What Do You Say Fabray?

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they belong to the creators of Glee.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Chapter 9

Showers and Scheming

When Quinn finally caught up to Rachel and opened the door to her room, she found that the diva was already packing up her pink suitcase in order to leave the show. She thought that the other woman was being overdramatic, but she supposed that was a common occurrence for Rachel and it did not actually bother her as much as she would have expected.

"Rachel, will you please stop packing your things?" Quinn asked as she made her way toward the short brunette.

"No. I refuse to be a part of this game any longer. The producers of this show cannot control my fate; I won't allow them to do so. I am choosing to leave."

She felt her chest clench in pain as she heard these words. She hated knowing that it was her fault that Rachel doubted her feelings for her, and it was her fault that she was attempting to leave the show. She didn't want her to leave. 'Say something Quinn… you can't just stand here and watch her walk out on you…'

"Please stop packing." Quinn muttered under her breath taking another step toward Rachel.

"I can't stop packing. I can't stay in this house, because I am falling for you Quinn. And if this entire show is fixed so that there will always be a certain outcome I cannot be a part of it, even if I am to win, because I need to know that the feelings are real. Last night was magnificent. I thought about the moments that we shared throughout the entirety of the day, a smile never left my face, and these feelings are far too intense to hold onto if they are fake. For in the end it will only hurt all the more."

Quinn could not stand to listen to her doubting their feelings for each other any longer. Reaching out, she placed a hand on Rachel's arm and looked over her face as she spoke. "These feelings are not fake, Rachel. I have been thinking about you constantly and I have to practically force myself to enjoy spending time with anyone else in this house."

"Then why would you keep him here when you know that he does not wish to be here? Why would you send home a candidate that actually does like you, and keep a man here who is only interested in me?"

"It wasn't my choice."

"I knew it." Rachel said as she moved to pack her bag once again, but Quinn held her hand in place.

"But it needed to be done. I needed time to figure out a way around what is going on."

"And what exactly is going on, Quinn?"

"Rachel, I can't talk about it here." Quinn insisted. She knew that the producers would find out about her 'scheming' if she talked about it on camera.

Rachel pulled her arm away from the blonde causing her hazel eyes to widen in worry as she moved toward her again; she did not want to lose her. She could not lose her. Quinn had spent a lifetime searching for true love and she had never felt anything close to it, not a racing heartbeat when someone kissed her, sweaty palms, a need to smile all the time, not until she met Rachel Berry. She refused to let her walk out on her even if she had to cancel the entire show to prove that she was the only one she cared for.


"Follow me, Quinn." She said in a hushed tone of voice as she cast her large brown eyes to the camera in the room, before making her way into the bathroom. She believed that privacy was important, so before coming on the show she had looked up places in the house that it would be illegal to air on television.

Quinn did not ask any questions, she simply followed the other woman into the bathroom.

Confusion covered her face as she watched Rachel pull back the curtain of the shower and turn on the shower. Her heart was suddenly beating quickly in her ears as she watched the water pour down from the showerhead and slam against the bottom of the shower loudly. 'Okay, what is going on? Why is she turning on the shower, is she—oh god.'

"Rachel, what are you doing?" She asked in a rushed voice.

Rachel smirked suggestively in Quinn's direction as she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a very tight white tank top underneath. The blonde's eyes widened and darkened with desire as she allowed them to wander over the beautiful starlet's perfect body. Her breath caught as she witnessed the small sliver of skin that was exposed between her skirt and her top. 'Sweet Jesus…'

"I really love this shirt and I do not wish for it to get wet is all." Rachel said with a grin as she folded the shirt and set it on the toilet and then climbed into the shower.

Quinn stared at the shower curtain, not knowing what to do now. She had not expected Rachel to climb into the shower fully dressed. The small brunette popped the curtain open on the side of the shower where there was no water raining down and asked, "Are you going to join me in here or not?"

Her heart leapt and a bright blush painted over her pale skin as she nodded her head. "Uh, yeah, sure." She did not understand why they were going into the shower, but she was not going to turn down the other woman. Especially not under the current circumstances. She would pretty much do whatever Rachel asked of her to keep her in the house.

Cautiously, she moved toward the shower and stepped into the side where the water would not be cascading down on her.

Once inside, she looked down at Rachel and noticed that she was wearing a huge diabolical grin, she looked like a child who was getting away with something that they knew they shouldn't be. It was adorable. She thought that everything that the other woman did was adorable. Even when she was overdramatic and scheming. Plus, there was the added benefit of her shirt being white and the steam causing the fabric to start to grow transparent.

She forced her eyes to not linger too long on her visible toned abdomen and her adorable light pink bra.

"What are we doing in the shower, Rachel?" She asked with a raised brow.

"It is the one place in the house that they are legally obligated to never have cameras." Rachel stated as if it were the most obvious reasoning in the world. As if it were not strange behavior in the slightest.

"I see. Is there a reason that we could not simply stand in the bathroom and talk? Why do we have to actually be in the shower?" Quinn paused and laughed a little as she looked to the showerhead. "With it on?"

"Some shows do actually put cameras in certain parts of the bathroom, but the shower is always safe."

"And it is on because…?"

"Because, if there are other cameras in the bathroom then they will still be able to listen in on our conversation Quinn and I did not want to risk that happening. This way we can talk and they will not be able to hear us either. But, still keep your voice down to be on the safe side."

"Has anyone ever told you that you are a bit extreme?" The blonde asked with a smirk as she continued to watch the other woman. Her eyes were wide and she was looking around frantically as she spoke. As if she expected someone to be in the bathroom listening in. There probably weren't even cameras in the bathroom at all.

