-chan always do everything together, I'm always left out."

"Then we'll make sure to include you in more things."

"Except sex."

"Well naturally you idiot!" Yokozawa barked loudly.

"And you have to be the one to talk to her about boys and girls stuff and everything else that I can't do because I'm too chicken to do it."

"I can do that."

"Great, now can we get out of this dump and go home?"

"Your turning your nose up at my home, you bloody rich snob."

"No I'm not, I'm simply saying this place isn't your home, you deserve better then this small one bedroom apartment and I have the perfect place, our home, where Hiyo-chan is waiting for us."

"If you ever stop loving me, I will kill you." It was the only comeback he could come up with.

"Never going to happen." Kirishima murmured as he locked lips with Yokozawa once more. He broke away to move into the living room and picked up Yokozawa's duffel bag. "And bonus, you're already packed." Almond eyes glanced around at the clutter free apartment. "We'll write up a 'termination of lease agreement' letter later on and the three of us will come back next weekend and clean the place up. We'll box up all your belongings and sell anything that you don't need and have what you want to keep delivered to the house at the same time. I hope you realise that your once clutter free life is going to be no more as well."

"I love you." The duffel bag dropped from Kirishima's hands. Yokozawa's heart pounded, his body shook at just how easy those words slipped passed his lips and yet how much it spoke to him as he truly meant it. It had taken a long time, he'd been heart broken before, but this man would be the last person he'd ever love. He gulped down the lump that built up in his throat as he gingerly took a few steps forward, hand rising to rest on the editor-in-chief's left shoulder as the man had not moved an inch since his confession. "Zen..." The salesman felt his breath catch instantly as Kirishima tried to hide the emotion fluttering over his handsome face. One hand was pressed against his lips, his eyelids closing to hide his misty eyes from view.

"My heart..." Kirishima croaked out, feeling Yokozawa turn him to face him, one hand pressing against his chest, definitely being able to feel the thumping of it.

"You've been waiting a long time to hear it." Yokozawa gulped as moist almond eyes finally peeled open to stare at him.

"But it makes it all the more real." Kirishima took a deep breath and bent to pick up the dropped bag once more, bending slightly to press his lips against waiting ones. "Let's go home."

The two businessmen strolled down the darkened street, heading towards the Kirishima...and now Yokozawa household. They'd remained quiet in the train ride, sitting side by side, each wearing a tiny smile.

As they headed down the deserted street Kirishima plucked up his courage and removed his left hand from his pocket and swiped up Yokozawa's, linking their hands together.

"I'm not letting go." Kirishima decided to boldly state, even before Yokozawa could have a chance to complain. After several long seconds he stole a side glance to gaze at his partner, easing and feeling a smile beam across his lips as Yokozawa was gazing down at their hands, that adorable smile brushing across his face.

Only when they arrived at the apartment building did they break contact to head up the stairs and towards the apartment door.

"After you, Takafumi..." Kirishima voiced as he watched the salesman pull his key case out of his pocket, prying it open, his observant almond eyes noticing their cute photo in the clear sleeve and then listened to the key go in the keyhole. "What is it?" The editor-in-chief questioned as Yokozawa seemed to pause for a moment, half turning to look back at him.

"Please take care of me from now on." Kirishima felt his heart swell, which it constantly did these days and nodded his head.

With a light blush on his face, Yokozawa turned the doorknob and pulled the door open.

There in the hallway, right by the genkan was the adorably cute and smiling 11 year old. The salesman placed his bags on the ground, cleared his throat as he turned his gaze to Hiyori.

"Tadaima..." He waited with baited breath as she stepped forward, hugging him around the waist as her head rested against his stomach. It didn't take long for another set of arms to move around his shoulders, Kirishima tucking his head against the right side of his neck and the door clicked closed.

"Okaeri nasai..." Yokozawa placed one hand atop of Hiyori's head while his other lifted up to press at the back of Kirishima's.

Ah, life was finally perfect.

The End.