Chapter 27

It was really strange the fact that Mairi acts like if she gets primped every day, she remained. Her phone beeps. Since Mairi is busy, Liz answers. She squeals and gleefully lets us know that Chal's here. I sighed and left to the living room. Let them have those last few minutes of hurried prep for themselves. I planted myself on the armrest of the couch where Grant sat. 'Oopsie Daisy,' Liz opened the door and must have hit herself in the nose.

"Macey, she's fine. Leave her alone." Bex steers Mairi away. "She's like a bloody hound."

Jonas holds a simple necklace. "Liz fixed this up."

A hidden camera for us to watch the whole show; chances are she'll forget vital details. I slip the jewelry around her. In the brief moment Chal walked inside (he cleans up nice). Nobody noticed the look on his face once he laid eye on Mairi. His eyes popped out of his head like a cartoon cat. I unsuccessfully hid my smirked because no one saw that but me. 'Cause let's just say Bex and Macey did a better than stellar job making Mairi look good.

"Hi, um you ready?"

He sounded slightly unsteady. Never mind that, Chal saw me watching him watching her.

"Yeah, give me second," Mairi looks back at us for a long time. "Why are there so many of you?"

She blew a big dramatic kiss at us and walked out the front door. I asked to Jonas and Liz who had suddenly busied themselves with the television. "What now?"

"Now we…"

"Get visual" And the screen crackles to life.

Time Skip

I was introduced Samuel Winters, Charlene and Charlene Dubois and Elias Crane. They are business people who care far too much about the experienced agents than us who are starting. But it's nice that they got around meeting all agents, old and new. Also, I can swear Joe Solomon is here. I semi successfully avoided him but I'm positive he saw. During the next couple of hours paranoia overpowered me.

"Have you met everyone yet?" Catherine appeared next to me.

"No, there are a lot of people."

"Well, you see him over there?" Less than twenty feet away a young man in his early twenties stood having a deep conversation. "He's working on Matthew Morgan. See what else you can find out."

"I will. By the way you look lovely tonight." I compliment her silk emerald gown.

"Flattery won't take you anywhere."

"On the contrary," I smiled pseudo-sweetly. "It takes me everywhere I want to be."

With a fluid motion, I walked in stride to the other side of the ballroom to go outside. I pace to and fro, enjoying the loneliness. So there are a lot people who work with Morgan. I now learn that Matthew is a tough nut to crack which brings a smile to my face. Good for him. A rogue draft blows my skirt up flashing my panties to the empty street (Thank God). I really hate this dress.

"Is this a show and tell?"

"If I show I definitely wouldn't tell Ch-." Eh, that's not Chal. "Hi." I say through my cotton mouth.

"Agent Polanski," He holds out his hand. It's the same agent Cathy pointed out to me. She most likely told him about me the same way she told me about him.


"So Agent Dwyer," Polanski leaned against the stone wall confidently. His English bore a slight accent. Russian? Latvian? "Any luck with Matthew Morgan case? Any vital information worth sharing?"

"Luck, um… no." Lie.

"Well, come on. There are some things you need you should know or at least see." He tells me. I followed him inside and up the stairs covered with a wine coloured carpet. Surprisingly the room below is part of the everyday building I work in. I would have never realized that.

One maybe two hours later and I am absolutely fascinated by all the meaningless crap the Circle was fed. Yet sickened by the interrogation techniques used to get it. A stack of files lie on a desk. I gently place a folder on the top. "You wouldn't have by chance heard of the demand to lower Matthew Morgan's security, would you?" I ask temptingly.

"Actually, yes, I was there when they were making up their mind about it. Whoever suggested it wasn't very bright or is a double agent." He laughs at the end. I humour him.

"Hahahahahahaha." That's the sound of the most covert laugh ever. "You were the one who said they shouldn't…"

"Me?" Polanski sounded shocked. "God no; it was, can't remember his last name"

"I don't work with last names." I leaned closer to him. "Who was it?"

"His name's Chal."

15 minute time skip

Appalled and patiently I waited for my backstabbing prick Chal to get in the limo so we could leave. He seemed in jolly mood, trying to make small talk. I guess it's too dark for him to see my scowl. Let's see how long it takes for me to ruin the mood.

"When were you going to feel like, you now telling me that you were he one who denied the decrease in the security level for Matthew?" For a second his jaw plummeted. I sarcastically remarked. "It's not like I feel like slamming your head against the door, no not really, no."

"Are you okay?" Chal's honey eyes grew soft. Since I never answered he allowed himself to be angry. "When were you going to tell me that you were working against the Circle?"

"The Circle of Cavan is the bad guys! Do you know how long, how hard I worked to be able to go that far? To work so hard to just suggest less security? Everything I worked for you gratefully undid. You didn't even know he was Cammie's dad did you? Less security that's all he needed so that he could be with Cammie. You used to tell me everything!"

"The same was you tell me everything?"

I gasped, surprised. The car reached to a stop in front of Abby's villa and in the speed of light I crawled out of the leather seats. Unfortunately, I was followed.

"That's not fair." I cried.

"What's not fair? The one-way street; I'd tell you everything but you didn't, not always."

"That doesn't have to do with anything." (Or does it) I opened the gate and ignored him calling my name. I felt frustrated and angry and exhausted and betrayed but most of all I felt guilty because he's right which annoyed me even more. I walked inside like a lonely ghost except I slammed the door in the process. It's late so the living room was empty. The pounding on the door lasted barely five second. Grant woke up, and if he's as tough as I think he is Chal won't come in. But if Chal is persuasive as he usually is he'll come around before I know it. Personally, I'm on Grant's side. Chal showed up in the hallway in earshot.

"I can't expect you to know everything." I say groggily. "I'm sorry."

"You keep things to yourself. And I know that. I've known that for six years." He tells me like he should know better, which he most definitely does. He sits on the floor next to me. "Mai, what happened to you back there?"

"I lost it." I rested my head on Chal's shoulder, confessing. "I haven't been thinking clearly and lately I can't tell what's real anymore. I want this life to be over, Chal." My voice cracked

"It'll end soon."

"I don't know."

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