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Abe and Janine were very, very, protective of their daughter. Escpeially now, after her being put on trial, going on the run, calling out a murderer in the middle of the crowd, getting shot in the chest, and getting her teenage friend crowned queen. In the space of a week. Yes, they were extremely unwilling to let anyone with the remotest chance of hurting their Rose anywhere near her. So, obvoiusly, they were not going to pass up on having a little chat with their daughter's mentor-turned-lover-turned-stigoi-turned-dhampir again-turned-lover again-boyfriend. Oh, not a chance. Especially considering Janine was very interested in what was going on when those two were in St. Vladimir's. The fact that he had been a strigoi didn't bother them at all, no that wasn't it, of course not. It was the fact that he liked their baby girl, that they had a problem with.

It soon became painfully obvious, not that it wasn't pretty clear already, given the way he spoke about Rose to Janine at Christmas, and that he had helped break her out of jail, that Dimitri adored Rose. Despite, when Rose was shot, all those questions running around their minds, would Rose be okay? Would she recover? Would she survive? Despite the horror of seeing those bullets rip open their child's chest, they didn't fail to notice his pain, or attempt to offer him some comfort. Though, to their annoyance, he wouldn't eat, sleep, or leave the clinic, until Abe got Mikhail to help Janine practically drag him to get some food, and then to bed. Then he was right back to Rose's bedside. This endeared him to Abe and Janine, it really did, they were touched he cared so much, pleased the kids had found each other, but, well... They needed to be sure of his intentions, they couldn't let Rose go off with anyone, now could they? Abe wouldn't be Abe if he didn't intimidate someone, every now-and-again.

Now, Abe and Janine knew that Dimitri Belikov was not a man that could be easily intimidated. He had a reputation for being very level-headed and down to earth, had seven known kills, had fought bravely in the attack on St. Vladimir's, and was the perfect picture of calmness and compusure when he was restored, and paraded around, even after that terrible ordeal. Being put on display like that, especially for so private a man, couldn't have been remotely tolerable, yet, he handled it well. Okay, they were going to have to let his attack, and incapacitation of, half of the Royal Guard slide. It had been, after all, in defence of their daughter. It really seemed that Dimirti was unflappable. Until, of course, he was faced with the prospect of spending the day with his girlfriend's scary, scary parents. Whilst armed.

It was practically comical. Janine thought, the fact that he kept calling them sir and ma'am was just precious, though she did like the thought of her daughter dating so respectful a young man. She could even forgive the age difference, and the fact that he had been Rose's teacher. Abe was just having fun. Yes, he was pleased with him, and thought he may actually be worthy of his daughter, but really, scaring this man, this guardian, who could kill Abe a hundred different ways with his bare hands, was simply hilarious.

Now despite the fact, that letting him know exactly what was in store for him, if he ever hurt their little girl, was their goal, they didn't want their more-or-less son in-law to retreat into a shell, for fear of offending them, whenever he saw Abe and Janine. No they couldn't do that to him, it would upset Rose, they had to make him feel more comfortable. But how? Intimidation they could do, but Dimitri knew too much about Abe's reputation to fall for his charm. And Janine was just a hard, controlled woman in general. But, at that moment, they could give him something that he wanted, that Dimitri thought was necessary: Abe and Janine's approval.

Eventually, in time, Dimitri grew comfortable around his girlfriends parents. Lord Szelsky didn't leave immediately after Vasilisa's coronation, and since Abe ran his own schedule, they were around for a while. After spending so much time with them, Dimitri had no choice really, but to get well aquainted with them. There was no more "Guardian Hathaway" and "Mr. Mazur". Rose's enthusiasm for having her mom and dad around for so long was infectious, and Dimitri found himself looking forward, more and more, to seeing them.

Rose herself, was practically dazed from all the love. Never remembering having one parent in her life, let alone the both of them, it was pretty confusing at first, but she got over it. She forced her mother to reply to her e-mails, and was overjoyed, though she hid it, when Lord Szelsky made his rare visits to court, bringing her mother. Abe called her once, or twice a week, and visited every three, or four months. Rose had her boyfriend, her make-shift siblings, and for the first time in her life, her parents.

She started to sing that lullaby again, the one she used to sing when she was little, and had never forgotten, though she had no idea where she had learnt it in the first place. Hearing it nearly brought Abe to tears. If he was that kind of man.