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A sparkling, dew-covered world. A world of peace, innocence. A world where the cerulean blue sky was dotted with pure white clouds floating lazily across. A world for children to play happily in the fields and for laughter to fill the air forever. A world where nothing could ever, ever go wrong. A world where nothing would ever change.

Such an innocent lie, and yet it makes such a big difference.

'Len!' The blonde ten-year-old girl laughed as she dove onto into the crystal clear pond and came up sputtering. A nearly identical boy of the same age stood leaning calmly against a tree, his arms crossed in front of his chest. The two could be siblings, twins even. But they were not. In fact, they weren't blood related in any way whatsoever.

'Rinny,' He sighed, 'You'll freeze on the way back if you get yourself wet like that.'

The girl, Rin, pouted as she paddled back to the edge of the pond. 'I don't care!' She declared loudly, 'You're going to go away soon, anyway. I'll be alone. So what if I freeze to death? Maybe that would be less boring!' She seemed to get more and more agitated, and by the end of her little tantrum, she was shouting. Rin tried, but failed, to pull herself up the side of the bank and when Len offered his hand, she stopped, glaring, before reluctantly accepting his help.

'Rinny, I already told you.' Len said as he took off his coat and wrapped it around the shivering girl, 'I don't want to move away. I need to. Dad's business failed, we're moving somewhere where everything would cost less.'

'I told you that you could stay at the palace!'

'We can't, Rinny.' Len sighed, 'We can't just live somewhere for free, without doing or giving anything back. It's not right.'

'But... But...'

'Rinny. I'm moving. There's nothing you can do.'

Rin's mouth opened and closed for a while before tears formed in the corners of her eyes and she scrambled up, yelling. 'It's not that I can't do anything, it's that you won't let me do anything! Just tell the truth, Len. You don't want me around you anymore!' By now, the tears were flowing freely down her face, and her bright blue eyes were bright with emotion. Len looked stricken and he reached out a hand towards the girl, 'Rinny...'

'Don't "Rinny" me! You don't want me! No one wants me! I'll be all alone forever!

With that, Rin spun around and ran, her dripping white ribbon that had managed to stay firmly on her head during her dip in the pond finally fluttering off and landing on the floor, her shoulder-length blonde hair flying out behind her.


'I know you're there, Rinny.'

A small sniff confirmed his suspicions and Len stepped forward cautiously, as one might do so as to not scare off a timid small animal. 'Don't hide there, Rinny. The guards are probably looking for you at the palace. C'mon.' He coaxed, not without affection.

A few more sniffs, and then those blue eyes laden with tears peeked at him from between the leaves on the tree.

'Please come down?'

'I'm... I'm afriad to...' Len sighed, exasperated.

'Stay there, Rinny. I'll go up and get you down. Don't lean out too much; you might fall.'

Rin nodded and her eyes disappeared behind the green again.

Len placed his arms on the bark of the tree and, with a grunt, pulled himself up slowly. When he was high enough, he reached for a branch and swung upwards, pulling himself on the branch Rin was sitting on. He stretched out a hand, smiling at the girl. 'Let's bring you home, Rinny.'

Rin rubbed her eyes and reached out. Just as Len had her hand firmly clasped in his, there was a sickening crack! and the two fell, one with a yelp and one with a scream.


Len had, luckily, landed on a pile of dried leaves, so he was aching but not seriously hurt. He also had Rin on top of him. Immediately, he sat up, hugging the petite littly girl. 'Are you okay, Rinny? Nothing broken? Will you live?'

Rin gave a small giggle, even though her eyes filled with tears of pain. 'I'm okay. Nothing's broken. I think. And I'll live. Hopefully.' She paused, then added in a smaller, more worried voice, 'Are you okay, Len?'

Len breathed a sigh of relief and replied, 'Yeah. I'm fine.' Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out Rin's now-dried white bow. 'Here. You dropped it by the pond.' Rin reached out to take the bow, but Len pulled it back. 'I'll put it on for you.' He clipped the little bow firmly in place and smiled at Rin, surprised when she started to tear up again. 'Rinny? Rinny, what's wrong.'

'You'll... You'll really leave, right Len?' She sniffed, 'I won't see you again, and then you'll forget all about me.'

'I won't Rinny,' He quickly reassured her.

'And then you'll find someone else, someone cuter. And you'll get together and I'll be alone. And you won't care about me anymore, and...'

'Rinny. Rin.' Len interrupted and the girl looked at him through tear-filled eyes. 'I won't ever forget you. I won't stop caring about you. I won't find someone better, I promise.' Rin's eyes widened a bit at the word "promise".

'There won't ever be anyone else but you in my heart,' Len continued, 'Even if I move far, far away, I'll come back for you. I promise.'

'... Really?' Rin asked. For someone her age, she took promises very seriously, and Len knew that. He smiled.


'Promise?' Rin stuck out her pinky finger.

'Promise.' Len said, and sealed the deal.

'You will forever be my little crybaby.'



'Oh, Len.' Rin sighed as she looked out the window from her room. No, her prison really. Even though she, Kagamine Rin, was the princess of Ledon, she was really just another prisoner under her parents' rule.

She had waited. Oh, how she had waited. For five years, she had clung on desperately onto that promise, that pitiful little child's promise. Rin was 15 now, and she was still waiting for Len to come back to here.

'Maybe... Did he forget about me?' Rin wondered, and then had to blink back the tears that threatened to explode out. No. No, he promised. He wouldn't forget her.


'Rin-sama.' The kind voice of Gumi, her personal maid -Although Rin liked to think of the green-haired girl as a friend and a confident- interrupted her idle houghts. 'The suitor your father picked is here. Are you ready?'

'How many times have I told you to call me Rin, Gumi?' Rin sighed, then added, 'By the way, this suitor... What's his name? Are you sure that Dad isn't going to just tease me with him and then chase him away again?'

'Um, I'm not sure Rin-sa... Rin-chan,' Rin decided she would be satisfied with 'Rin-chan' for now, 'But I do now his name and how he looks. He looks quite similar to you, actually.'

'Oh, really?'

'Yes. His name is, um, Len. Kagene Len.'