What Do You Say Fabray?

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they belong to the creators of Glee.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Authors Note: This is AU, everyone is trying to win the dating game for Quinn's hand in marriage but only one will win! This is endgame Faberry so if you are hoping for other couples I apologize but they will be present also to people who are only looking for Faberry. This is meant to simply be fun.

Chapter 1


Hazel eyes glanced over her reflection in the full body mirror; she wanted to be certain that she looked her best for the introductions on the show she would be hosting. One of the many perks of being a beautiful heiress to a fortune was that when you could not find someone to connect with in the real world there were always other ways. She had chosen to host a reality dating television show, despite the lack of class that her parents would have complained about if they were still alive, she thought it would be an amazing way to meet people.

A soft smile formed on her perfect pink lips as she tucked a few stray blonde hairs away, straightening out her dress, checking to make certain that her makeup had not smudged, before turning away from the mirror and heading to the top of the staircase.

"We are lining up the contestants now, just wait at the top of the stairs 'till we give you the go."

Nodding her head she tried to steady her breathing and remain calm. She had always had a difficult time connecting with people, perhaps it was because people of her social class often wanted to talk about things that did not interest her. Regardless, she was tired of feeling alone and she could only pray to the Lord almighty that in the batch of five males and females downstairs she would find her match. She would find true love.

"Alright, now when you go down there first you will need to do is introduce yourself to everyone and then you need to greet them all one by one. Afterward you should spend some personal time with all of the candidates, warn them that you will be eliminating two this week. One male and one female, and then retire for the evening." The young man explained to the blonde who gave him an understanding nod.

"Will do."

"Alright, are they lined up yet?" He shouted across the room to the man who was returning from downstairs.

"Yeah, they are lined up and waiting for her."

"Okay, go." He told her.

Delicately she grabbed ahold of her blue gown lifting it so that she could easily walk down the stairs without tripping, a toothy smile spreading across her face as she approached the bottom of the stairs. Glancing around at the group she quickly took in their appearances. It was more than that for her of course, but being attracted to the one that you love is important as well.

The men were lined up first, she noticed. 'Strange considering that I usually find women more attractive…'She internally commented before hazel eyes looked over the first man. He appeared to be free and unconstrained. His hair was long and done in dreadlocks; he had mocha colored skin that was attractive against his beautiful eyes and shining teeth. His clothing choices were not ideal, at least not to what she was accustomed too. 'He isn't even wearing shoes… that is odd.'Flashing him a smile, she noticed that he returned it politely.

Next to him stood a fit looking man with medium length blonde hair, pale skin, and beautiful blue eyes. What set him apart was not his wardrobe, as with the last man, but instead his rather large yet somehow attractive lips. She found him adorable. He smiled at her and she smiled back as her hazel eyes swept toward the next man. 'Wow he is rather tall…'Was her first thought upon seeing the next man, he stood out around the others quite literally. He was taller than them and had a larger build, although he was not what she would normally find attractive she did chuckle a little as he flashed her a dorky half smile.

The next man was an extremely fit Asian man whom which she found attractive but could not tell much about his actual personality by a simple glance. Lastly, was a young man with a Mohawk, he wore a cut off shirt with a punk band logo on it and some torn up jeans. He definitely gave off the "troublemaker" vibe. Considering how conservative her upbringing had been the blonde found that strangely appealing.

'Now to the females…'She thought with a smirk on her lips. It was not something that her parents had approved of, but she was very attracted to the same sex.

The first woman was a young African American woman, she was slightly heavy and not exactly what she would find attractive normally but she flashed her an extremely bright smile and seemed like she would be a very nice individual. As her hazel eyes wandered to the next woman she realized that she too was Asian, but she had a completely different style than the young man. She had blue dye in her hair and was wearing all black, her eyes were a striking shade of blue that truly made her stand out to the blonde. After a brief exchange of smiles she continued to glance toward the next woman.

She was attractive, very attractive actually. A young Latina who appeared to have a feisty side by the devious look that she gave the blonde when their eyes locked, she was definitely attractive but she would have to see if the appeal was only skin deep. The woman standing beside her was taller than the Latina and also very attractive in a completely different way. She had pale skin and bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and a perfect body. Again she would have to see if they connected on a different level than simply the physical.