"I have been informed of such on many occasions, yes. Now please do explain to me the situation and why you eliminated Noah instead of the rightful individual?"

Apparently she wanted to get straight to the point.

"I didn't have much of a say in it. The producers of my show told me that they had the ultimate say in who I kick off and who I keep on the show. Apparently, if I do not do as they say then I am breaking my contract and they are entitled to a sum of my inheritance."

"And you were not informed of said terms before signing your contract?" Rachel asked, eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"No. I mean yes. I must have been. I knew that if I broke the contract that they were entitled to a sum of my inheritance and I did not mind that. It was a price to pay in order to find the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Money doesn't really mean anything to me." Rachel looked relieved to have heard that. But, it was the truth. Not just an attempt to get the diva to not be upset with her. She just wanted to be happy when she started this show. "I thought that I read through the contract thoroughly enough, but I guess that I missed the part where they ultimately have the say in who I choose."

"What a ridiculous term. Isn't the point of a show like this so that you can find the person that you want to spend your life with? Why should they have any say in who you choose?"

"I think they just want to keep Finn around for the drama." Her muscles tensed and her jaw clenched as she thought about the young man. "Audiences like the thought of you choosing him over me or something."

"That is absurd. I would never choose Finn over you."

"I know that, Rachel. Hell, they probably know that, but it doesn't matter. They want to sell the show to the ignorant fools who will buy that he actually stands a chance with you." She growled out angrily.

Rachel could tell that Quinn was starting to get too upset and she reached out, taking her hands in her own and holding onto them hoping to help calm her down. It seemed to be working because after a few minutes of holding her hands and stroking them lovingly with her thumbs, Quinn's hands stopped shaking. "He does not stand a chance with me, you know that right?"

"Yeah…" Her voice was hesitant. She wanted to believe it.

"He doesn't stand a chance with me." Rachel stated it as fact in an adamant voice as she lifted Quinn's hands and pressed her full lips against them to emphasize her point. "I want you and only you."

The blonde started to relax a bit more now that she had heard that the other woman only wanted her. For some reason she had still been terrified that Rachel could end up falling for Finn somehow. That would break her heart. "Good." She whispered.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Rachel attempted to think up a plan to get Quinn out of her contract. She looked like she was far away trapped in her own thoughts and the heiress allowed her to remain lost in her mind for a while. Suddenly her brown eyes widened and shimmered with excitement and mischief as she obviously thought up a plan. "Here is what you need to do. It is too late to do anything about the previous elimination, and it would be pointless to threaten them before the next elimination, but when the proper time comes and they attempt to dictate over you and tell you who to choose to stay, that is when you will inform them that they will not be making decisions that are rightfully yours to make."

"But, what about the contract?" She could tell that Rachel already had an answer to the question before she asked it. She had already thought through the entire plan and every possible result. That was how her mind worked.

"If they so much as mention the contract, politely inform them that you have no feelings toward Finn and that Rachel does not wish for him to stay either."

"I doubt that they will go for that, Rach."

"If they continue to insist that you keep him here, or they attempt to control the outcome in any other way, tell them that you are going to reveal their scheme. Then of course, they will tell you that it will destroy the show. Tell them that you do not care about the show and that you already have found a wonderful woman to love, whether that is true or not, and that you will tell every form of celebrity gossip media if they do not agree to your terms." Rachel finished her rambling with a nod of her head.

Quinn smiled brightly and shook her head, laughing at Rachel's intensity. Her heart was pounding madly in her chest as she lifted her hands to the starlet's face and pressed their foreheads together. 'I did find a wonderful woman to love…' "Rachel, has anyone ever told you that you are a genius?"

"Not as often as they have told me that I am intense sadly, but yes." She smirked.

"God, thank you so much. I could kiss you right about now." She stated excitedly. Quinn had been prepared to accept the loss of money and give up on the show and finding love and Rachel had found a solution to the problem.

Rachel tugged her full bottom lip between her teeth and her eyes immediately darkened, changing the entire emotional feeling of the situation. Quinn went from insanely happy to insanely turned on in a matter of seconds. 'What this woman does to me… jeeze…' "Mm… I wouldn't mind if you did."

Quinn blushed brightly, but she did not back down. Pulling Rachel closer to her and tangling her fingers in long dark hair she captured her lips in a gentle kiss. What started out as a chaste kiss quickly turned passionate as Rachel pressed Quinn up against the shower wall and allowed her tongue to dart across the blonde's bottom lip begging her for entrance. Parting her lips she accepted Rachel's tongue into her mouth, moving her own against it and savoring the taste and the way that it felt against her own. Her eyes were now closed as she enjoyed the moment.

Suddenly she gasped and moaned out against Rachel's lips when she felt her strong thigh press between her legs and apply pressure to her heated womanhood. Rachel moaned out in pleasure when she felt Quinn's wetness through her panties as she started to move against her toned thigh, needing more contact. She knew that things were getting out of control, but she did not think that she had the power to stop. Especially not when she knew that she was the reason that Quinn was making those insanely sensual sounds. It was overwhelming in the best way.

She wanted Quinn. She wanted to be inside of her, to taste her, to kiss her, to touch her, and to make her scream in pleasure. She had never felt this with any other individual that she had made out with.

Rachel Berry ached for Quinn Fabray.

A knock on the bathroom door caused both girls to scream and pull away from each other. Rachel nearly slipped and fell only to have Quinn catch her and hold her still. "Rachel!" It was Tina on the other side of the door. "I am leaving and I wanted to tell you goodbye!"

Tina had been one of the only friends that Rachel had made in the house as of yet. "I'll be right out!" She shouted.

Once they knew that Tina was out of hearing distance, they both exchanged playful looks and started laughing at the insanity of the situation.


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