Elena POV

I had no idea how long it would be before I saw them again. After Alaric made it clear that he was coming after them, the Salvatore brothers took off. The stopped Klaus' heart. And they left.

I'm safe. Damon and Stefan aren't here to protect me, but Alaric is. And since I am the only thing keeping Alaric alive, he'll make sure I'm safe. At least until he's finished killing off the entire vampire race, in which case all of those I hold dear; Stefan and Damon, Caroline, Tyler... They'll all be dead, and I'll have no reason to stay alive anyway. Everyone I ever loved is either dead, or at death's door. Truth is, I'm not so sure if I can handle being alive now at all. I live every second of my life, absolutely terrified that I'm going to lose someone else. And so far, it's looking likely.

Jeremy's asleep in the other room. It's just me now. Sitting here. Alone. Scared. After the events of the day, I'm completely exhausted, but wide awake.

The only thing I can think to do is to go and sit on the porch. It probably isn't the safest idea. What with Alaric running around. But I cannot sit here any longer.

I pull on the nearest sweater I can find, and head down to the front door, turning on the porch light as I go. To anxious to sit, I make myself comfortable resting against the railing.

"Been a rough night all around, hasn't it?" A distinctly British voice says from somewhere in the bushes.

Klaus? No... Klaus' heart stopped beating. His body was laying somewhere, unable to move, dead in every way except for the "man's" conscience.

"Come now, don't be afraid. I just want to talk."

That was most definitely Klaus' voice. But how..?


"Yes Elena. Very good." He steps out of the shadows. Hands up when she starts, he grins. "Now, now, don't be frightened. I just want to talk."

Before I can move back into the house, he has my arms held tight at my side, facing him. "Where are they, Elena?" His voice, tight with suppressed anger, raises the hairs on her neck.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I say as I try to pull away, unsuccessful in his loose supernatural grip.

"Oh I think you do." He sneers. When she doesn't answer, he adds, "Stefan, and Damon, Salvatore, Elena, where are they?"

Clearly struggling, he loosens his grip and prepares a new approach.

He's holding my arms, gently, soothingly, stroking me with his thumbs. "I know you're scared Elena, but I won't hurt you. That wouldn't do anyone any good, would it?"

I'm too confused at his actions to think up a good response. I only nod.

"Good girl. Tell me where they've gone, love." His eyes seem soft, but I know better.

"I would never tell you that." I snap.

His face doesn't grow dark, instead, he looks... Understanding.

"Fine then. Maybe later."

"How are you alive?" I can't bite my tongue fast enough. The words fly out of my mouth before I can stop them.

He laughs. "Alive? Elena, I haven't been alive in thousands of years." The laugh seems to reach his eyes.

"Just answer me."

"And why would I do that? Since you've been so helpful about the boys?" He states pointedly.

Knowing I've lost, I look away, unable to hold his gaze any longer. As much as I know that I want to show him I'm not afraid, I'm still just as close to tears as I was before. If he saw me cry... That would be worse than anything he's done to me ever.

"Fine. A trade then. I'll tell you, and then you tell me." He doesn't wait for me to object. He starts his story right away. "Rebekah foundme. She brought me to Elijah. They restored me. That is all." He smirks, thinking he's one. All I can do is stall for time.

"I thought Rebekah and you had a big fight and she never wanted to talk to you again." It works. His eyes are guarded, but he seems willing enough to talk.

"She's my sister, Elena."I can't help but notice, his usual impatient tone is nowhere to be found.

"You're over a thousand years old." Easy Elena, I think to myself. Doppelganger or not, he could still snap your neck.

He smiles. Weird. "Exactly. When you have an eternity to live, you keep those around you love whether you hate them or not. You may find yourself lonely some day." He cocks his head to the side. "Surely you understand that, Elena."

"Yeah, I do." I'm curious now. All he's done to get rid of his family. After all that, he's telling me he wants to keep them around. Is it a trap? To lure me into telling him about Stefan and Damon? I can't see how that's possible, given the context, but Klaus is nothing if not sneaky. "She was happy to have you back then I guess."

"Fairly, her and Elijah have taken off. I expect they'll visit though. Perhaps try to convince me to go with them."

"So why don't you?"

His expression is guarded again. "I have more important things to deal with."

There he goes again... One second, saying his family is the most important thing. And then...

"What happened to keeping your family around?"

"Elena," he releases me and looks around in frustration. "My situation, is slightly more complicated, than what you make it out to be."

"Because you're different from them." He watches me, eyes unyielding, and at the same time - or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me – willing. "Like me."

He stiffens, drawing into himself. As much as I hate this man with all that I am, I feel like I can kind of relate to him. No Elena, you're just really tired. I'm not sure if I'm lying to myself, or hiding from the truth when I think this.

He seems to know exactly what I'm thinking though.

"Right, like you. And you, should go to bed." Did he forget about Stefan and Damon? No, he couldn't have. Maybe he's waiting for me to open up, or have a reason to think I can. Either way, I nod. He smiles. "It's been a rough day all round.

He turns and walks away, and that's the last I see of him until the next night.

He'd come frequently over the weeks, coming at night, talking. One night it rained, and I don't know what compelled me to do it – the irony that played over my thoughts was not lost on me – but I invited him in. Jeremy was beside himself. He shouted and through things and threatened, but strangely enough, he warmed up to Klaus, the same way I had.

The weirdness didn't stop there though. As Klaus opened up to us more and more, he began to do other things too. He came over occasionally in the daytime now. He brought pizza once, and another time, (he doesn't know I know it) he made an arrangement with Jeremy to help us out financially. He was started to become sort of a guardian to us.

He never fit in with his family. He betrayed them because he was afraid of them. He didn't trust them... He didn't want to get hurt. But I think we've gotten through to him, me and Jeremy. I think he's starting to trust us. And as I open up more to him, telling him things about Damon and Stefan that I'd never even really admitted to myself, all worries about giving out information about him go away.

Our final barriers were broken the night after Rebekah came to visit. They'd fought. She wanted him to leave with her. He refused. He came over. And somehow we ended up in my bed, snuggled up, blasting music, and crying. Turns out, Klaus has emotions.

After this became the daily routine; wake up, make breakfast, see Klaus, go to school, get Klaus' help with homework (we were shocked too) and a few other domestic things, we started to settle into each other's company.

I still see Caroline and Tyler often. But with Alaric around, it's getting risky. Klaus still has a thing for Caroline. But they've only run into each other a few brief times, with very, very few words exchanged between them.