Lastly her hazel eyes landed on the shortest of the bunch, she had many features that set her apart from the others. Starting with her fashion sense. 'Or rather lack of fashion sense… Plaid skirt with a sweater-vest, knee high socks, flats, and a headband…'It was not something that most would choose to wear, yet she somehow pulled it off. Perhaps it was the bangs, those beautiful large brown eyes and long lashes, that perfect naturally tanned skin, or maybe her rather full lips and odd nose. 'And those legs, my Lord they go on for miles…'Allowing her hazel eyes to wander the tan legs she felt her cheeks heat up as a blush painted its way across her face. 'Okay, I don't know how, but that look works for her…'

After examining the bunch that would be competing for her love she flashed them all a bright smile before addressing them as a group. "Hello everyone, I am Quinn Fabray and welcome to my home." She said. "I would like to start by telling you all the rules and how we are going to start this competition."

Most of them nodded their heads, some of them responded verbally.

"First and foremost I would like to inform you that if anyone should get violent or act inappropriately they will be immediately removed from my household." She stated with a serious tone speaking slowly, wanting them to understand that the rules did apply to everyone and that there would be consequences for their actions. She had seen numerous dating reality shows and most people tended to get out of hand. That wasn't what she wanted, she did not want "good television" or more seasons she wanted to find true love.

"Alright. I hope that you all will respect my wishes." Quinn stated before continuing. "As for the competition, first I would like for you all to introduce yourselves, only your name. I will then spend ten minutes alone with each of you, getting to know you personally, and that will lead to the deciding factor for the first round of eliminations." Seeing the shock on most of their faces she chuckled softly under her breath. "I know that it seems a bit rushed but it is necessary to narrow down my options."

They all nodded even though she could tell that some of them were worried about the limited time period they were allotted to impress the blonde heiress.

"Let us start with you. Please introduce yourself." Quinn said with a smile, nodding toward the young man who had neglected to wear shoes.

Stepping forward a little he flashed her that dashing smile and gave a small wave before stating. "I'm Joe Hart."

The blonde boy beside him gave her a goofy grin and a big wave. "Sam I am." He stated and it actually caused Quinn to laugh. 'He is definitely adorable…'

"I'm Finn."


"Names Noah, but people call me Puck. Sexy lady like you can call me whatever you want though." He stated with a smirk and a wink in her direction. She blushed a little at his straightforwardness, not used to it. He definitely had some appeal to the sheltered woman.

Quinn nodded toward the first woman on the opposite side of the room, she announced. "Names Mercedes, pleasure to meet you." The blonde gave a slight nod and a soft smile.

"I'm T-t-t-tina."

"Names Santana, but you can call me San or S or whatever you damn well please." 'Definitely feisty…'She thought to herself as she looked toward the blonde standing beside the Latina.

"They call me Brittany, bitch." She spoke in a slow almost monotone voice. The sentence itself caused Quinn to chuckle softly, it was fairly adorable.

Finally her hazel eyes landed on the beautiful yet strange woman at the end of the row, she again caught her attention immediately. There was just something about her that set her apart from the others. Stepping forward the brunette spoke punctually. "Hello, I am Rachel Barbra Berry. I am more than pleased to make your acquaintance." She pronounced each name as if she wanted her to remember them individually and Quinn had a feeling that she would. Also she wore such a bright smile on her full lips that spread from one ear to the other. 'So many words… I shouldn't find that so cute…'

"Pleased to meet you all." She said. "Now we will separate and I will meet with each of you in the same order you were just introduced. You will have ten minutes to show me why I should keep you around and then we will call it a night."

They all nodded and Quinn smiled as she realized that Rachel was pouting a little, her eyebrows knit together as she looked down the row. She had a feeling that the brunette was not used to going last.'Adorable…'

"For those who are not speaking with me, feel free to indulge in the snacks and wine left out for you and speak with each other. I hope this will be a fun adventure for everyone involved."

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