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Chapter 7 ~ Plan in Action

November 23rd 2011, New York City

"Izzy, this plan is genius!" Taylor squealed, trapping the girl in a tight hug.

It was 3:45 in the afternoon, and they and Kaitlin were in Taylor's bedroom, sitting on her bed.

"You do realise that this could be counted as identity theft, right?" Kaitlin questioned. "And you're a bobby's daughter!"

"Well, I think it's romantic," Taylor argued, crossing her arms over her chest, before continuing dramatically, "A man loses his wife to leukaemia, then his daughter poses as him on an Internet dating site in search of the woman who can heal her father's broken heart."

Isabelle smiled at the way Taylor described what she was planning as if it were some kind of Shakespearean romance. She knew she was crazy for even attempting to do this, but she couldn't suppress the rushing excitement and determination surging through her body.

"I'm just saying that it's uncommon for a cop's daughter to commit identity theft on her own father," Kaitlin replied. "I never tried to convince you out of this..."

Both Isabelle's and Taylor's jaws dropped in sudden realisation, before Isabelle voiced their discovery, "Oh my gosh! You're agreeing to this!"

Kaitlin had always been the most sensible one in their friendship. So the sheer thought of her agreeing to them doing something that could possibly be counted as a crime was unheard of to say the absolute least.

"Despite what you think, I do have a romantic side," Kaitlin giggled.

"So, this means you'll keep my secret?" Isabelle asked, chewing on her lower lip nervously.

"Of course I will," Kaitlin smiled.

The three girls hugged each other, until Isabelle pulled back, "Okay then, let's create that account."

Taylor logged in to her laptop and opened up an Internet page, before passing the laptop to Isabelle.

Isabelle typed 'eharmony usa' into the search engine and clicked on the link, before clicking on the 'sign up' icon.

"Okay... Name, that's easy... I'm a man seeking women..." Isabelle mumbled, mostly to herself, as she filled in the first two boxes, before entering her zip code, country and her email address. "What should I make my password?"

"Well, it needs to be at least 8 characters. And something your dad won't figure out," Kaitlin replied.

"How about 'polarbears'? No space," Taylor suggested. Kaitlin gave her a questioning look, to which Taylor shrugged, "What?"

"It's perfect," Isabelle laughed, typing in the password.

For the next several minutes, Isabelle combed through the pages and - with help from Kaitlin and Taylor - answered all the questions, including the mega-awkward ones.

"How long have we been doing this for?" Taylor eventually groaned.

Kaitlin looked at watch, "About half an hour."

"Don't worry. It shouldn't take much longer," Isabelle smiled, before turning to the laptop screen and reading the page, "Section 13: Matching Information..."

The first 7 questions were easy, but Isabelle decided to get some advice on the next one...

"Guys, what should I say for question 8?" Isabelle asked.

"'Aside from any children you or a new partner may already have, would you like to start a new family by having or adopting a baby?' " Taylor read the question, and turned to Kaitlin.

"It's probably safest to say 'maybe'..." Kaitlin replied. Isabelle nodded, gave that answer, and went to the next page.

"'Upload a photo'. Okay..." Isabelle mumbled. She pushed her usb stick into the laptop, and uploaded the picture of her dad she'd saved onto the usb the night before onto her new account.

"Perfect," Kaitlin smiled. "What's next?"

Isabelle clicked the 'save and continue' button for probably the 20th time that afternoon, and read the next question, "Tell your matches a bit more about yourself. You may be as personal as you like. Why is finding that special someone so important to you? Answer in 650 characters or less."

"Yikes, Izzy... You're really gonna have to put yourself in your dad's shoes for that one," Taylor commented.

Isabelle thought for a few minutes, drafting her answer out in her mind, before she began typing her answer. A minute later, she sat up and looked at her best friends for approval, "How's this?"

Kaitlin leaned over her shoulder and read out her answer, "Finding that special someone is important to me for many reasons. Two years ago, my beautiful wife Melissa died from leukaemia, leaving me alone with our daughter Isabelle. Melissa meant the world to me, and her death absolutely devastated me. I told everyone that I was fine, but Isabelle saw right through it. She told me that I couldn't keep grieving like I was and that I needed to try and find love again. One of the most important things I'm looking for in a partner is that she's good with children. Whoever I end up getting together with has to be someone who is capable of being a caring, loving step-mum for Isabelle, who she feels she can trust and depend on. Aside from that, the only other majorly important thing is that my partner wants to be with me and love me because I'm me."

"That's absolutely beautiful, Izzy," Taylor breathed as a single tear slipped down her cheek.

"I couldn't agree more," Kaitlin agreed.

Isabelle smiled, and pressed the 'save and continue' button; again. She read the next page and smiled, "That's it..."

"Finally!" Taylor exclaimed with an extravagant sigh.

Isabelle chuckled, "I can't believe I just did this!"

"I guess all we can do now is hope that this works out..." Kaitlin smiled tenderly.

Isabelle touched the sapphire pendant hanging from her neck, "Yeah."

That night, Los Angeles, California

Rapunzel sat quietly in front of her computer screen, staring at the eHarmony home page, while Pascal sat on her desk, watching with the same level of quietness.

She just couldn't make up her mind whether or not she should sign up. She did want a serious relationship, but her busy life meant that she didn't really get the chance to look around for her 'Prince Charming'. Joining eHarmony was probably the best option.

But what kind of guy would she get matched up with? And what if her seemingly 'perfect match' wasn't the right guy for her?

Rapunzel glanced down at Pascal, "Just by clicking that button, I could be halfway to find my right guy... but do I even dare?"

"If you don't, you could miss your chance at finding true love," Pascal replied. "You just have to do it..."

Rapunzel took a deep breath and sighed, "I could just walk away and not take the risk... Should I?"

Pascal shook his head, "No. You should just take a leap of faith and go for it!"

Rapunzel looked back at her computer screen and smiled, before moving the mouse over the 'sign up' button and clicking.

"Here I go..."


And now, the search begins! See my Tangled reference at the end? Like I said at the start, as I'm only 15, there is no way of Earth that my parents would let me sign up on an Internet dating site to help me write this fanfic, so from this point on, I'll be using my own imagination for this, so please don't criticise me if I get something wrong. Anyway, please review! ;)