Bella POV

I am now a graduate of Forks High School. I have officially survived high school. Barely.

Now that I have survived that, I have to survive this dreaded graduation party that Charlie insist I have. "Your mother is flying cross country to come to your graduation; you should have a graduation party. If not for yourself, then for her." He had said. She isn't even coming because something came up with Phil that was more important. He got injured and has to get surgery now.

"Fine, dad, but I'm not inviting a lot of people." I said.

Angela is the first to arrive. Jessica and Mike come a few minutes later with Eric along with others. We talk, eat and just chill for a while. Nothing too fun. Charlie is at work and he warned me about what would happen if we got into any alcohol, not that I would anyway.

I keep looking out the front window for another car to pull up. I had invited Jake, my best friend, but he has yet to show. I haven't seen or talked to him for a few weeks. Things are getting strange. He said that he would be here, but it's been over an hour and there has been no sign of him.

"Bella, why do you keep looking out the window?" Angela asks.

I turn back around and say, "I was seeing if another friend was going to show up. I guess not."

People start leaving a while later. Jessica and Mike say that they are going to another party. They ask if I was going but I tell them no. I want to visit Jake and see what is up with him. I get in my truck as soon as the last person to leave is out of sight from the house and start heading for La Push.

The entire way there I think, Not one phone call or text. Not in two weeks. What could you possibly be so busy with that you can't even call? I wonder if Sam got to him. He said that he'd never join Sam's club. Of course, Edward said that he'd never leave me nine months ago. But at least Edward told me he was leaving and I would never hear from him again. Damn Jake. Damn Sam. Damn Edward. Damn paper cut. Damn, damn, damn!

When I pull up to the familiar red house, I can clearly see people in the small living room. Someone I don't recognize pulls the curtain back and says something then puts the curtain back.

I shut the engine off and walk to the door. I put my hand up to knock, but it open before I can. Jake is at the door. Wow he grew. He isn't wearing a shirt and I can see that he has more muscle than he did even a week ago. His hair is cut short, way shorter than before. He also has what looked like a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder. Finally I look at his face.

"Bella, what are you doing here?"

I shrug. "I haven't seen you for a while and you didn't show up to my graduation party today. I just wanted to see what was up."

"Bella, now really isn't a good time. "

"Jake, who's here?" someone yells from the living room.

Jake makes a small sigh and steps aside. "Come in," he says.

I step into the house and walk into the living room. I am greeted with three more guys with no shirts on. I can feel my cheeks become hot as I blush and I don't make eye contact. Jake comes up from behind me. "Bella, this is Sam, Jared and Paul." He points to each one as he says their names. Jared is the one that was in the curtain.

I say hello and continue looking at my shoes, still being careful not to make eye contact with anyone. They don't have shirts on and it is awkward. Jake tells me that I can sit down so I do.

"Bella Swan," Jared says. I finally look up at my name. "Wow. Never thought we would get to meet you."

"You are all that Jake talks about." Paul says with a smirk and then laughs a little.

I look at him in the eye. Whatever I am about to say is lost the second I look into his eyes. I just sit there, staring at Paul and Paul staring at me. Paul has big brown eyes that I know I will never forget. Something inside tells me that life is about to get interesting again, but I am ok with that.

Then I hear laughter come from Jared and I realize that I have been staring at him for too long.

"That is great! Paul of all people!" Jared says between laughs and he seems to find something amusing, though I cannot figure out what.

"Shut up, Jared." Sam said and he immediately stops.

I hear a growl come from Jake. What is going on? Did I miss something? And since when does Jake hang out with Sam? Sam stands up and tells Jake and Paul to go outside with him. Jake stands up quickly and goes with Sam following behind. Paul takes one more look at me before he goes. I suddenly feel a little emptiness when he leaves.

Jared continues laughing as soon as they are out the door.

"What's going on?" I ask.

Jared stops laughing for just enough time to say, "You'll find out soon." Then he says quietly, "Kim will love this."

I hear yelling from outside. "It's not my fault!" I hear Paul yell.

"I don't care!" Jake shouts.

"Jacob, it isn't his fault. Get over it." Sam says.

There is a moment of silence before Jake says, "You better not screw this up, Paul." Jake comes in the house, slamming the door and going to his room, slamming that door too.

Sam and Paul come in after him. Billy comes out of the kitchen. "What the hell is wrong with him?" he asks.

Sam goes over to him and whispers something in his ear. I really wish I knew what is going on. I look at Paul to ask, but he just smiles and I lose all train of thought again.

"Hey, Bella, we're having a bonfire on Wednesday down at the beach. End of the school year kind of thing. Do you want to come? It's at six."

I can't deny him and I don't know why. "Sure. Thanks for the invite. Um. I should get going."