I wake up and look at the clock. Why do I always wake up early on weekends, but then I never want to get up for work during the week? I roll over to find the other side of the bed empty. Edward must be working still, I think to myself. I lay in bed for a few minutes before getting a shower.

I go downstairs to make breakfast, knowing that I will have a hungry four-year-old when she gets up. As I am putting the French toast in the oven, I look out at the snowy weather. It is the middle of December and the weather here is calm so far. A light snow has been coming nonstop for the past few days and they are predicting a pretty bad storm for Christmas.

The weather makes me go back to when Edward and I told my mother about our engagement, which is not a good memory. Renee hated the fact that we were getting married so young. "You're only nineteen-years-old, Bella. You know how things ended with your dad and me. We got married young, too. If you get married now, you'll just screw up your entire life like I did. Don't make my mistakes." she had said.

I felt insulted that she said this. Did she really thing I was a screw up? "Oh, so you think of me as a screw up?"

"Bella, I didn't say that."

"Yes you did. That's exactly what you said. You said that you screwed up your entire life."

"I didn't mean it like-"

I cut her off. "Mom, I'm not you. I won't make your mistakes. I love Edward and Edward loves me."

"That's what your dad and I had thought, too." She said quietly.

"Just because it was like that with you and dad doesn't mean that it won't work for Edward and me. So if our marriage fails, I guess you can say I told you so. I'm through with this conversation." I had then walked out of the house to go to the car, slipping on the icy driveway. Renee had a dumbfounded look on her face, as if she thought that I would be stubborn enough to fight her, but I decided not to press my point any further. I knew that she would either accept it completely or not at all and I obviously knew what she chose. Edward came to the car a few minutes later and we drove back to my dad's house.

Edward tried to reassure me that Renee would come to her senses sooner or later and be happy for us. I could only hope that he was right. But that was six years ago and she still hadn't accepted it. I had sent her a wedding invitation, but she didn't show. She didn't come to the baby shower that I had about seven months later- Edward and I had gotten pregnant almost immediately. I had gotten no reply from her when I sent her a birth announcement, either. In fact, I haven't heard from her at all- or seen her- since then, over five years ago. I was twenty when Edward and I got married, and we haven't had any problems. Sure, we have our occasional fights, but we always work it out. She probably doesn't even know where we live, given that we live in Seattle and she still lives in Forks, surprisingly. I figured she would've gotten out of there by now.

I am taken out of my thoughts as I hear, "Morning, mommy."

I turn around to see my daughter, Abigail, walk into the kitchen and sit on a bar stool. "Morning, Abby. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. Where is daddy?" she asks looking around the kitchen and around the corner into the living room.

"He's still at work." I say and her face falls.

I pull the French toast out of the oven and put some on a plate to cool off for Abby and myself. "Blueberries or strawberries?" I ask her.

She ponders it for a second. "Blueberries, please."

I pour some milk for both of us and we start eating. She is in the middle of telling me about a dream that she had last night when I hear the front door open. Abby gets excited and runs to the door.

"Hi, daddy." she yells and I can imagine her attacking Edward.

"Hi, Abby. Is mommy in the kitchen?"

"Yeah. She made French toast with blueberries."

"I can tell. You have blueberries all over your face," I hear him laugh. "Come on. Let's go see her." Edward comes into with Abby following closely behind. She sits down and continues eating.

"Hi, Bella." Edward greets me with a kiss. "Hi, baby." he bends down slightly to give a light kiss on my 5-month pregnant belly.

"Hi," I say back. "There's food on the counter." He gets a plate and sits down to eat. "Busy night?" I ask. He looks tired.

"No, but Dr. Collins called in sick so I had to stay over. And everyone was driving slowly on the roads." he yawns.

"Edward, you look tired. You've been working for hours. Why don't you go to bed?"

"I will. Are you guys doing anything special today?"

"We need to go to the store to get cookie stuff for tomorrow. Are you going to be able to go to your parent's tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Dad and I are both on call, I think. I'm going to bed now. Be careful out there. The roads are getting worse." he gave me another kiss and went upstairs to our room.

I get Abby dressed soon after. I want to get to the store and get home soon if the roads are getting worse.

We pull up to the store and get a cart. The store is packed with people doing their shopping for Christmas meals and also wanting to stock up on food in case the weather gets too bad. We're walking down one of the isles to get some sugar and flour. We pass the Betty Crocker pouches of cookie dough that you mix together. Abby points to the one and asks, "Mommy, can we make those kinds of cookies tomorrow?"

I turn around to see what she is pointing to. "No, Abby. That has peanuts in it."

"Oh. I can't eat peanuts. I'll get really sick and have to go to the hospital."

"That's right, Abby." I smile at her. She is such a smart girl for knowing what will happen if she eats peanuts.

I was nursing Abby one day when she was just a few weeks old. For lunch I had had a sub and an apple. I put peanut butter on the apple slices, like I always did. Abby got very sick after I nursed her. At first, I thought she was just catching the cold that was going around the family. I had gotten it first, then Edward. Edward's dad, Carlisle, checked her out later that night. He said that it probably wasn't the cold, but that we should have her checked out by her pediatrician because her throat was kind of red. We took her in later that week and the doctor said that she was allergic to peanuts. Since then, our house has been completely peanut-free, well, nut-free in general. We have to eat sun butter instead- the same thing, but it's made with sun flower seeds instead of peanuts. And we never leave the house without her epi-pen. Her allergy is as severe as it can get. And, of course, she also has asthma.

We get home, put the groceries away and I let Abby play outside for a few minutes. I make her come inside after a while so she can warm up. Edward wakes up not long after that. I make dinner and we eat. Abby takes up most of the dinner-time conversation, of course. I give her a bath while Edward cleans up the kitchen and we put her to bed before going to bed ourselves.