It hadn't been an extraordinarily long trip, but sufficed to say, they both missed her an extraordinary amount. Elena Gilbert, the doppelganger. Oh how both "men" were in love with her. They're driving back now, finally the town boarders in sight. Nervous suddenly, they both began fidgeting, unable to make conversation through the tension. She would pick one of them. Which one she would pick, they couldn't fathom. When she would pick, they hadn't the slightest.

"Damon," Stefan started uneasily, "whichever she picks, we're still brothers." It was a statement, that sounded ever so slightly like a question in the bronze haired man's insecurities.

"Still brothers." Damon replied with a nod. Still not looking at each other, they continued down the road.

Her house now in plain sight, the brothers brace themselves for what is next to come. Jeremy is in the yard, a good sign that a) they're home, and b) they're safe.

Climbing out of the car, Stefan calls his welcome to the boy who had been for quite some time, nearly his in law. "Jeremy!" He shouts from beside the car, where the door makes more noise than he'd meant for when he closes it a little too hard. Flinching, he continues up to the house. "Jeremy, it's been a while." He states lamely, reaching to shake the boy's hand.

"Yeah, like two weeks." Jeremy says with a hint of sarcasm, and a secret wish for it to have been longer. He shakes the hand outstretched to him, but not without malice.

"Well, we couldn't stay away too long. One day already felt like a year."

"You've missed enough for it to be a year." Jeremy smirked to himself when he thought of how Stefan's reaction would be to the most recent news.

"It's so great to see you two bonding," Damon quips as he comes up behind his fellow vampire. "is Elena home?" His expression shows little sign of gladness to see the Gilbert boy.

"Yeah, she's inside." Jeremy's reluctance is not lost on them. They approach the house together, and when they reach the door, Jeremy, who is now uncomfortably behind them, puts his arm through to the door unsuccessfully. "I think it should already be open, if you want to just go in." Ignored though, the door opens for them.

Standing in front of them, in the shadows of the hallways, is an ever so satisfied looking original vampire.

"Klaus." Stefan noted, while he and his brother enter a dramatic stare down, like they had so many times before.