Sarah can tell when Chuck has nightmares, even though they've been sleeping in separate bedrooms. The loud creak of the guest bed, and the slow opening of a door give him away, as well as his bare feet padding down the hall to the kitchen.

Sometimes he stops in front of the door to her (their) bedroom, but he never comes in.

She wonders what he dreams about. If maybe he dreams about that night in their "Dream House" when she tried to beat him to death and then he took a bullet for her. To tell the truth she has nightmares about that night; about what would have happened if she'd actually succeeded in killing him, or if he hadn't been wearing a vest.

She had been baffled at the time by his refusal to fight her, and getting to (re)know him has shed a lot of light on that. He's too kind, too good-hearted to hurt someone he cares about.

Maybe it's something else, though. His father's death or...

Sarah blinks. She's not sure where that came from, but suddenly she remembers Chuck's father's death; how empty his eyes looked when he told her; how hopeless he seemed.

There are quite a few things, Sarah realizes, that he could have nightmares about.

She sits up when there's a knock on the door. "Uh...come in."

Chuck opens it up. He's holding the Colonel in one arm and his nose looks red; his eyes watery.

She frowns, and starts to get out of bed. "Chuck...?"

"The cat's making my allergies act up," he tells her with a sniffle. "I don't wanna take an allergy pill this late. Can he stay with you?"

Sarah nods, and tries hard to gauge in the darkness whether it really is allergies, or if he's been crying a little. She steps up to him, taking the cat and getting a closer look, and he looks...worn out, but she's still not sure if he's been crying.

"G'night," he says, patting the Colonel on the head.

She's not really thinking. She's just sort of on autopilot, still sleepy and still a little worried about him. She reaches out and grabs onto his thin t-shirt, turning him back around and kissing him lightly.

He stands there, dumbfounded, but kisses her back. He pulls away when the Colonel starts pawing at his chest. His eyes are wide, and still a little red.

"Have a good night, Chuck," she tells him, and heads back to the bed, cuddling the Colonel in her arms.

She hears him close the door and pad back to the guestroom, and then curls up on the bed while the Colonel walks slow circles around on the blanket, pawing and stretching before flopping down, purring loudly.

Sarah watches him. "You know one day I'm gonna get all these memories back, and then things won't be so hard. Things will be good then."

The Colonel blinks at her and she sighs, closing her eyes. She doesn't hear Chuck get up again, but she could swear she hears more sniffling, and she reaches out and pulls the pillow on the other side of the bed to her chest, hugging it tightly.