Remus snapped his paper up taller as Sirius and James stumbled into the cafe, doubled over in riotous laughter. Remus brought himself in tighter in an effort to conceal himself just a bit longer from half of the Marauder's A waitress stepped up next to the table, shaking her head slightly.

"I don't know why you hang out with those two fools. They both get on my last nerve but Sirius takes particular enjoyment in hitting on me at every chance," Josephine commented. She pulled out her notepad with raised eyebrows. "What did you want today?"

"I don't need anything," Remus replied, softly. "And I suppose you get used to them after awhile." Suddenly, the top of the paper dipped and Sirius' face came into view in lace of the article that Remus had been attempting to read. James unceremoniously took the seat across from him as Sirius spun the one next to him and straddled it.

"You ran out the castle so quick that you missed the best prank we've ever pulled! Worth every detention, don't you agree, Padfoot?" James quipped, his grin returning to his face. "Professor McGonagall didn't seem to appreciate it when her robes caught fire though." Josephine appeared back to the table with three drinks in hand.

"Thank you, love, you look lovely as ever. So have you dumped that sloth of a boyfriend yet or do you need me to show you the true meaning of a 'good' time?" Sirius asked. He winked once at her which only earned him a glare in return. "What were you running from today, Remus, while we are on the subject." Remus blushed a violent shade of red as his mind raced to come up with a plausible answer.

"If you would stop staring down my shirt all the time, you just might see the answer written in Remus' eyes. Unrequited love tends to be a bitch, doesn't it?" She replied in the silence that emitted from Remus. Sirius' jaw dropped as he turned back to his friend who attempted to hide behind slumped over shoulders.

"You... love me?"