Hello! Alright, firstly, this is my first multi-chapter story for Tangled. I got the idea a little while back after… actually I can't remember what I was doing! Anyway, it's based on the movie 'Sleepless in Seattle', which is inspired by 'An Affair to Remember'. My original summary was too long, so here's the whole thing...

Summary: After the death of his wife, a grieving Eugene insists that his daughter, Isabelle, is the only girl in his life. However, Isabelle decides it's time for her dad to love again, and secretly sets up an account on an Internet dating site for him, where she meets a female artist. Set in modern times.

Okay, I really hope you like it! Enjoy! ;)


Chapter 1 ~ Prologue

Everyone has a story. Some are stories of adventure. Some are of family, and friendship. Sometimes, they're stories of magic, and mystery. And every once in a while, the story someone has to tell, is one of everlasting love...

My name is Isabelle Lily Fitzherbert, and my story, is about making a way through tragedy, and finding the strength to love again...

And it starts, one stormy night in October, with a chair.


Please let me know what you think! Love it… hate it… let me know in review and PM!